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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 12

..::Adellyn's P.O.V::..

"I'm okay, I'm going to go talk to him," Aly told me, leaving my arms, and hopping off of my bed. I got up right behind her, wincing in pain as I got up from the wounds on my thighs. I quickened my pace and closely followed behind her as she went out to the living room. When we had gotten out to the boys, we found Ronnie sitting on Jacky's, uh, face?

"Jacky can I, can I talk to you a minute in my room?" Aly asked, not lifting her eyes from her feet. I didn't want to be in her way, and plus, my legs were starting to hurt, so I went to go sit in the recliner right across from the couch, and flipped on the TV. It was so awkward in here, I could taste it on my tongue. Ronnie came and sat on the floor next to the chair, kissing my fingertips, and Jacky stood up, placing himself right in front of Aly. They walked back to her room and left Ronnie and I alone in the living room.

Ronnie stood up again, and sat on the couch, then put his arms out, making a grabbing motion with his hands. I guessed he wanted me to come over to him, so I sat up out of the recliner, pain flooding through my legs. I went and lay down, resting my head in his lap as he stroked my bright blue hair.

"You realize," I started, looking at the TV, pretending I was interested in the show that was on, "Jacky and Aly are going to have to move to Las Vegas, too, because of the band."

"Yeah, I know. We'll arrange everything, Lynn. Trust me," His voice was soft, and he was still stroking my hair, softly. I was getting goosebumps on my head where his finger tips brushed by.

"I don't want Lynn to be alone," I frowned. My sister meant everything to me. We never planned on leaving each other. There weren't any ifs. We had a silent agreement that we would grow old together.

"She won't be. I can promise you that. I know it would hurt you if she was alone, and I would never want anything to hurt you," his voice was so soft and soothing. He started humming 'Not good enough for truth or cliche', and lulled me to a small sleep. I still wasn't in any condition to be jumping around and walking around the house. Not to mention, everybody probably thought I had mental problems.

I squinted my eyes open, to find myself under the covers in my bed. It seemed to be getting darker, and I felt around in my bed. Alone. The feeling that caused all of my problems in the first place. I couldn't find myself to throw myself out of bed, so I just turned over, careful of my legs. I think back now and come to the conclusion that maybe slicing my legs open wasn't my best move. Yeah, smooth, Adellyn. Smooth.

I carefully took off my covers, deciding to get out of bed. I had slept long enough. Plus, tomorrow night Ronnie and I were leaving for his house. I tippy-toed out to the kitchen, where the small dining table was, and before going through the door, I heard Jacky and Ronnie talking under their breaths.

"You're going to have to get a new apartment, Jacky." Ronnie said. He was trying to situate it.

"I thought I was just coming to live here." He seemed confused.

"Yeah, but the band..." Ronnie trailed off, getting the point across.

"Oh, shit. I forgot about that," I heard Jacky slap his hand to his forehead, and let out a silent giggle.

"Plus," Ronnie continued, "It's a two bed room apartment. Aly probably wouldn't mind sleeping in a bed with you, but Lynn and I aren't dating. I wouldn't force her to sleep in a bed with me. I wouldn't even sleep in a bed with me. I get...cuddly." I could tell Ronnie was making a face to that.

"I remember Audrey. She loved to cuddle." Jacky was referring to Audrey Kitching, one of Ronnie's many past girlfriends. I scrunched my face up at this, not wanting to hear about his last relationships.

"She was a bitch," Ronnie said bluntly, and I smile stretched off of my face.

"Ronnie, all of your girlfriends were bitches." Jacky stated.

"That's probably why their my ex-girlfriends," He said, still blunt about it, "But we need to situate this out. Adellyn has to be safe. She may not like me. I know she doesn't trust me. But, I won't ever feel right unless I know there's a smile on her face," Ronnie admitted sheepishly, "Fuck you," I guess Jacky may have made a face at him or something. I got up, not wanting to invade any more privacy, and remembered that I had to pack. There were boxes and shit from the last move. All I had to do was unfold them, and tape them.

Once I had all of my boxes straightened out, I started putting some of my things in them. Then I packed my clothes, leaving out things for tomorrow. I didn't have that many boxes at all, to be honest. I had like, three, since my furniture was staying.

"Ronnie!" I called out, knowing he could hear me. A frantic Ronnie came running in, followed by a frantic Jacky tailing him. Once Ronnie stopped at the doorway, he looked around with wide eyes, and Jacky accidentally slammed right into him, taking them both down to the floor. Laughter erupted from my small figure, making me feel so much better.

"I hope it was important, because now my back hurts," He said, still laying on his stomach, Jacky on top of him, "Get the fuck off of me, Jack."

"But, oh, baby," Jacky started grinding on him, "I love you so much." More giggles escaped through my throat. That's when Alysson decided it would be a great time to come in. She stopped right in front of them, her eyes huge.

"I've decided that it would be better not to know," She rolled her eyes and jumped over them, frowning at my boxes, "I'm going to be alone for a few days, while you all go back." I could see tears welling up in her eyes. I looked back at Ronnie, my lower lip sticking out.

"Of course she can come," Ronnie coughed out, lifting himself off of the ground, Jacky falling off and muttering 'douche', before rolling backwards, and getting back on his feet. I jumped up and down, then once again, winced at the pain going through my body. Ronnie rushed over, and swept me up, bridal style, and lay me down on my bed.

"How are we going to get my stuff there," I asked him as he put another pillow behind my head.

"We'll ship it, since it doesn't seem to be that much," He told me, making me feel better about it.

"It's so empty in here," I mumbled, talking about my room.

"But you'll have a new room up there, well, once Jacky gets another apartment. He's trying to get one in the same complex as us," He informed me, "and guess what."

"What," I asked, curiosity filling inside me.

"Alysson's going to be living with Jacky," He admitted. I wanted to jump up and thank him and Jacky for making sure Aly wouldn't be alone.

"Thank you, thank you so much," I could tell tears wanted to prickle out of my eyes, but I didn't want them to.

"It's no problem," his voice was soft again, and he lay closer to me. I nuzzled my head into his neck, and felt comfort engulf me. He started humming again, but I wasn't tired. I just wanted to lay there and take in his smell. Take in this moment, because it was perfect. I had stayed awake all night, and by his slight snoring in my ear, I could hear that he was asleep. Eventually, though, his snore put me to sleep.

Like I said, I wasn't tired at all, so everybody was still asleep when I woke up. The light shone brightly through the window, so I got out of bed, deciding on taking a shower. I slipped a look at the alarm clock on my nightstand, and it was 3 in the freakin' afternoon. Our flight was at 9 as far as I'm aware. I slipped into my bathroom, and undid the wraps on my legs. They were really starting to itch, but I still refused to look at them. I stepped in my warm shower, lathering myself, as If I could wash away all the hurt.

I stepped out and dried myself, re-wrapping my wounds. I put on my undergarments and put on washed out shorts and an Avenged Sevenfold shirt. (R.I.P The Rev.) I slipped on a studded belt through the loops, and started on drying and straightening my hair. I put on my makeup, light blush, blue eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. I put on my A7X necklace, and slipped my wrists into bracelets including MIW, BVB, Bob Marley, and I♥boobies, including my brass knuckle bracelet. I smiled at my reflection and packed everything in my bag, so it would be ready when it was time to leave. I left out my sunglasses and gray TOM shoes.

I got back in my bed and started poking Ronnie on the shoulder. I poked him over and over, until he stirred awake, "I'm ready for when we leave," I said and his eyes fluttered open. He smiled at me and sat up.

"That's good," He said, and sat me on his lap, and kissed my cheek.

"You know," He said, "I'm still going to earn your trust," Oh yeah. There was that, wasn't there? I completely forgot about it. I started getting an uncomfortable feeling.

"I, uh, can we not talk about this," I pleaded, freeing myself a big from his grasp.

"Sorry," he looked down as I sat up from the bed, "So um, Jacky's getting an apartment close to ours," Ronnie told me, throwing his feet over the bed, so he was just sitting on the side of it. I sat down next to him, "And Aly's moving in with him." He lightly nudged me with his shoulder. I decided to get up and go see Aly, and see how she was doing.

Aly noticed me right away and jumped up, coming to hug me, tightly.


All four of us sat in the back of a FRIGGIN' LIMO. All of our luggage and stuff were in the trunk. The guys carried them for us ♥ We were all happy to finally be in the apartment.

"I have something you might like," Jacky told me, "It's a signed Avenged CD. I don't really listen to them, so you can have-" he stopped abruptly once he turned the light in his room on. It was bad enough that it happened in the first place, but Alysson came with us.

I woman in nothing but one of Jacky's over sized shirts sat at the end of his bed. "I missed you, Jacky." She said, not regarding the fact that Alysson and I were here.

I gulped.

♠ ♠ ♠

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