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The Girl From Durmstrang

Chapter 9: The Yule Ball

It was mid December and I had yet to find a suitable date, I had convinced Viktor to ask Hermione and she said yes. She and I were currently walking around Hogsmeade searching for the dress shop. We finally found it and strode inside, Hermione found this lovely pink dress that went with her hair perfectly.

“I’ll do your hair for you too” I said smiling, excited for the ball.

“Really?” she looked hopeful, “no one’s ever offered and if they tried they couldn’t get it to work”.

“I’m actually good at this thing” I said while browsing for a dress still, “my mother taught me how to”.

"I found it!” yelled Hermione from the back of the store, it was a beautiful purple dress with crystals and a tight bodice; it was perfect.

“Oh goodness Hermione; It’s so beautiful” I said in awe. I didn’t even have to try it on to know that I liked it. We purchased the dresses and headed back to school.

When we arrived back in our room and the dresses were put away, we began to chat.

“So I heard Vik asked you to the dance” I said slyly with a smile on my face.

Her cheeks burned a crimson color and she looked away, “Yes he did”.

“Thank Merlin finally!” I exclaimed, “I’ve been trying to get him to ask you out for weeks now”. I looked over at her face, she was shocked and embarrassed.

“Do you have a date yet Rae?” she asked avoiding the subject all together now.

“Nope” I said putting a pop at the ‘p’.

“Really?”She asked.

“Really” I answered. She looked very mischievous at my reply, and I looked at her warily.

“What are thinking…?” I asked the brunette.

“Oh nothing” she replied in a nonchalant manner, and quickly left the room. I was confused at her actions, but decided not to worry too much about it.

A few days later, I was sitting in the common room reading a book; when from the corner of my eye I saw Ron and Hermione pushing Harry towards me.

“Uh… hi Rae” he stuttered out. I looked up from my book and smiled at him.

“Hallo Harry, what can I do for you?” I asked.

“Oh uhm… would you mind, you know, going to the um Yule Ball with me?” he asked stuttering and blushing. I smiled at him, closed my book and stood facing him.

“I would love to” I said with a smile; happy that I’d finally gotten a date to the ball. He blushed and smiled at me and gave me a hug, surprising me with the gesture.

“Thanks,” he said happily, “I’ll pick you up with Hermione at 7”

“Okay” I said. He and Ron walked away joking and pushing each other , and I looked pointedly at Hermione with one eyebrow raised in question.

“What?” she said innocently, “Parvati canceled on him last minute; and I knew you needed a date” she said in a nonchalant manner. I laughed at her and tossed a pillow at her head, she looked shocked and a pillow fight ensued.

It was the night of the ball; I was In my strapless purple dress (outfit etc. in note)

Hermione and I had finished getting ready, and we descended down the stairs when the clock struck 7. Harry and Viktor looked up at us, their mouths agape and their faces full of shock.

I snapped their mouths shut, “You’ll catch flies” I said with a chuckle. We began to walk towards the great hall. It was decorated in a winter wonderland type ball.

When the Champions Dance was announced I led Harry to the dance floor.

“I must warn you,” he whispered as the music started “I’m quite terrible with dancing”.

“That’s alright” I whispered back with a smile, “I can help you not look like a fool”. The dance went well with only a few minor and unnoticeable mistakes. When the dance ended, we crowded towards the stage where The Weird Sisters began to play their set. It was a blast as Mione and I dance like idiots to the songs and sang along even though we didn’t know the words. Suddenly, one of their slow songs began to play and Viktor whisked her away from me. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to see who it was.

Would you care to dance my dear?” asked Draco Malfoy with a smirk.

“No thank you” I spat at him and began to walk away, but he grabbed y hand and twirled me into his body.

“Please?” he asked a sincere look upon his face.

“Fine” I huffed giving in. the dance wasn’t so bad, he wasn’t a pervert but a polite gentleman. When the song ended, I pulled away, thanked him for the dance and hurried over to Harry.

“Come along” I smiled pulling at his arm, “you are going to dance even if it kills you”.

We all danced until it was midnight, and the students began to trickle out. Hermione and I left a little earlier than our dates, when we got back we were still on an energy high from the dancing. But as soon as our heads hit the pillows, we were out like lights.
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