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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 13

Alysson's P.O.V

“I missed you, Jacky.” the girl said while she sat on the edge of his bed. The bitch didn't even acknowledge me or Lynn there. I felt Jacky tense up next to me. I had anger boiling and coursing through every fucking vein in my body.

I heard Lynn gulp next to me. The tension in the room could be tasted.

“Who the fuck is she?” I spat, turning my body to stare Jacky straight in the face. He had a panicked expression and he held his hands up in defense. “I...I can explain, Aly.” He said in a soft, pleading voice. I slapped him straight across the face leaving a red handprint.

I was so fucking pissed off. Twice, already. Twice. This was probably the same bitch that I saw on his phone. I can't believe I actually listened to him and believed him. “What the fuck, Jack. Don't even bother explaining. I understand COMPLETELY.” I told him.

I heard a giggle. I clenched my fists and shut my eyes tightly before spinning around on my heels and opening them, focusing my attention to the bitch in front of me. And then, I tackled her. I pushed her to the ground and punched her right in the nose. I heard a crunch and grinned.

“Fucking bitch.” I said, spitting in her face and pulling her up by her hair and making her stand. “Who the FUCK are you?” I asked her, noticing the blood trickling down her nose. Her eyes were welling up with tears and she stayed quiet. “WELL? Who the FUCK are YOU.” I said, louder this time. The anger rippling through me was even more intense.

I grabbed her by her arm making sure to dig my nails deep into it and started clawing at her. I felt strong arms wrap around me and try to pull me back, but I elbowed them. They grunted and I turned back to the girl who was now whimpering. I pushed her back to the floor and bashed her head against the foot of the bed a couple times before being pulled off of her by two pairs of arms now.

I saw Lynn's eyes wide. Ronnie and Jacky looked just as baffled. Ronnie let go and went to go check on the girl who was now crying silently on the floor by the foot of the bed. “ALY, calm the fuck down!” Jacky yelled at me, grabbing my arm and trying to get me to look at him. “Don't fucking touch me.” I said bluntly, ripping my arm away from his grip.

I went straight for the door and walked out. I didn't give a fuck where I was going. I wanted to be alone. I didn't care about the fact I wasn't in SoCal either. I made my way out of the apartment complex, angry tears falling down my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around myself and made my way down the empty streets.

It was dark, and I was scared and alone. I whimpered silently. I made a few turns and just followed the trees and scenery. I was only now aware that I had made myself lost. All I had was a 20 dollar bill and my phone. I kicked a few pebbles on the street and heard the shuffling of my feet as I followed a small dirt road path.

“Fucking asshole.” I muttered to myself, replaying today's events in my head. I hope I fucked that bitch up good and at least broke her nose. I may have been short as fuck, but I packed a punch. I can't believe him...I thought he at least liked me enough not to hurt me like that..I didn't know what to think anymore. How could I trust him?

“Fuck.” I cussed under my breath, finally glancing up from the floor. I looked ahead of me and noticed I had led myself into a small park. It had a lot of trees and green around it. There was a couple benches, and in the far corner a bit deeper into the trees was a small white gazebo. I made my way over there and walked up the steps to the gazebo.

It was pure white, and there were flowers surrounding all around it. I tried to smile, because I thought it was beautiful, but I just couldn't. The moonlight illuminated everything and it was one of those perfect scenes where a shooting star zooms by and you make a wish...But, it just didn't happen like that.

This was real life. And Jacky was a real asshole...

I slumped down against the white pillar and decided it was time to call Aly since I hadn't returned any of her phone calls or texts. I pulled my hood up to hide my face and clicked the call button.

“Aly?” Her voice rung through, sounding worried. “Yeah, Lynn. I'm fine..” I said, sighing and playing with the necklace Jacky had gave me. I took it off and put it in my pocket.

“Where are you? I'm coming to pick you up. You can't sleep out on a bench like you use to when you were mad and would run away.” I smiled at the memory and felt a small tear run down my cheek. I sniffed and wiped it away. “I don't know, exactly...I'm at some park with a gazebo and a bunch of trees. There's a pretty pond in the middle though.” I said, trying to sound happier than I was.

“Alright...Ronnie says he knows where it is..we'll be there in a few minutes.” She said, and the line went dead. I slumped back and closed my eyes, tuning out the world. After a while I heard a horn honk and I rose slowly and walked to the black sleek car and got into the backseat.

Lynn turned around from the passenger seat to look at me and gave me a sympathetic smile. I just folded my hands together and stared at them, not saying anything the whole ride. When we got back I opened the door and it reeked of alcohol. Jacky was on the couch, a bottle of rum in his hand and red rims around his eyes.

He took one look at me and ran up to me with a pleading look on his face. I could smell the alcohol all over him. I made a disgusted look and pushed him out of my way then sat down on the couch. “Aly, I-” he started but I cut him off. “Don't.” I said, angrily.

He stared down at his feet then slowly came over to sit next to me. I shifted uncomfortably and moved a way a little, causing him to move closer. He looked at me with pain in his eyes. “Explain.” I said, looking straight at him. I had no patience right now. I was still mad at him. He put the bottle on the table beside him.

“She's a friend, Aly. She's not my...girlfriend. She's Ryan's. He brings girls home all the time. He's the drummer of the band and he crashes here all the time. I've gotten use to her and I think Ryan's actually committing to her.” He explained, rushing through his words.

“Then why the fuck was she wearing YOUR shirt and why was she in YOUR room?” I asked, even more pissed off. He was really trying to lie to me.

“I talked to Ryan about it. They both left and she was only wearing my shirt because she has a crush on me. I swear she means nothing to me, I barely even talk to her. I never gave her permission to be in my room or use my clothes. Don't be mad at me.” He pleaded, taking one of my hands in his. I almost flinched and pulled away from him but I sighed instead.

“Okay, but I still can't trust you right now..You're going to have to earn it back.” I said, staring down at our hands. He didn't say anything for a while and I looked up at him to see a goofy smile on his lips.

“FINALLY!” Ronnie and Lynn yelled at the same time. I wasn't even aware they were present through all of this. I giggled and they walked over to us. I expected Ronnie and Adellyn to sit on the reclining chairs or some shit, but no.

Ronnie sat on Jacky. And Jacky was cradling him. Bridal style.

I facepalmed. I'd have to get use to this.
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