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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 23: Readjusting To Life

It had been a few days since I woke up and I was being released from the dank horrible hospital. Everyone was carrying flowers and cards and balloons, and everyone was there telling me how glad they were that I was alright, all except Viktor. He wasn't there and I hadn't seen him since the day after I woke up.

I was pulled from my thoughts as we arrived at the Burrow, home sweet home finally. They didn't trust me to walk so Fred (I think?) carried me up and into the cozy little home. It was just as I remembered, the warmth washed over my unknowingly cold figure as they laid me on the couch to rest, Mrs. Weasley immediately hurried off to start, or continue, cooking and cleaning.

It felt like home, there was a feeling that I finally belonged. It felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, at the exact place and time. but, there was a feeling that something was missing… I can’t put my finger on it, as I looked around the room I couldn't see where something was supposed to be that wasn't.

“Hey Rae!” chipped Ginny, interrupting my thoughts.

“Oh hey, what’s going on?” I said, trying their odd slang. It felt far too foreign for my taste but I tried it anyway. It was even a bit odd she was even speaking to me, it was obvious she’d disliked the way harry and I interacted together but I believe she knew nothing was ever there, just trick of the eye.

“Not much, harry and the other will be along shortly. You want anything to eat or drink?” she asked kindly, a small smile graced her pretty face.

“Oh, goodness no! Your mother has been stuffing food down my throat for as long as I've been awake! I may, um explode if you will from the amounts she has given me!” I laughed loudly. She chuckled beside my bed at how I had attempted humor in such an odd manner.

“Okay well just holler if you need anything!” she said with a smile and left the room, leaving the door open as she left.

I lay in bed, just staring at the faded color and small cracks. A few minutes passed and a light tapping was at my window, I turned and immediately jumped up to open it.

“Mука!!!!!!” I yelled, the falcon sat in the window and flapped its wings as I stroked its head. “Oh god how could I have ever forgotten you?” I hadn't noticed the small piece of parchment wrapped to its leg until now. I looked at it with puzzle written all over my features. I unwrapped the letter and it had my name scrawled in fancy handwriting, but now returns address was present on it. When I opened the envelope there was a single piece of parchment in it. It said….

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Hey guys so I'm finally back :) Goodness it has been a long time since I've updated anything at all! I've missed writing so much, since I've been gone I finished my junior year of high school, my senior year of high school, won District Championship with my cheer team, went to CIF twice for gymnastics, got into a University, broke up with my boyfriends, started seeing someone new, got a tumblr account, turned 18 and graduated high school and I leave for college on Thursday!! :) I've missed this so much and I sat down and decided to write a bit and ended up writing four more pages of this. I was totally lost on what I'd written so here's one chapter I had before I left. I took a writing class so my style may be a bit different after the 25th chapter. I love you all and thanks for sticking by me through my utter disappointment of never updating! Shoot me a message if you want to talk or scold me for being gone such a long time, p.s. I'm studying to be a nurse!! :)