Scary Spies

Chapter 10 - Change is Good, Right?

Our team consisting of me, Elise, Cierra, Marissa, Dexter, Filza, and Mike walk into a semi empty McDonalds in our civilian clothes. In the back of the fast food restaurant sits a woman with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail and bangs that frame her face. She wears thick black glasses over her bright green eyes. She herself wears a light green top which is tucked into a black skirt and black pumps. A lab overcoat is worn over the ensemble. This must be Doctor Katie McAllister, aka Empathy. In front of her is an assortment of food on the table. It looks as if she got at least five of everything on the menu. Everyone takes their seats and Katie tells us to dig into the food. She doesn’t have to tell us twice.
As we start to slow down and let the digestion process begin, Katie begins to tell us about her work. Katie says that the government itself had a secret organization for superheroes and super villains. In secret, the heroes would go out and defeat the villains. Sounds a little Men in Black to me, but whatever. Katie herself is in charge of villain rehabilitation. She cares for the worlds top five super villains and turning them into civilians, which sounds very high pressure. That's at least her main job there. Katie is only called onto the field with very stressful situations where someone needs to be talked down, which is due to the nature of her powers. Powers which are that of an empath. She can feel the emotions of other people and because of that people tend to feel as though they can trust her more easily. Well, that and the warm loving aura her powers help her give off. When all else fails, as Empathy she can create these green bubbles which are used as shields and yes things do bounce off of them. Her powers really do come in handy with both hero-ing and therapy-ing... Anyway, it was our super appearance that brought her out. I guess Mike wasn’t so secret about his powers and brought a lot of media attention they couldn’t dismiss. The organization eventually came out to the world and powers are a thing.
Katie continues to advise us that usually if teenagers got their powers, they would privately offer to mentor them before their powers were revealed to the world. She thinks it’s funny that this is no longer a secret. Katie said that because of her powers, she was asked by the president himself to ask us if we wanted to be a part of their program. I guess we've become a high risk situation. At first we were very confused. First off, wouldn’t they be mad we blew their whole secret? Secondly, we’re only teenagers. Why would this place look at us and think “my, what a beautiful ragtag group to have fight for us?” Katie explains that although the head people are very upset, they understand that it could be time to move in a new direction. She also explains that upper management knows that we won’t stop fighting, so we may as well be properly trained so we don’t die. She said they’re more than willing to hire us after training as a small select squad to watch over the state of Colorado. The training and all expenses would be paid for. Of course we have several questions like is this a trap? If it isn't a trap, what exactly does this training consist of? What about missing school?
Katie tells us that her answer is the same as before. She says that there is no way for us to know if this is a trap and we would have to trust her. If we do come to the organization with her, there will be private tutors there to make sure we stay on top of our studies. Not just that but we will be taking several hero courses to make sure we can make safe and informed decisions when we are full fledged heroes. All of this will be paid for by the organization. The location we would be going to is in Washington DC. Only those with super powers would be permitted to go. That means Filza, Dexter, and Trey wouldn't be allowed to go. For obvious reason, Mike is completely enthralled by this offer and Elise just wants to go back home. Cierra, Marissa, and I have our hesitations. This McDonalds run may have been a normal thing, but who's to say it's not all just one big ploy to get us all into another laboratory? I don't remember seeing this woman at the lab, but what if she works for Doctor Mallory? Maybe an actress recently hired? I just hate how as much as I want to distrust her and look past the show, I can't help but love her. There was no lie when she said that her powers have her radiate this irrational trust and it's driving me crazy. She was the right person to be sent to us.
What if she's telling the truth? What if everything she went through with us was the truth and she's only looking our for our safety? What if we could save the world, well the state of Colorado, and be paid for it too? There would be no police force trying to catch us. We would be under the protection of the government so we may not even have to worry about Doctor Mallory. This would give us all the skills we needed to flourish as heroes and I could even learn to control my powers. Would this good outweigh the bad? Marissa and Cierra think so. They both agree to join Mike to DC. They went through the exact same thing as I did. They would have the same fears and reservations about going that I would too, right? If they can go, I can too... right? I guess I'll... pack my things and go... Katie looks very excited that four of us agreed to go. That's a good thing, right?