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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 5: Entering The Castle

We had just been told by Highmaster, that we would perform our entrance for the Hogwarts students, Viktor would lead, and I would get the special job of doing the fire ritual. It has always been my favorite part of the entrance, mostly because I get to show off my power and strength, and surprise the students.

“Are you ready?” I whispered to Viktor, the Beauxbatons were taking forever to enter (stupid frilly birds).

“I was born ready” he smirked triumphantly.

We heard through the thick doors our name being called.

“Show time!” I announced and ran to the back, my arms becoming engulfed in blue flames as I waited for my mark. The boys were two-thirds of the way though the mess hall when I threw some of my blue flames and began running, I flipped and twirled like a majestic acrobat, while the flames danced around the room. The students had looks of awe, fear, and shock across their faces as I performed the entrance ritual to a T.

I landed in a crouch position at the front and released a fiery bird into the air, its tails still trailing to my outstretched hands. Suddenly I smashed the blue flames on the ground and the bird was sucked into a vacuum, the flames flew across the floor. The students were alarmed and amazed by the show, yet untouched by the flames themselves; and I stood before them a cloaked mystery, for I had not yet taken off my hood.

“Petrovich,” Highmaster boomed from the head table, “flames out and hood OFF!” he ordered.

I opened my fists wide and the blue flames disappeared at once. I slowly reached up and took off my hood, my clothes all at once formed to my frame, and the students looked upon me in shock: a girl had performed such powerful and enticing magic, not only that; but there was a girl at Durmstrang!
I stepped into line next to Viktor and awaited orders from Highmaster.

“Impressive” he whispered to me while the rules were explained among other things.

“Why thank you,” I whispered back “I’ve been practicing all summer”

“We should travel more often, that was invigorating” he whispered in an excited tone.

“No way, that took a lot of energy out of me” I huffed a bit through my whisper.

“Pshhh… weak” he mocked me and gave me a little bump.

“Fine then, you can find your dorm all by yourself” I smirked triumphantly. He hadn’t been listening through the whole speech and explanation, and now he had a look of confusion and terror on his face.

“You’re joking with me, right?” he asked scared.

“Nope” I popped the p for emphasis and started to walk down the aisle to the door. He wasn’t given a chance to follow, a hoard of girls suddenly engulfed him and I chuckled at his misfortune.

I felt eyes staring at the back of my head; I whipped around and stared straight at the culprit, some Hogwarts student with bright blonde hair and a posse to show. He was stalking towards me with a smirk on his face as though he were a king.

“Well hello there my ravishing friend” he said eyeing my body.

“If you wish to keep your eyes in your head and a heart in your chest, then I suggest you stop eyeing me and speak to my face and not my chest” I spat at him, sparks flying from my fingertips. He quickly paled and stared at my face, fear was evident in his eyes.

“I… uh…. Oh uhm…” he stumbled, shocked at my forwardness.

“And another thing, I’m not your friend. Don’t. Ever. Associate. Yourself. To. Me. Got it?” I stared him dead in the eye and he turned quickly and ran off with his group of goons.

“Nice job telling off Malfoy” said a voice from behind me, I whirled around and there he was.

“Harry Potter” I stated, “I wasn’t expecting you to approach someone like me so easily” I quipped.

“I’m a bit fearless sometimes,” he said “anyways, you know my name, may I ask yours?”

“Allondra Petrovich, call me Rae please” I bowed in greeting. He looked slightly confused at my formality.

“It’s a Russian thing” I said answering the question at the tip of his tongue.

“Oh, okay” he smiled awkwardly. “May I show you to your dorm for the time being?” he asked shyly.

“Yes you may” I smiled at him and took his outstretched hand while we chuckled to ourselves.

I could feel that this was the beginning of a new friendship, and adventure.
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