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Love Like Woe

“Why are you doing this John?” She asked earnestly. Her eyes were sad and her mouth was pulled down into a frown.

“Fuck you, Em.” He spat and shook his head. He couldn’t believe she still didn’t get it.

The sorrow and the confusion in her chest merged together and brewed anger. Her hand lashed out and slapped the side of his face. He stood stunned for a moment while she squared her shoulders.

“You were my best friend. My best friend, John.” Her eyes started to tear up as her voice wavered. She licked her lips carefully before she spoke again. “I don’t want you to talk to me, ever again.”

His jaw tightened as his body tensed. He’d never imagined she would choose some kid over him. His heart broke, and with it went his pride. He didn’t care anymore if she wanted to be with Kennedy. He just couldn’t lose her. “Em,” he reached out to touch her, but she pulled back fast.

“Don’t John.” She kept her watering eyes on the wall. “I’m done.” She whispered and then turned to walk away.

Emerald | John | Kennedy
title credit to TheReadySet