Scary Spies

Chapter 6 - Never as you Left it

My entire body aches. My muscles feel weak and wobbly. A humble comparison to jello. I groan as I sit up. I try to get a better look at my surroundings, but my vision is blurred. I can tell it's dark where I am and wait for my eyes to regain focus. Dim light spills through the boarded up windows and the hole above me. Ripped curtains that drape from the windows eerily look like ghosts taking up residence in this building. Well, side from whoever camps here, judging by all of the empty bottles and bags that litter the floor. I curse under my breath, my muscles and skin screaming as I lift myself onto my feet. I try to dust myself off, but only manage to stain my clothes with fresh blood from all the cuts i've accumulated.
“Don't move” A voice orders. I go to turn to see where the voice is coming from, but he yells at me again. He orders me to slowly raise my hands and I comply. He moves from the shadows and I catch a glimpse of who he is. He carries himself confidently, all while hiding behind a bow and arrow. The arrow itself is red and emits a soft glow. His black hair is messy and a long white cloth covers his dark brown eyes. Long white wings protrude from his back.
“What is your name? How did you get here?” He asks,
“I'm Spooky and I kinda just dropped in,” I say, “And I was just really hoping to just go home.”
“How do I know you won't try to kill me the second I drop my guard?”
“Because I've been missing for a few months and I really just want to get home.”
“Where did you go missing?”
“The Rocky Mountains!”
“...What's your real name?” The man lowers his bow slightly, the arrow fades away.
“I don't know if I should give it...” I murmur, “I'm hiding from some bad men...”
“I just...” He starts, “My friend went missing there too. Your hair is longer than hers and her eyes are different colors but... If I can get wings and these fake bow powers maybe... Maybe you could be Luna?” His eyes look down with sorrow and tears well up in his eyes. He takes off his mask and reveals that he's Mike. I'm flooded with a mix of emotions. I'm relieved and happy to see Mike standing in front of me, but I'm also concerned to see he has powers too. I'm also scared to show him that it's me, but I'm also scared in general. I take a deep breath.
“Mike...” He looks back up at me. I take a deep breath and imagine my hair shortening. I envision my eyes changing back to the soft blue hue that they were. As I picture myself looking like my old self, my body follows suit. My hair shortens and my eyes shift from purple to blue, but only for a moment.
“No way,” Mike says in disbelief.
“Way,” I laugh. Mike runs to me and pulls me into a strong embrace. Both of us cry into each others' shoulders, happy to reunite after so long.
“What happened to you?” Mike asks.
“It's such a long story,” I say, “I just want to go home.”
“I'll take you home, Luna,” Mike says, “I'll have everyone meet us there, okay?”

Back at home, nothing changed. The walls are still a paste white color and the whole building barely furnished. My bare feet dirty the white carpet. Filza and Dexter sit on the couch while Elise stands near the door. Everyone glances up at me as I enter the room.
Elise is the first to react. Without even reacting she runs to me and pulls me into an embrace. It would be sweet if she wasn't crushing me. Like, she's actually crushing my body and I have to ask her to be gentle. Filza covers her mouth in disbelief, her eyes welling up. Dexter stands up, his body reacting for him.
“Where have you been?” Elise whispers into my ear. Tears drip onto my shoulder.
“That's... a tough question to answer...” I say.
“Were you hurt?”
“In a sense?”
“Who did this to you?” Elise's eyes narrow, her grip tightens and I feel like she's going to tear a chunk of my flesh off.
“What happened to you?” I ask, “You're a lot stronger than I remember.”
“Luna,” Filza begins, “You've missed a lot since you were gone.”
“Like what?”
Everyone informs me about what went on while I was in the laboratory. After twenty-four hours, the police began searching for Cierra, Marissa, and I in the mountains. Cierra's car was found, but we weren't. My friends were questioned by the authorities on if I made a habit of disappearing, considering my past. After a month and a half everyone stopped looking for Marissa and I. Cierra's parents never stopped looking for her.
My friends continued the search for me, both in the mountains and in the city. No one knew if I was lost or kidnapped. Elise, so scared and frustrated that she couldn't find me, punched the side of a building. This left a giant hole that a normal person could not create. Elise was with Dexter when this happened, while Trey was with Mike and Filza. Elise's new gift of super strength does, however, come with a cost. She's become more irritable and does have wild mood swings. Mike said it was like she was on steroids, but Elise did not find this funny in the slightest.
Once Mike had gotten his powers, he had told Dexter. Dexter then admitted to Mike about seeing Elise punch the hole into the wall. That lead to everyone, except Trey, knowing about Elise and Mike's powers.
“Wait, Mike?” I ask, “If Elise got her super strength from being angry, then how did you get yours?”
“I lost my virginity,” Mike says, nonchalantly.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah, the wings just come out and suddenly when I pretend I'm going to shoot an arrow, one appears.”
“Do the arrows do anything?”
“Yeah, plenty. Each color does something different, but I haven't been able to test and see what they do. I know red arrows hurt.”
“Yeah,” Dexter says, irritated, “Thanks for that one.”
“But that was the same day we found out green heals!” Mike recovers.
“You don't get my thanks on that one.”
“But I saved you one whole hospital trip.”
“That YOU caused!”
“Some people, am I right, Luna?”
“Luna,” Elise says, “Where were you?”
“It's like I said...” I shy away.
“Maybe Luna would like to rest in her bed,” Filza suggests, “It's been a long day.” Everyone looks at me to see how I react.
“Honestly,” I say, “A shower and bed sound like heaven right now.”