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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 7: First Day of Class

As I entered the Great Hall, I searched for Harry and Ron. I noticed them sitting and talking amongst themselves quite animatedly.

“Hallo boys” I said with a smile as I sat next to Ron, he was slumped onto the table and picking at his food.

“’Ello Rae, how are you?” asked Harry while eating his toast

“I’m doing quite well thank you” I answered politely whilst digging into my breakfast as well, “and how are you two doing?”

“I’m fine” said Harry

“Ugh…” mumbled Ron in an annoyed manner. I looked to Harry quizzically; he nodded towards Hermione and Viktor sitting together down the table. I made an ‘Oh’ face and went back to eating.

“Do you know what your schedule is yet?” asked harry once we’d both finished eating.

“According to the old woman professor, I have all of my classes with you. Oh, except for double divination. I completed that my first year, instead I have double potions according to her.” I said thoughtfully, remembering her kind smile and maternal; instincts.

“Oooh,” mumbled Ron, “Double Potions with Snape will be murder for you”

“Why?” I asked curios about the subject.

“He hates anyone not in Slytherin or of pureblood descendants” said harry sharply.

“Well don’t worry, I can handle anything” I said confidently, but I was secretly terrified of this horrid teacher they’d described. I’ll just have to see for myself.

It was finally the end of the day; I plunked onto the couch just as Harry has walked in.

“How was class?” he asked sitting in the chair by the fire.

“Hell” I said, today had been dreadful! “No one could understand a word I said, my undesirable root bit me and Snape was rude to me and made me work with this Slytherin… well, let me just say she gets around” I mumbled angrily.

“Sounds about right” he chuckled.
“Still easier than Durmstrang though” I mumbled thoughtfully. My memories were interrupted as Ron stormed through the portrait and into the boy’s dorm area.

“He probably saw your friend with ‘Mione again,” harry sighed, “He’s in love with her but won’t admit it yet”. I felt bad for him, especially since I’d told Viktor to talk with her. This really is turning into quite the trouble.

It had been a few weeks since that day, and today they would be announcing the champions from each school. When I heard Viktor’s name being called I cheered and hugged him as he marched to the front of the hall. After the last name, the Goblet began to burn again and spat out another name… we all waited in shock and anticipation.

“Harry Potter” bellowed Dumbledore, I whirled and looked towards my friend. It was then the tingling in my head appeared, I knew something horrid was going to happen because of this. As soon as we were dismissed, I ran and ran; not caring where I was going I ran straight past Hagrid’s hut and to the shore of the lake.

I sat down on the stony shore, I was afraid. Afraid for Viktor, and Harry… but especially myself. I had this horrible feeling of dread, the feeling that the outcome of the tournament would lead to death and ultimate destruction of something big. I sat there for hours in the fall weather, not once noticing the chill that filled the air; I didn’t notice when the sun went down, or when it rose again the next day.

I snapped from my thoughts when I noticed something had moved in the water, I rose quickly and left. I entered the castle and hurried to the tower. Once I entered I was caught in the embrace of some unknown person, I was too shocked to react.

“Thank Merlin you’re alright Rae!” said the person in a relieved tone, when they pulled away I saw it was Hermione. “I’ve been worried sick about you, you look terrible. Where were you all yesterday and night?” she said exasperated.

“I was sitting by the lake…” I murmured still in a bit of shock that she cared so much for my well being.

“ALL NIGHT?!” she exclaimed loudly, “let’s go upstairs and get you showered and in bed” she pulled me along; I didn’t fight her because it felt like someone had drained my magical energy right from my body.

After I was tucked into bed she left for class, I was laying in bed, my mind blank. I stayed for the rest of the day, and when classes ended I crept into the common room and sat by the fire, students greeted me but I gave no reply. It was like I was under a spell, or in a trance as i stared into the fire.

I awoke the next day to Viktor looking at me worriedly, Uncle Igor behind him. I was in the Hospital Wing, I looked at them confused.

Thank Merlin you’re awake!” said Viktor relieved, “you’ve been in a near coma for two weeks!”
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