Scary Spies

Chapter 2 - Project

I sit in the back seat of Cierra's car and Marissa sits in the passenger's seat. It's a small, two-door blue bug that Cierra is just crazy over.
“What are you two doing your projects on?” I ask, watching the world pass by the window as a blur. When I was little I would focus on one point outside of the window and follow it. Everything became clear as long as I stayed on the passing focus point. I thought I could slow down time with I did it.
“we'll be doing the project on the storm that's going to happen on the mountain,” Cierra answers. Bobbing her head to the tune of the spanish music on the radio.
“Why?” Marissa asks, “Trying to steal our idea?”
“Just trying to make conversation,” I sigh. Cierra play-hits Marissa with the back of her hand.
“Be nice,” Cierra orders, “Besides, Mr. Forleo already told us her project. I think it's pretty creative.”
“I guess,” Marissa sulks.
“Thanks,” I tell Cierra.
The smooth road disappears and the car quakes once it drives over the dirt path. I steady myself by holding onto the roof and the space between the two back seats. Welcome to the rocky Mountains! I guess living in Colorado isn't that bad. I mean, it's just a short drive to honestly one of the most breathtaking places a person can be. I'm a little biased, though. I've never really traveled and this place is fucking amazing. Cierra parks her car. We unbuckle our seat belts and exit the car. Marissa has to lean her seat forward so I can actually get out of the car. The air smells so clean here. I listen to the trees as they rustle against the wind. It's kinda chilly. Maybe I should have brought a sweatshirt....
The three of us travel up the brown dirt path. The earth puffs up at you in little clouds with each step you take. Marissa complains every time she steps on a rock. I guess it feels awkward? But she gets into a better mood when I spot a cave opening and I have to leave.
The inside of a cave is really fun. Each sound, each step you take echos through the entire cavern. Drips and high pitch squeaks are the first notable noises. Then theres the crunching of rocks under your feet and who knows what else in that dark space. It makes you feel like everything you do is important. Like every action has an affect.
How would I describe the area? Cold, dark, and wet. How would I describe the feeling? I mean, adrenaline is definitely there. You never know if you'll slip and fall. But at the same time you feel at peace. Like the world you know melted away and you entered this calm maze under the protection of darkness itself. What about the people? A thousand furry friends hanging from above. I'll, uh, go into detail about it when I write the actual paper.
A distant cry bounces around the walls. It sounds like a child's soft whimpering dances around me. I shine my flashlight around the area to find the source of the noise. Are they okay? Are they lost? Are they hurt? I climb over and around large rock formations. Anything to find the source of crying. Anything to ease their pain.
After a while my limbs begin to ache and I become out of breath. My head feels like it's spinning and my eyes feel like they're tunneling. I try to focus and find a shadowy figure trembling in a small crevice. I've never heard something so sad before.
“Are... Are you okay?” I ask, catching my breath.
“Go away!” They yell.
“I can help you,” I say, kneeling down, “Are you okay?”
“How can you help me?” They ask.
“I can take you to safety,” I say, “Are you lost?”
“Safety? From him?” They ask.
“Who is 'him'?” I ask.
“He created me in his lab,” They say, “They ran horrible tests on me.”
“Are you okay?” I ask.
“...I am now,” They say, “Are you sure you can protect me?”
“I'll do my best,” I promise. The person smiles and exits the hole. As I stand up, the flashlight shines over them. At first I thought I was seeing things, but after shining my light over them again I know that I wasn't. Were they even a person? Their body, made from shadows, looked like a black paper cut out. Instead of flesh, it looks like a void has taken it's place. I instantly feel guilty. I feel like I too quickly judged them when they just need my help.
“You're such a nice lady! Thank you!” They say.
“Thank you,” I smile.
“What's your name?” They ask.
“Luna,” I say.
“Luna?” They ask excitedly, “That's such a pretty name!!”
“Thanks,” I laugh, “What's your name?”
“Oh... I don't have a name...” They say, looking down, “I was labeled experiment A-56”
“What name would you like?” I ask.
“You mean I can have one?” They ask excitedly.
“Of course!” I say, “What would you like people to call you?” They think about it for a while. Every so often they let out soft mumbles of their train of thought.
“What about Spooky?” They ask, “That's what the scientists use to call me.”
“Do you like that name?” I ask, trying to keep from sounding pitiful. Poor baby.
“Yes!” They exclaim, “I always thought it sounded cute!”
“Then it's perfect,” I smile. Spooky jumps in joy then embraces me. Instead of their body feeling cold, they felt rather warm. I smile and wrap my arms around them. Spooky felt as if I was hugging a person after getting home on a cold winter day. Warm and.... and so filled with love.
I feel a tingling sensation and look down at Spooky. Is their body shrinking? Are they passing through me? No. Spooky is being absorbed into my body. I try to jump back from them but my body doesn't react. My body is paralyzed and I don't know what's happening! Help! Oh my god help me!
I gasp for air when Spooky and I are fully one. My heart is thundering. How long have I been panting for? What happened? I look at my hands and they begin to multiply in front of my. I can't see straight and the room is spinning around me. I fall to my knees and clutch my chest... My chest! Starting at my heart, a searing pain covers my body. My skin burns as if it were on fire all the way down to my finger tips. My head screams and my throat feels like it's closing. The last thing I remember before passing out was hearing Spooky say, “Thank you... Be safe...”