Scary Spies

Chapter 3 - Renewal

Weightless. I feel like a feather being carried off by a soft breeze. Is this true bliss? Is this heaven? No... I hear something. It's muffled...
I open my eyes and the world around me is small and narrow. It's tinged green and distorted. I'm in some sort of cylinder filled with some weird fluid. A glass window is in front of me and is the only thing that lets me see beyond this small prison. It's a world filled with lab coats and paperwork. People scribble on their clipboards and shake little test tubes. How many experiments are they running? Am I one of them?
“She's awake,” Someone yells, looking straight into my tube. I open my mouth to yell for help but not noise escapes. A cluster of bubbles float up from my lips to the top of the container. No! I'm going to drown! Let me out!
I grip at my throat and kick, trying to free myself. Now everyone is frozen and staring at me as if they're in a trance. I kick with all my might but it doesn't seem to work. The container is too strong... I can't breathe... My body curls into a ball and black tendrils slither out from underneath my skin. They inch out and feel the tomb I'm encased in. The darkness fills the tube and with a loud crashing noise, the glass shatters into tiny pieces. The soft green water pours onto the floor and I am helpless to fight against the currant. I slam onto the ground coughing and gagging. With my shaking limb, I push myself up from the ground. Everything stings. I look at one of my hands and blood pours from it. Shards of glass stick out of my legs and arms. I lift my head and look around. Everyone stares at me with a look of horror.
“H... Help...” I plead, my throat rough and dry. A red headed woman slowly approaches me from the right. The first thing I notice is the large syringe in her hand. I'm absolutely terrified.
I hold my hand up to tell her to stop, but something within me pushes her back. Not me myself. She was a good yard and a half away. A black blur forces her backwards and into a wall, knocking her unconscious. People around me gasp and shriek in horror. An alarm is triggered and ringing in my ears, keeping me from thinking straight. Red lights blind my vision. My chest feels tight. My breath is rapid and uneven.
“Don't move!” Someone screams. A sharp pain sticks into my left bicep and I yelp in pain. I place my right hand over the pain, but a cold, metal cylinder with a puffy top sticks out of where it hurts. I pull it out, and three more a pushed into my body. My mind goes numb and my vision tunnels out.
My eyes open, a white light blinding me. I lay on a cold metal table.
“She's waking up,” A male voice says.
“I told you to give her more anesthesia!” Another male huffs, “We were ordered to keep her under at all times! Do you want her to cause another accident?!”
“Please....” I plead, “...H-help...”
“No one was hurt last time,” The male says.
“Do you want to be the first she kills?” The other asks. There's a pause and the angry male says, “No, I didn't think so.” Seconds later, the veins in my right arm burn. Please... I just want to stay conscious just a little longer...
I wake up. This time I lay on a soft, cushioned bed. White blankets are pulled over my chest and my head rests on a singular pillow. The room itself looks blank except for a few key items; my bed, a small desk, a chair, a camera, and a speaker. The camera and speaker are in the far corner. The lens stares at me like a dead eye. I sit up and notice I'm wearing a hospital gown. There are clothes on the desk.
My muscles feel strained as I push myself up from the bed. My legs collapse and I fall to the floor. I try once more to stand, keeping a hold on the white metal bed frame for support.
“How are you feeling?” A male voice asks from the speaker, “Do you require any assistance?” My eyes snap up towards the camera. A feeling of anger and fear erupts from my chest and stomach, expanding through the rest of my body. My feet and hands feel cold and numb.
“How about some answers,” I order, my voice strained, “Where am I? How long have I been out? What did you do to me?”
“Do you need any immediate care?” He asks, “Food, water, pain medication?”
“I'm fine,” I say, becoming irritated.
“Are you dizzy or lightheaded?” He asks.
“Kinda?” I say, “I'm more confused than anything.”
“Someone is being sent to your room now,” He says, “They will examine you. Be sure to give them any of your other symptoms.”
“What is going on?” I demand.
“You have been put in an endued coma,” He says, “You have been unconscious for three months.”
“Why?” I ask.
“It was a necessary precaution,” He explains, “You were unstable and a huge risk for my employees.”
“I feel nauseous,” I say, clutching my stomach.
“Someone will be there shortly,” He assures, “What is the last thing you remember?”
“Before or during your malpractice?” I ask.
“Before you were taken into our care,” He says.
“I was... in a cave,” I recall.
“Were you with anyone?” He asks.
“N-... yeah... A shadow...” I say.
“So it is right for us to assume that you have come into contact with experiment A-56,” He says. Bad people.
“We found you on the cave floor a few moments after you had passed out,” He continues, “We had to stabilize your body to keep you alive. Upon further testing, there is evidence to prove that you two had merged into one being.”
“I doubt it took you three months to run tests on me,” I spit.
“Again, you were in critical condition,” He explains, “Your body was able to rapidly heal, but we had to see what the merge had done to your body. You became violent when you regained consciousness and I could not risk you harming my staff.”
“So you finished your tests on me?” I ask, “That's why I'm awake?”
“No,” He laughs, “We've only just begun.”
“What do you mean?” I ask.
“We were able to see your body and the physical changes it went through,” He began, “For example, your DNA is completely rewritten. It is unlike anything we've ever seen. Your brain's functions, from what we were able to see so far, are far more enhanced than an average person's. These are only a few examples.
“When you first awakened,” He continues, “You wielded an unknown force that destroyed my laboratory. You costed us millions in funds and harmed several of my employees. I want to find what exactly you are capable of.”
“Am I...” I look down, “Am I safe?”
“For now,” He says, “You are contained in a room that, in simple terms, turns off your abilities,” He says, “As long as you are in there, you cannot harm anyone.” I sit back down on the bed. In a way, I don't feel as mad anymore. Should I even leave this room? I don't want to hurt anyone else...
“What is your name?” He asks.
“Call me Spooky,” I say, “You had no problem calling me that before.”
“We will begin testing tomorrow, Spooky” He says.