Scary Spies

Chapter 4 - Start

I sit on my bed, knees curled up to my chest. I have nothing to keep my mind busy so I just sit in a ball, alone with my thoughts. Sometimes I play with my new hair. When I woke up, my hair was down to my hips and I had bangs. I'm not sure if that's a super thing or a time thing. A tray of food sits cold and untouched on the desk. I'm dreading what is in store for me today. Maybe I shouldn't leave the room. Maybe I should have stayed unconscious.
A nurse walks into the room and asks me how I'm feeling. I just tell her that I'm fine, but she can tell I'm lying.
“You have to eat,” She says softly, “You're going to regret it if you don't.”
“Maybe we should just wait a little before I go,” I suggest.
“If you are sick you may rest,” She says, her face changes to give me a stern look, “But if you are just feeling nervous or lazy, then push through it. Doctor Mallory is waiting to see how you do today.”
“Doctor Mallory?” I ask. She covers her mouth and her eyes widen. That's a name I wasn't supposed to hear.
“At least you appeared to have showered and you changed into the clothes we provided for you,” She says, changing the subject, “How do they fit you?”
“Okay I guess,” I say, looking down at them, “They're just gray sweats.”
“Good,” She says, “Now eat up. Someone will be here in ten minutes to collect you.” She leaves.
I stand up and walk over to the desk. I pick at the food, feeling more nauseous than hungry. On the plate sits mushy scrambled eggs, two slices of buttered toast, and two strips of bacon. I wish I could eat bacon every day.
Just as promised, within ten minutes someone enters the room and orders me to go outside. I take a deep breath and follow them to the door. My feet feel like they're made of lead and my hands become wet with sweat. I pause at the doorway. The guard becomes increasingly impatient, but doesn't rush me. I wonder if he was ordered to let me take my time. I take my first few steps into the new room.
Immediately my body floats up. I gasp and reach out to grab onto something. A black force emits from my body and pushes everything against the walls. People with tranquilizers rush into the room and point their guns at me. Afraid, I curl into a ball and black energy surrounds me, creating a shield.
“Spooky, your powers must be tied in with your emotions,” The male voice, who I assume is now Doctor Mallory, says over the intercom, “You need to control them to correctly use your powers.”
“How?!” I yell.
“Shut. Them. Down,” Doctor Mallory orders, “Don't feel.” I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I try to shut down the storm around me. Maybe I can ground myself, spiritually and physically.
It takes me a little bit, but I calm down. When I reach the floor, my bubble pops. Two girls rush to my side while the guards stand down and exit the room. One girl has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. Her looks very irritated while her friend is bubbly and continues to wave at me. Her friend has red eyes and fire for hair that reaches down to the small of her back. I feel my muscles tense, but I force myself to relax.
“Hey, you're finally awake!” The girl with fire hair says.
“Took you long enough,” The brown haired girl huffs.
“Who are you guys?” I ask.
“Don't you remember?” Fire girl asks, “We came to the mountain with you!” Cierra and Marissa?
“You made quite the mess,” The brown hair says. That's Marissa.
“Oh please,” The fire haired girl says, “When I emerged I froze the entire room!” That's Cierra.
“And set it on fire,” Marissa chuckles.
“You weren't even there!” Cierra whines, “I woke up first!”
“The scientists told me,” Marissa says, “They were relieved that I woke up with full control of my powers.”
“So you call yourself 'Spooky'?” Cierra asks. I nod.
“Cool!” She beams, “I'm Icy-Fire and this is Electra!”
“You guys definitely changed,” I say, motioning to Cierra's hair.
“Well, so did you!” Cierra beams, “You have purple eyes!” Do I?
“Not to be rude,” I say, “But why are you guys here?”
“Well,” Cierra begins, “After we separated, Electra and I set up camp. I ended up being set on fire- totally an accident- and ran into the storm. Electra tried to help me, but was struck by lightning!”
“And you guys just got powers from that?” I ask.
“Yeah, did you get bitten by a bat or something?” Marissa sneers.
“I fused with this places' super experiment,” I sigh, “On a molecular level or something.”
“That sucks,” Marissa says, “This makes you their bitch.”
“They can suck my-,” I start.
“Back to training,” Doctor Mallory orders.
“Yes, Big Brother,” I reply. Cierra and Marissa laugh. They leave and several people walk up to me, holding many different types of equipment.
“Woah, what's all that for?” I ask, pointing at the machinery.
“This helmet will monitor your brain activity,” A woman informs me, then holds up these suction cup looking things, “And these will be attached around your body to monitor your vitals.”
“Would you say it's vital?” I ask.
“We're not here for jokes,” She says.
“Shouldn't have kidnapped me, then” I laugh, “I am a joke.”
“You are a breakthrough,” She says, raising her voice, “And I would appreciate you not making fun of my mentors' life's work.”
“I guess I'm not the only one who tried to skip breakfast this morning,” I mutter.
Through the coarse of the day, I've been tested on numerous things. You know, speed, strength, eyesight, memory. Just some of the good stuff. I didn't like them hitting my knee with that tiny hammer to test my reflexes... or throwing stuff at me. But they put me back in my room for the day when all was said and done. We'll be doing the same things tomorrow too. I hope I get to test my powers like Cierra and Marissa. Or, well, Icy-Fire and Electra. I wonder if Marissa knows what Electra means. Actually, I hope she doesn't.
But I head into the shower to wash away the sweat from today. A clean set of gray sweats are already prepared for me and lay on the bed. What a bland routine to get into.