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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 8: The Awakening, and First Trial

I was in shock, two weeks? How could I have never noticed I was sick?

“Apparently, when you were gone that day to the lake… you were so cold you never noticed some serpent bite you” explained Viktor.

“How… How much have I missed” I said with a hoarse voice.

“Not much” he said with a chuckle, “The first trial starts next week” I looked shocked once again, I HAD missed a lot.

“Let the poor dear rest, I have to give her medicine” shooed the nurse, “Here ya’ go dearie. It has a slight bad taste but its good for you” she smiled kindly.

I took one swig and I felt the goop slowly trickle down my throat, I gagged a few times before the feeling went away. I laid down to rest, but I my head was filled with too many thoughts. The most common one was… this place is changing me, and not for the better. I decided to get back to the way things were.


The minute I was released from the hospital, I ran to my Uncle Igor and implored him to train me, I was getting too soft and weak; I needed to get back to being me. he said yes and for the next week I trained as hard as I could until I was back to my regular strong and cold self.

It was finally the day of the first trial; we all were excited to see what it was. I was hopeful for Viktor to win. I was pulled from my thoughts when someone tapped my shoulder.

I whirled around to see Highmaster waiting for me.

How are you feeling?” he asked me.

“Better, and back to my regular self” I answered formally. He gave no reply and walked away, nothing out of the norm.

It was time for the first trial; I sat next to Hermione and Ron while Harry competed. The crowd was cheering for each champion, I heard many people boo for Harry. Someone behind me was yelling crude remarks towards Harry’s alleged cheating. I finally had enough, stood and looked the idiot in the face.

“Either you shut your mouth or I’ll be forced to shut it for you, I spat venomously, “I have no trouble doing it in the most painful way, so sit down and shut up or I WILL be forced to hurt you in any necessary fashion”. On that note he shut up, pale as a ghost, I sat down and returned to cheering for Harry and Viktor.

“Bloody hell Rae!” yelled Ron, baffled at my outburst.

“Did you have to scare him to the point of wetting himself?” chuckled Hermione at the boy’s expression.

He deserved it” was my reply in a smirking fashion. On that note the trial began, I watched as Cedric and Fleur outsmarted the dragons, for the most part anyways. And when Viktor’s challenge began, I cheered as loudly and animatedly as possible.

He shot the Conjunctive Curse at the giant beast and ran towards the Golden Egg; it stumbled around and blew fire madly in an attempt to hit him somehow. The air was tense and the crowd cheered him on as he dodged the fire and swinging limbs of the dragon. He leaped towards the egg, grabbed it and scrambled towards safety as it accidentally smashed its own eggs. The crowd was wild and I left my seat to go and congratulate him on the victory, I knew Harry would do well and complete the task so I felt no need to watch.

I found him near the champion’s tent and ran and hugged him. He was taken off guard by my outburst of happiness.

“You did wonderful” I said as I let go of the embrace.

“Thank you, I was worried I would get burned to death” he said tiredly. I led him back to the castle for him to rest up. We chatted about the trials and what the eggs could mean; when I brought up Hermione his cheeks began to tint a light pink. I teased him about her and soon we arrived at his room, I bid him farewell and went back to the tower. A party had ensued with Harry’s great victory, but when he opened the egg, a horrible screeching sound filled the room. It seemed to have ended the party.

It was early December when I had finally gotten a letter from my parents; the news both shocked and worried me. the death eaters had ransacked my hometown and my parents had gone into hiding! They were safe but could no longer contact me until it was, they said I would have to stay at school over the holidays for safety, but if I wanted to I could go to an old friend of theirs home, Molly was her name; Ron’s mother. My thoughts were interrupted by the professor, a woman.

We would have the Yule Ball this Christmas Eve, and we would have to learn to dance. I dreaded the thought but I knew how to dance quite well. I laughed when Ron had to dance with the old woman, but I was excited for what it would be like. Then a thought hit me, I would have to find a date and I was not good at that.
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