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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 2

..::Adellyn's P.O.V.::..

I woke up the next morning around noon feeling dirty and groggy. My hair was messy and greasy, and my makeup from the previous day was all over my white cotton pillow case. I noticed that I was in the clothes I had worn yesterday, and sighed. I had been so tired from driving to Las Vegas from our small apartment in SoCal. I rubbed my eyes, not caring that I was smudging all of my makeup, because I planned on taking a shower, anyway. I looked at my sister, Alysson, who was still passed out. She wouldn't need so much sleep if she weren't such a hyper shit. We were twins, but she had a beauty mark by the right corner of her mouth. We both naturally had brown hair, but she dyed hers black, and mine was blue. Seeing as she was on her way to getting a licence to pierce, she did my septum, and she did her tongue.

I slipped out of the bed in order to not wake her up, because as nice as she is, she's a bitch when she's cranky. I scuffled into the bathroom, dragging my feet behind me slowly against the cream wool carpet, probably catching static from my socks. I did my business as far as the toilet went, and jumped when it made a hideously loud sound when it flushed. I remembered my personal hygiene products I had brought, and got them out of my suitcase. I went back into the bathroom and stripped down from my clothes. I stepped into the shower, lathering my hair with coconut smelling shampoo, and I always had to match the scent of my shampoo to my body wash, so that smelled like coconut, as well.

Once I was done shaving in all the necessary areas, I washed out my conditioner and grabbed a towel after turning off the water. There were four towels, two for each of us. I used one in my hair and one for my body. I went to the sink to brush my teeth and use my mouth wash, and brushed out my hair. I walked back out to my suitcase, and grabbed a strapless bra, and a pair of underwear. After putting them on under my towel, I put on a gray tank top that went about an inch past my waist and was somewhat loose. I slipped on a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, and put on a pair of socks.

I went back into the bathroom to blow dry my hair, and striaghten it, then applying my foundation and blush. That's when Alysson walked in and used the bathroom as I was putting on white and black eye shadow, to create a smokey effect, then lining my eyes with eye liner.

"Out." Alysson said in her usual bitchy morning tone.

"Reer." I imitated a defensive cat, then chuckling, leaving her to the bathroom so she could get dressed. I sat down and pulled out the book I had brought along. 'The Unnamable' by H.P. Lovecraft. I was far into dark literature, and I loved anything Poe or Lovecraft. I continued where I had dog eared the page until Allyson was done getting ready. She had on a pretty abstract and colourful spaghetti strap shirt and a short denim skirt. She let her hair hang down in the tight curls that we have originally. She didn't have on as much eyeliner as me, but enough to be noticeable. While she slipped on her low top black monochrome converse, I slipped on my Uggs. Say what you will, they are damn comfy. She grabbed her blue Hoven sunglasses, and I grabbed my Ray-bans.

We got our bags, mine being pikachu, and her's being a moroccan leather miniature duffle bag, which held our money and whatnot, and while Alysson slipped her key into her bag, I dropped my key in my shoe, along with my skinny wallet. I didn't really carry cash, but I did have credit cards, which fit in a compact little money case I had, along with my other important information. I pulled out my purple T-mobil sidekick and dropped it in my bag. I left my car keys in the room, because we planned on walking.

"Ready, Lynn?" Alysson asked me, heading for the door.

"Yeah, Ally." I smiled at her, following behind, and making sure the door had locked. We entered the elevator, and I could tell she was just as annoyed with the elevator music as I was.

"So, the concert's tomorrow." she said, rocking back an forth on her heels, getting back to her bubbly self.

"Yeah, Maddy's going to meet us here tomorrow with the tickets." I said, mentioning our friend who asked us to meet her in Vegas to come to a concert with her, which we didn't know what it was. I noticed that like mine, Alysson's phone didn't stop vibrating/beeping with a symphony of 'happy birthday' texts from many of our friends and a lot of our family. We knew our mom would call us tonight. We walked while looking down with 'thank you's' and 'you're so kind' and 'happy it is.' I guess the reply depended on the person who sent us the message.

Once we got outside, we slipped our phones into our bags, retrieving our iPods from our bags. While I could tell she was going to blast Sleeping With Sirens, I blasted Motionless in White. We each had iPod Touches. Mine was white, her's was black, and we had our names engraved on them. Presents from our mom on our 20th birthday. Now we were 21, and we were finally completely adults.

"I want to go somewhere and have fun." Alysson said excitedly.

"Okay, how about we go eat and then go to a spa, then go to Adventuredom?" I suggested, seeing as this wasn't our first trip to Vegas, we knew some places. We went to a small cafe for lunch, where I had a small sub and coffee.

"Don't eat too much." Alysson warned. "You don't want to throw up as much at Adventuredom." We both chuckled, remembering our last experience there. Barf, barf, barf. I don't know why were laughing about it, because that was not fun at all. We left a nice tip at the table, and walked down the street towards a spa. We had only gotten massages on our backs, nothing so serious. Plus, it was just to settle our stomachs. We hit adventuredom, using the restrooms before going on any of the rides. We put all of our stuff in a small little locker we rented and had a lock on it.

We had our fun, and won our personal victory of not throwing up once. We left before that victory could turn on us. We walked out and down the street towards somewhere else to go to, then I noticed a familiar face. Not one I've personally seen, but what I recognized.




I stopped dead in my tracks, putting my arm out as a bar to stop Alysson, too.

"Holy fuck!" She said. We both stared, but we didn't scream. We didn't want to be creepy fans.

"He got out of jail?" I asked, cheerful that he did. He must have noticed us staring, because he walked up to us and smiled.

"Like something you see?" He asked, and winked.

"Yes. Absolutely." I said, dazed. "I mean, NO." I said, blushing from utter embarrassment, causing him to chuckle, along with the other guy he was with. I noticed that the other guy was stripping Alysson with his eyes, and she noticed, too. She was so many deep shades of red, even shades I hadn't seen before. I looked back at Ronnie, who was staring at me.

"So what are your names?" He asked.

"Well, I'm Adellyn, and this is my sister, Alysson." I said, introducing her, because she probably had lock jaw.

"Well, I'm Ronnie, and this is the guitarist of my new band, Jacky." He nodded towards the guy who was still staring at Alysson.

"You have a new band?" She asked, wide eyed.

"Pfft, yeah. You didn't know that?" I teased, even though I didn't know, either.

"Yeah, Falling in Reverse. So I'm guessing you listen to Escape the Fate, seeing as you seem to have already known about me." He smirked.

"Used to." I pouted.

"What?" Ronnie asked.

"Used to listen to Escape the Fate. Then it turned to shit when Craig became vocalist. Now they're becoming like ever pop screamo band." I huffed, still mad about it. Ronnie seemed pleased, and took off the black backpack he had on. He took out a CD and handed it to me.

"This is our new album, it releases on the 26th of July, but you can have this copy. We're playing at the stadium tomorrow night. You should come." He suggested. Then it clicked. We came here for a concert. Our favourite band used to be Escape the Fate.

"Anything else you want to say to us?" Alysson hinted off.

"Ahh, it was really good running into you?" He searched him mind, obviously not finding anything.

"It's our birthday." I blushed.

"So you two ARE twins." Jacky said, with a british voice. I knew Alysson was melting right now. She loved accents. There was even an era where she faked one. It didn't work.

"Yeah." We ended up blushing more.

"How old are you turning?" They asked.

"21." Alysson answered.

"Well, maybe we'll see you around." Jacky said.

"How about going to King's Bar?" Ronnie said. "We'll educate you in what you're supposed to do on your 21st." He winked.

"Alright, if we can find it." I giggled. I was having a semi date with the former vocalist of my favourite band. I was beyond excited.

"And of course, Jacky will be there." He pointed out, and Jacky smiled.

"Okay, see you then." I said, beginning to walk away.

"Wait, can we get your numbers?" Ronnie asked. I blushed again as I added my contacts into his phone, as so did Alysson, and into Jacky's, as they did with our phones.

"It was awesome meeting you. See you tonight, sweetheart." He winked, and we all went our separate ways. Alysson and I went back to our hotel, and decided to take a nap before going out. We slept for a good two hours before we woke up, checking our phones. Ronnie texted me and told me to be there at 8, and right now it was 6. Allyson and I took quick showers, avoiding getting our hair wet. We each got out, and we put on strapless black dresses, hers having a corset on it. We each had ruffles on the skirt part. I put on a pair of black lacey transparent tights with a floral pattern, while she had a white scarf, and we each had black heels. She straightened her hair and put in bleach extensions and I put my hair in small curls. We each had cat like eyeliner and I had silver eye shadow, while she had gold.

It was about 8 when we were ready, so we hopped in our jet black 2010 Ford Mustang, and left to find King's Bar. It was absolutely huge, and nice. We found a parking space near the middle, and went to the front. We were immediately excepted in after showing our ID's. The bouncer saw us and let us in, he said because we were cute (: We found Ronnie and Jacky at the bar, and they smiled once they saw us. They ordered us drinks. I was cautious about my alcohol intake while Alysson was just taking it in.

Ronnie and I were talking, and I could hear Jacky and Alysson talking behind us, eventually the talking stopped, so I turned around.

They were making out.

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Ello. Finally working on a new story with Emelie. c : This is what the girls wore out in the city. This is what they wore to the bar. I hope you enjoyed it, stay posted for more chapters (: