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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 4: Surprise Surprise, My Fellow Lads!

The large bell from the tower rang as the time turned to seven o’clock at night, and time for dinner. Viktor was anxious to learn of what I’d been keeping from him for months. I could sense his worry ad impatience as we walked to the dining hall together, normally he would have been bouncing from foot to foot like a child, but since we’re in public he had to stay calm, cool, and collected.

Our mess hall is not like that of the other schools, we’re split into sections by year and not by long tables. We have many tables grouped in certain areas, I would be in the areas with those of my age, but since I was always the exception to the rule, I always sat to the left of Viktor.

Our meals were served, and the mess hall was filled with sound of boy eating loudly, hollering with laughter and other miscellaneous noises. When dessert appeared I could see Viktor from the corner of my eye, he wasn’t eating.

“Something wrong with your mekitsi Vik?” I asked him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Oh… no it’s fine. Just wonder what the news could be” he pondered thoughtfully.

“You’ll find out in a few minutes, just be patient” I said sweetly as he blew a sigh out. Just as my sentence finished, Highmaster stood up from his table and banged his walking stick against the ground. The hall grew silent.

“Do not get too settled into your dorms just yet my students!” his voice boomed across the hall, like the thunder in a storm. “This year, the elder classes will traveling with me..” he paused for effect (and probably to enjoy the impatient faces of the students) “To Hogwarts! Where we will have one lucky student, of 17 years of age or older, enter into the Triwizard Tournament!”.

The hall erupted into a flurry of shout and applause and excited boys ready to compete already. I turned and looked at Viktor, his face filled with surprise.

“You new and didn’t tell me?!” he exclaimed, shocked beyond all reason.

“Of course” I laughed heartily, “I couldn’t imagine your face, so I had to see it for real.”

After dinner, Viktor and I retired to our separate dorms. Tomorrow we would be leaving for Hogwarts, and for the Triwizard Tournament. I felt a prickle in my heart, and the sense that something big was going to happen.

***Next Day***

I awoke to a banging upon my door; I lazily rolled out of bed. Standing there, wide awake and overly chipper, was Viktor,

“What do you want?” I said flatly and tiredly, the sleep still stuck in my eyes.

“We’re leaving a few hours so I thought it’d be nice not to leave you here” he said happily whilst entering my room.

“So you woke me up 5 hours prior to leaving?” I asked quite annoyed.

“Well….. I couldn’t sleep any longer and no one else would get up so I came here”

“Great, thanks Vik I appreciate the wake up call.” I grabbed my toiletries and headed into my bathroom. After taking a quick shower, I did up my hair in it’s usually mess bun, and decided to hang my bangs down in their natural side swoop; I dressed in my finest and favorite uniform (it has a magically altered hood, when I wear it you can’t see my face or tell if I’m a girl).

When I exited my bathroom, I noticed Viktor dead asleep upon my bed, and snoring quite loudly. A devious thought flitted into my mind, and a smirk fell to my face.

When it was finally time to leave, I escorted my bags to the ship and found a compartment for Viktor and me.

“You’re evil” he said once he sat down.

“What? I thought you liked the color blue?” I said innocently.

“I do, but not for the color of ALL THE HAIR ON MY BODY!” he exclaimed.

“Payback for waking me up” I stated nonchalantly. He only huffed in reply and settled for a nap before we arrived at Hogwarts.

I was jostled awake as the ship leapt from the surface of a lake, and slowly drifted towards Hogwarts, I woke Viktor and we began gathering our things, I slowly pulled on my hood to disguise myself from the other students, our big entrance would be something they’d never forget; and I would make sure of it.
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