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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 19

:.Alysson P.O.V.:

I heard the door click silently, then I saw it open. Jacky and Lynn came in. Oh shit. This looked bad. Jacky's eyes laid on mine, pain in his expression. Lynn was too busy paying attention to Ronnie to notice me, though. I mouthed “help me” to Jacky.

His expression turned confused, then even more confused when he heard a sleepy Ronnie mumbling. “Mmm, Lynn. I love you so much.” I felt his grip tighten around my waist and I groaned silently too myself. Lynn then turned her head to look at me and I saw her expression soften. She tiptoed over to him and whispered in his ear. I couldn't hear it, but Ronnie's eyes shot open and he fell out of the bed. I giggled and covered my mouth to try and stop it but I just couldn't. I erupted in a fit of giggles. Ronnie blushed and scratched the back of his head, clearly embarrassed. “Sorry, Aly.” he said, then coughed and strode out the room with Lynn.

I looked up at Jacky and patted the spot next to me on the bad, and smiled when he kicked off his shoes and curled up next to me. I wrapped my arm around his waist and laid my head on his chest, closing my eyes and listening to the silent rise and fall of his chest.

“Aly?” he said, looking down at me. I looked up and smiled at him, kissing his chin since that's all I could reach. “Yes, Jacky?” I said, looking up into his blue eyes. They were like crystals.

I felt him shift and then tilt my chin up. He pressed his lips into mine, ever so softly. I smiled into the kiss and he pulled back. “Be my girlfriend, Aly.” I smiled even brighter and nodded, kissing him repeatedly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him a bit rougher this time. He licked my bottom lip for entrance.

I wasn't going to give it to him, but his arm snaked down my back and grabbed my ass through my shorts. I gasped and he took that chancce to collide our tongues together. We were playing tongue hockey fighting for dominance. He flipped me over and layed on top of me, each hand on either side of my waist.

He trailed one hand under my shirt and laid it on my side while the other stayed on my hip. I threaded my fingers through his hair and pulled him down to crash our lips together again. I tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth and he opened up all too willingly, this time I let him have dominance over me.

We stopped shortly to catch our breath and I tugged his shirt off. He went to lock the door and the light from the window caught his stomach perfectly. His body was gleaming and I wanted to rub my hands all over him. I jumped out from under the covers and threw my shirt off, running at him and crushing him against the bedroom door.

I heard him thump his head but I didn't care. I was too in the moment. I ran my hands up and down his chest kissing softly at his collarbone and nipping and biting along his neck. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he crushed his lips to mine. I looked up at him and I saw his lust filled eyes.

He moved us so I was against the wall and I was grinding my crotch against him, my arms around his neck. “Fuck, Jacky.” I gasped, biting on his earlobe. I heard him groan and he turned around and threw us both on the bed, laying on top of me and kissing down my neck. I grinded against him harder, feeling him stiffen on top of me. I felt his hands around my back and he unclipped my bra, throwing it somewhere.

I moaned softly when he hissed the top of my breasts then licked at the nipples and tugged them with his teeth. I reached my hand down to rub him through his pants but I couldn't take it anymore so I unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down, panting softly as he kissed down my stomach. I felt his fingers play with the top of my shorts. “Don't tease if you can't please.” I told him, winking.

He grinned and yanked them off. I pulled him down on top of me, attacking his mouth furiosly with mine as I used one hand to slip inside his boxers and pump him. I could hear his breathing hitch and soon I felt my undies being pulled to the side, I gasped when I felt him work a finger inside me. I moaned into his mouth starting to pump him harder and faster.

“Oh, fucking shit Jacky.” I yelled. He crashed his lips to mine again and I pulled his boxers down, then pulled my undies off. I threw them next to us somewhere. He flipped me over so I was on my stomach and cupped my breasts, rubbing them lightly and positioning himself at my entrance.

“Wait wait. Condom?” He said, panting. “Fuck it. I'm on the pill.” I said, pushing myself bacl against him. I felt him slide into me slowly and I cussed under my breath, feeling bliss run throughout my body. He started out slowly, trailing kisses up and down my spine. I moaned softly, starting up a rhythm and moving back against him. Once he started moving faster I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

“Oh, fuck. Jacky. Fuck fuck fuck.” I moaned, backing up against him harder. His pace quickened and I arched my back, throwing my head back. I felt him rocking his hips forward harder. I was in pure bliss. He moved one of his hands from my breasts down past my stomach and started rubbing me. It was driving me over the edge.

“FUCK.” I yelled, sloppily rocking my hips back towards him harder and faster. His pace quickined while he rubbed me and he bent down to bite my shoulder. I felt shivers go up my spine. He groaned and I felt myself tighthen around him. “I'm gonna, oh fuck I'm cumming.” he yelled, just as I felt him release into me. I was completely over the edge and I felt myself moaning uncontrollably as I felt myself release.

My knees bucked and I felt myself collapsing on the bed, panting and out of breath. I felt him pull out of me and pull me up next to him. He wrapped the sheets around us, then Ronnie knocked on the door. Jacky got up, still naked and opened the door, totally not caring that Ronnie came in the room. I blushed and pulled the sheets tighter around me, burying my face in Jacky's chest when he laid next to me again.

Ronnie whistled and highfived Jacky, grinning. Jacky chuckled next to me and his chest vibrated when he did, causing me to snuggle up closer to him. “Just getting Lynn's stuff. Don't mind me.” he said, winking and pulling Lynn's suit case out of the room. Just before he closed it I heard him yell “Nice ass, Vincent!”

At this Jacky blushed ever so slightly and tried to hide his face. I tilted his chin towards me and kissed him softly. I felt him smile into the kiss and I wrapped my arms around his waist. I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep, then I heard a loud scream.

I jumped, grabbing the sheets and holding them around me as I looked out the window, towards the direction of the scream. It was raining, Ronnie was outside with Lynn, carrying her and laughing while she complained. I smiled and felt Jacky wrap his arms around me from behind.

“IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS, AND GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAINNN!” Ronnie yelled, singing loudly as he twirled Lynn around in circles. She laughed hysterically along with him. I giggled, happy that she was happy. I saw him lean down to kiss her and smiled.

At that moment, I couldn't have been more happy. He loved her. And she loved him. And everything was okay, for once.
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