Scary Spies

Chapter 1 - Pilot

Two years ago I was sleeping over a friend's house. We were talking in her room when there was a loud knock at the front door. My friend's mom grouchily arose from her sleep and answered the door.
“Is Luna Smalls at your residence? We were told that she was staying here tonight,” a feminine voice asked.
“Yes, is everything alright, officer?” My friend's mom asks. My friend's dad got out of bed and bolted to the front door when he heard his wife say “officer.” Not gonna lie, once I heard my name I thought about running for the back door too. But, with jello-like legs, I walked to the front door
“No,” The cop said. I turned the corner and saw that it was my dad's high school friend, Bethany. She looked like she'd been crying.
“What's wrong?” I ask. Bethany covers her mouth and turns away. Her partner kneels down on one knee and looks at me with pity in his eyes.
“Luna, there's been an accident at your house,” He says. You know that feeling where you don't know what's going to happen, but you know it's bad? That gut wrenching feeling where your chest hurts and your lungs feel like they're filling with water? Yeah, that ungodly feeling. Bethany collects herself and turns back around
“There was a fire and-” Bethany chokes back some tears- “and your family didn't make it out in time.” Yeah... I don't exactly remember much after that. Most of it was just a blur.
Right now at the age of fifteen I sit in class. Yeah, school still has to be a thing no matter what. My chemistry teacher, Mr. Amino, is going off about the periodic table. I kinda just space it out until the bell rings. Fluorine, Uranium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Iodine, Sulfur.
The bell rings and that's my cue to leave class. I slam my binder shut and book it into the hallway. Once I reach my locker, I type in the combination 7-53-58. Nice!
My locker isn't really anything nice. There's a shelf at the top where I store most of my books. When it's full, the rest of the books go to the bottom of my locker. Also resting at the bottom is my skateboard. Hello, beautiful. I usually keep my backpack with me so I pretty much just use the hooks for my jacket in the winter. It's march and fucking cold you bet I take that puppy out. Sweet warmth embrace my soul. And what kind of female main character would I be without a mirror in my locker. It's a cute little black oval mirror that hands on my locker's door. I look into it and my bright blue eyes stare back at me. I shave the sizes and back of my head. The top of my head is grown out a bit. I make the top of my blonde hair look messy then look back into it. Looks pretty good! It looks like the freckles across my nose smile with me. I shut the door and walk to the school's exit. The weekend callths me. So do my friends waiting for me near the entrance. There's Mike, Dexter, Filza, and Trey.
“Come on, Luna!” Mike yells, waving me over. Mike is a 5'8” Asian. I've honestly never met a happier guy. He's always smiling and making other people smile.
“Oh, shush!” Filza, Mike's girlfriend, giggles. Filza 5'5” and is always beautiful, but the lilac colored Hijab looks super cute on her today! Filza is the kind of person you just look at and you have to squint because she radiates so much light. She's such a positive and supportive person that I have no idea what I've done to be blessed with such an amazing friend.
“Can you guys quiet down for a bit,” Dexter asks, not even looking up from his phone. Dexter is a 5'11 African American. He's usually glued to his phone and can come off as cranky, but he has a huge soft spot and, quite honestly, he's the smartest person I've ever met.
Trey waves me down with Mike. Trey is a 5'6” Latino. He's very laid back and gets along with everyone. Because of that, Trey is very popular.
Elise walks out of the doors behind me and as she passes me, lightly punches my arm. Elise is a 5'4” Italian. She smiles and joins our friends, her long, dark brown hair trailing behind her. Filza stands behind Mike on his scooter and wraps her arms around him. Dexter hops onto his bike and Elise changes from wearing her sneakers to her rollerblades. Trey and I drop our skateboards.
“Lets roll,” I say, going onto my board. I kick off and glide forward.
It takes ten minutes for us all to get to the park. Children dance around and play in the sand. They spin, swing, and adventure within the confines of the metallic fences. A small group of girls chase each other pretending to be super heroes. They call themselves the “Friendly Foes.” Our group sits to the side on a patch of grass under a tree. A soft breeze rustles the leaves and keeps us cool. I've always loved the way the grass sways under the force of the wind.
“Poor baby,” Elise says, referring to a small child that had fallen and began crying. Their parents run to their aid and kisses their scraped hands better. The child calms down, but small hiccups are occasionally heard. I smile. I'm glad he's better.
“So.... Why can't you hand out tomorrow?” Mike asks.
“I have an english project to do and I have to go into the mountains for it,” I explain, running my fingers through the soft grass.
“What project?” Trey asks, his mouth full with an egg salad sandwich. His mom packs him two sandwiches. One for lunch and one for after school in case he gets hungry while we hang out. She's such a kind woman. She makes lunch for Elise and I.
“I have to go to an area and describe what it looks like, what it feels like- atmosphere wise-, and the people within it,” I answer.
“What people will you find within a mountain?” Dexter smirks.
“I'm describing the bats,” I say. Mike and Dexter roll their eyes.
“Who is taking you?” Filza asks.
“Cierra and Marissa,” I say.
“They asked you to come?” Elise asks.
“I mean, Mr. Forleo asked them because I don't drive and Cierra does,” I say.
“But he knows I drive, right?” Elise says, getting a bit protective.
“Evidently not,” Mike laughs.
“You'll be saving on gas,” I offer.
“True,” Elise sighs, “Call me if you run into any trouble, okay?”
“I will,” I smile. Elise is literally my best friend. The only reason we met, though, is because we're both in Project Freelancer. Now, this is a recent project made three years ago for good little orphans like Elise and I. You see, it takes teenage orphans and creams them into a house together. The only actual adult supervision there is is our personal social workers that are required to talk to us at a minimum of once a week. We are given one television, a couch, an old computer, and common household appliances like a microwave. The bedrooms are set up like a dorm room where you get a bed and a desk. All expenses are paid and a guy comes every week with groceries. The house has an emergency cell phone that only allows you to call the police and your social worker. The only thing they don't provide is transportation and privet cell phones. Elise actually has a job at an herb shop. She used the money she earned to get a license, car, and phone. She's paying for her phone bill and car insurance all by herself. But why? To teach us responsibility at a young age so we're better prepared when we get the boot at eighteen.
I was put into our house a few months after Elise had started living there. She worked with me and was the first person to get me to open up after the accident. She's been with me through everything and I owe her so much how amazing she's been to me for the past year and a half.
A few months after I moved in, Trey came knocking on our door. He's the boy that lives across the street and befriended us. He introduced Elise and I to his friends and the rest is history. I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of everyone's lives. I don't know what I'd do without them.