‹ Prequel: Her Remedy

Love Transcends All

5 months ago, Melissa Brown received a letter that determined her future. It was either she was going to die young due to AIDS, or she get a second chance at life to make things better. Fortunately, she was given a second chance.

With her old life behind, she was convinced to turn a new leaf. Melissa has been in a serious relationship with Arin Ilejay for 3 years now. They have been through a whirlwind of ups and downs in their relationship and they're convinced that nothing will break them apart.

With Arin's new job, will their love strong enough for them to face the world? Sequel to: "Her Remedy"

Disclaimer: I do not own Arin, members of Avenged Sevenfold, their family, friends and crew. I do, however, own the plot, all the other fictional characters and venues in this story. Might contain drug abuse. Banner made by me.
  1. Prologue
    A blessing in disguise.
  2. Chapter 1
    “But that just means you’re engaged to an ugly man.”
  3. Chapter 2
    Damn this man and his experienced self.
  4. Chapter 3
    "...If everything goes well, I’ll be their touring drummer.”
  5. Chapter 4
    “Baby, stop being so nervous."
  6. Chapter 5
    That’s not a good sign, isn’t it?
  7. Chapter 6
    ...a close-knit family.
  8. Chapter 7
    ...coming home to an empty house...
  9. Chapter 8
    “I’m gonna miss you, Muffin.”