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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 21: Losing a Grip on Reality

There wasn’t much we could do, legally, about Umbridge. Her word was law and her word forbade anything and everything, but tonight it ends. The tyranny, the fear, and the hate; it all ends tonight.

After McGonagall had been stunned, we had to break loose. We charged through, we lead her straight to the Forbidden Forest and let the creatures take her away. Somewhere in-between all of the cheering, a select few of us ran off to head to the one place I know but have never been, to the Ministry of Magic. Harry’s godfather was in trouble and I promised to help.

“You know you don’t have to come” he said drawing me back into reality.

I smiled, “Of course I do, I’m your friend and without me, you’re screwed” I finished with a chuckle. He rolled his eyes in spite of the tense situation.

“Oy! Where are we going EXACTLY?” yelled Ron from behind us. I looked to harry in wait.

“Well, I’ll know when we get there I guess” he chuckled nervously. The others began to look weary and we wove between shelves and desks.

“Oh why are we being so quiet?! There’s no one even-“was all he could get out before spells started flying from all around us as we scattered.

We all ran in different directions, trying to avoid being hit by whatever oncoming spell was heading towards us. I hid behind a desk and started throwing out any curse, jinx, or hex that I could, but I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, the desk I was behind got thrown across the room and I was back on my feet, running as fast as I could.

“Harry!!!” I yelled when I saw his figure running; now I could see all of the Death Eaters. Hermione was throwing spells from behind a shelf of books; she was the only one I could really see in the area. The Order members had swarmed about and were off in their own fights. I was still running behind Harry, when I suddenly crashed into him.

“OUCH!! Watch it!” he yelled over the chaos. When he saw who was tangled in his legs he looked surprised.

“Harry, I’m aware of your surprise that I’m running from a fight, but we need to move. NOW!” I yelled as a blue burst of light hit just feet away from us.

We started running as fast as our feet could possibly move, winding between shelves of glowing orbs, and avoiding whoever was attempting to kill us.

“AUGHHHH” screamed Harry as he grabbed his forehead and fell to the ground.

“He’s here Rae!! He’s coming!” he yelled, all I could do was grab his arm and continue running, searching for a safe haven.

I kept pulling him left and right as glass exploded from all around us. Rows began to fall as glass showered down from all around us, I didn’t have time to put up a spell so we just ran through it all. Whoever was chasing us had started to get closer; I dragged Harry and ran faster than I have ever before.

“LEFT!” yelled Harry; I just guessed it was getting stronger so he could act like a little sensor for him. Truthfully, I didn’t think of that until later, at the time I just listened to him and kept running.

The rows and rows of glowing orb just kept going, it felt like they would never end. A spell flew right by our heads and barely missed.

“RUN! IT’S STRAIGHT AHEAD!!” yelled Harry, I could tell by how close that the spells were getting that one of us couldn’t make it there. I knew that if we wanted to win and get out with the prophecy, then one of us couldn’t make it.

“I’m sorry Harry” I whispered to him through the madness, tear silently running down my face.

“What are you-“ he couldn’t even get his words out, I used my wand to open the door and throw him ahead of me.

Just as he looked back through the door at me, a spell hit its mark. I could feel my body being pushed forward as if time had begun to slow down. I saw Harry try to run for me as my knees hit the cold floor, but Sirius held him back and shut the door, just as the darkness overtook me and I hit the ground.
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