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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 15

“Why the fuck is it so early?” I said to myself. It was like, 9 in the morning and Jacky was still sleeping. I had been living with him for a few weeks now.

I still couldn't trust him though, not after fucking up twice. There was always this awkward tension when I'd slip up or let my guard down.

There's been times just watching a movie on the couch and I'd slip up and let him cuddle me. It was little moments like those that made me think things over. That maybe I could give him another chance.

But then I remember how he fucked up. Twice. And the thought evaporates from my mind. I shook my head to dismiss the thought from my mind, I was suppose to be making coffee.

I took a coffee mug from the cupboard and poured milk in it, then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. I got the coffee powder and sugar, then sat on the counter til the milk was done warming up.

I started humming “Raised By Wolves” when I felt hands cover my eyes. I smiled and placed my hand over his. “Good morning, Jacky. Now get your dirty hands off me.” I said. I heard him laugh and then he moved his hands off of my eyes.

“What're you doing awake so early?” He asked me. I shrugged and hopped down from the counter when the microwave beeped. “Just felt like doing something today.” I said, as I poured the powder and sugar into the milk and mixed it.

I watched the powder and sugar dissolve into the milk and turned my head to the right to see Jacky leaning against the counter. Shirtless. He had a cute sleepy grin and his hair was messy and tussled. I could've died right there.

I blushed and turned my face away from him and sipped my coffee slowly. Yeah, that didn't help. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkk.” I cussed and fanned my tongue. “It's fucking burnt!” I yelled, and heard Jacky chuckle.

“I could kiss it better, you know.” He said and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and smacked his chest playfully. “No, no I'm okay. It's fine now.” I said, hurrying to move away fro mhim and onto the couch with my coffee.

“Fine fine. What did you wanna do today?” he asked, grabbing the orange juice from the fridge and drinking it straight from the bottle.

“For one thing, I wanna get new orange juice. That one has Jacky germs on it now.” I said , pointing to the bottle in his hand. “And, I actually wanted to hangout with Lynn and Ronnie somewhere. I just don't know where, I still don't know this place well.” I said, shrugging my shoulders and running a hand through my hair.

Then a thought clicked in my head. “Jacky....are there any piercing or tattoo places around here?” I said, a grin plastered on my face. He looked at me wide-eyed. “Are you crazy, Aly? What do you wanna get pierced?”

I contemplated that thought for a minute and tapped my temple with my index finger. “ I want monroes.” I decided. I got up and walked past an open-mouthed Jacky and into the bathroom to shower.

I smelled like strawberries when I walked out and I wrapped a towel around myself, then brushed my teeth and skipped into my room to get dressed. I pulled on a baby blue Sky Eats Airplane shirt and white shorts, with gray combat boots.

I teased my hair til it swooped to the side, but still stayed flat, then applied my normal amount of black makeup. I decided to add charcoal on my eyelids and did a sparkly gray on top, then did a thick rim of black eyeliner under.

I put in bright blue contacts and my eyes literally popped. You could see them from a mile away. I smiled and put on cherry chapstick, then walked out of my room and called out to Jacky “I'm going to Lynn's! I'm gonna ask her and ronnie or give me a ride to the piercing place cause you're a lazy ass” I yelled, and ran out the door before he could say anything.

I loved messing with him. I'd be the death of that boy, I swear. I walked up to Ronnie's and banged on the door with my foot. “WAKE UP BITCHES!” I yelled from outside the door and kicked it again.

A sleepy looking Lynn opened the door but once she saw me she smiled and pulled me into a hug, then shut the door behind her. “Help yourself to pancakes on the table while me and Ronnie get dressed.” She said, yawning softly. I nodded and ran to the table.

I breathed in the smell of chocolate chip pancakes and licked my lips, putting syrup on them and devouring them. I heard foot steps and turned with a piece of pancake half in my mouth to see it was Ronnie. He burst out laughing at me and I frowned, causing the pancake to fall out of my mouth.

“Dammit, Radke ! See what you did !” This just caused him to laugh even more so I threw my fork at him and grumpily stomped over to the couch and turned on the tv. “Jerk.” I muttered, crossing my arms and settling on Adventure Time.

A few seconds later Lynn emerged from the bathroom fully dressed with a toothbrush in her mouth. “Why was he laughing?” She asked, raising her eyebrow and pointing at Ronnie.

I huffed. “He was being a dick, don't worry about it.” I said, turning my attention back to the TV. “Alright, whatever.” she said shrugging her shoulders. “By the way, what do you want Aly? You never come over here.” She asked.

“I want you to take me to get monroe piercings!” I exclaimed happily. Her and Ronnie widened their eyes a bit, but they both just shrugged. “Okay, sure. Let me just finish brushing my teeth and we can go.” she said, walking back to the bathroom.

“I'm not going. She knows where it is, she'll drive you.” Ronnie said, tossing me the keys and walking back to his room. A few minutes later Lynn came back and I handed her the keys.

We walked out of the complex and got into Ronnie's car, then started towards the Tattoo Shop. The whole car ride was silent except for the soft humming of Lynn and I singing along to the new Falling In Reverse album. Ironic, huh?

When we got there I practically ran in and walked to the front desk. I scribbled down my name on the little slip and some guy who was tatted from head to toe guided me to the back. “What're we getting today?” He asked me, his voice deep and gruff.

“Monroe's.” I replied, happily. I had a sing-song voice so it was always cheeky and melodic, I hated it. It made me sound over-excited about everything.

The guy walked over to me with the needles and the balls for the piercings. He told me to pick what color I wanted to balls to be, so I picked the black ones with the white spider symbols on the front.

I peeked over to my left where Lynn was getting cheek piercings done by some girl with red hair. She was really short, and I saw Lynn flinch slightly when the needles went through her skin. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Ready, miss?” The guy asked me. I nodded my head slowly and stood still as the needles went through my skin. He cleaned it with a cotton ball after and put the piercings in, and let me screw the balls on. I winced when I licked them, then look at Lynn who had a similar facial expression as mine. I gave her a sympathetic smile and winced, because even that hurt. We walked back up to the front desk and signed the slips again, then paid and got back in the car.

This time we made light conversation to try and get use to talking with our piercings. I could smile now without it hurting. I walked out of the car and ran to both Jacky and Ronnie's door before kicking them. Jacky opened it and laughed at me, then walked up to poke me and Lynn's new piercings.

I flinched slightly. Ronnie still hadn't come out, so me and Lynn walked back to his door and knocked on it again. After a while, he answered. Shirtless. In boxers. With a girl on the couch covering herself with ronnie's shirt.

Oh shit.
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