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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 1

Alysson's P.O.V.

I was bouncing up and down in the passenger seat of the car with the brightest smile on my face. Me and my sister, Adellyn were in Las Vegas for some concert our friend wanted us to see. She even got us backstage passes. She wouldn't tell us what band it was, but I was hoping it wasn't some band like Hinder.

Ugh, I hate Hinder. They sound country. I continued bouncing in my seat but the smile on my face disappearred and now I pouted and stared at the window at all the flashing lights and big glowing signs.

“Sisssyyy, hurry uppp.” I pleaded and crossed my legs together. I kept squirming in my seat and now I was biting my lip. “Why, what's wrong Alysson?” she asked me a bit worried now and her eyebrow creased.

“I HAVE TO FUCKING PEE!” I shouted and then clamped a hand over my mouth remembering our windows were rolled down. I went wide-eyed and looked out the window to see some college kids that looked like they were on spring break.

I gave them the finger and sunk in my seat embarrassed. “Drive faster Lynn. I'm embarrassed nowwww. And I really have to pee !” I whined.

“Calm down and think of Justin Hills and Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens.” she said to me smiling. She made a right turn and I groaned silently, but felt relief wash through me as she started pulling up to a flashy hotel. It was really big and shaped like a pyramid. There was also a huge pharoah in the front that kind of acted as a statue to the entrance. I quickly got out of the car when we pulled up to the front and some guys got our bags.

While the guy put the car away and the other one carried our bags to the lobby I ran straight to the bathroom and into one of the stalls. I felt so relieved when I came back out but I got a lot of weird stares. Then I noticed I went into the boys bathroom...oopsies. Oh well.

I started running and faliling my arms back to the lobby and I ran behind Adelline and tackled her. I giggled and hugged her. “Oh. Hi there. Fancy meeting you here.”

“Get the fuck off me Alysson ! You're heavy !” she shouted but I could hear her laughing silently to herself.

“Fine fine , I'll get off. Pshh. Pissy pants.” I said as I rolled off of her and sat on the floor in the middle of the lobby.

She got up and looked at me then shook her head. She tossed me a key then started walking away. “I'll be up in our room unpacking, call me if you need me. 12th floor.” She said and turned around, walking off.

I decided to go to the gaming room, since no one was in there. I sat in those damn uncomfortale leather seats for the racing thingys and started playing. “Mother fuhhhhh !” I shouted and pounded my fist on the steering wheel. It was my third time losing against spongebob. HE'S A GOD DAMN SPONGE.

He can't even drive anyway, he always fails Mrs. Puff's tests ! Ugh. I turned around to see 3 little twelve year olds staring at me like I was their idol. You know, that little twinkle you get in your eye when you see your role model? Yeah. That. “Take a picture, it'll last longer.” I said to them kinda freaked out.

One of them almost fainted and flipped out then grabbed his cellphone and took a picture of me. “Oookay then...” I said and walked off.

Where to go , where to go. My tummy growled and I looked down at it, grinning. FOOD ! I ran towards the little cafe towards the entrance of the hotel and nearly crashed into the door since the floor was so slippery.

When I walked in no one was really in there, since it was like 11:30 at night. I had to admit, I was tired, and hungry. I ordered two blueberry muffins. The lady at the counter looked like, 30. She was wearing bellbottoms. I eyed her weirdly but didn't say anything.

When she gave me the bag I walked out and headed towards the elevator. Fuck wait...I don't have the key. I ran back to the game room but it was locked. I took out the hairpin from my pocket and picked the lock. I felt badass and giggled. I walked back to the little car game I was playing and spotted the little gold key then took it.

Thank my good memory. NOW I can go to the elevators, I thought to myself. And so I did. I pressed the little circular button for 12. I groaned annoyed at the stupid elevator music and started looking for room 145. It turns out it was right next to the elevator when you got out. How convenient.

When I walked in Adellyn was singing karaoke to the tv. She suddenly froze, embarrassed when she saw me in the doorway. I nearly doubled over laughing and I fell to the floor clutching my stomach as tears spilled out of my eyes from laughing so much. I was desperate for air and my sides hurt from laughing. “” I managed to choke out in between laughs.

She threw her shoe at me and picked up the bag of muffins then sat on the couch and ate hers. “Bitch.” she mumbled, still blushing. I smiled at her and locked the door, then sat next to her and ate mine. She covered her mouth attempting to stifle a yawn but it didn't work. Which in turn made me yawn. It's contagious, y'know.

I carried her to the bed like the baby she is and we both plopped down, pulling the comforters over us. I looked at my phone at it was 12:01. I smiled. “Goodnight, sissy. Happy birthday.” I said to her and kissed her cheek. She smiled really wide and did the same to me.

“Goodnight sis, happy birthday to you too.” She said. And then we were both sound asleep.
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