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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 4

..::Adellyn's P.O.V::..

I pulled away from the kiss I was having with Ronnie, not being able to believe what had happened tonight. This guy, the one I used to be obsessed with and write stories about on fan sites (lol.), was making out with me. He had also given me a white engraved necklace for my birthday. What an awesome 21st it was for me. We all went back into the club, and starting drinking more. I was starting to get a little tipsy when Ronnie grabbed my hand and started leading me to the front. Laughing for no apparent reason, I looked back, and Jacky was bringing Alysson along.

"Let's find the 'Stang." Ally said, not speaking correctly.

"I know where it was." I said, and took my heels off, walking towards where I had parked the car. There it was, our beauty.

"I think I should drive." Ronnie suggested.

"Alright." I handed him the keys that I had put in my bra, making him smile.

"You can come with me if you'd like, Alysson, we're all going to the same place." Jacky offered to Alysson. She took the offer, so I was riding with Ronnie in my car and Alysson was riding with Jacky in their car. We went to an apartment complex which I hadn't seen before.

"Here we are." Ronnie smiled, handing me the keys. Sure enough, when I got out, Jacky and Alysson pulled up right next to us. Ronnie came around to me and pulled my hand, until all four of us were inside. "Let's go somewhere a little bit more private." Ronnie had whispered into my ear, sending shivers up my spine. All I could do was nod my head. I had a conscious mind, I knew what I was getting myself into at the moment, and no, I didn't want to step out of it. Ronnie pulled me along down the short hall to a room in the very back. There was a queen sized bed, a flat screen tv, and a lot of posters.

He closed and locked the door, and turned around. The next thing I knew, we were making out, his hands on the small of my back, pressing hard, my arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled my with him towards the bed, and it ended up to where I was on the bottom, and he was on top. We resumed with our tongues dancing, until he lifted me up and we were fully on the bed now. He stripped off his shirt, and then helped me take off my dress. We started making out a little bit more, until I noticed my bra being undone.

I worked with the belt buckle, until I had gotten it undone, then I slipped it out of his pants. We resumed making out while he groped me in different areas, then he started taking off his pants.

"Wait." I pushed on his chest a little bit, causing him to pull away and look at me.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Do you have a condom?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, of course." He smiled, and got one out of his night stand. When he went to the end of the bed to put it on, he slipped off my underwear in the process, and I ended up completely naked. He came back to me, also wearing nothing. Again, we resumed making out, and then he was in me. He was gentle and slow at first, then he started getting faster and more rough. He was amazing, I must say. I know this wasn't how I had written it in all of my stories, but it was happening.

..::NEXT DAY::..

I woke up with a slight headache under unfamiliar red sheets. It was dark in the room, but I could tell it was mid day and lights were trying to breach through the window shades. I rolled onto my back, and lifted up the covers so I could see myself. I was complete nude. I put the sheets down, and lay my head back down on the pillow, causing myself to groan.

"Hello beautiful." I heard a familiar voice as an arm wrapped around my waist.

"Hey." I said, turning to him, with my eyes closed, snuggling up to him, and he started holding me closer and tighter.

"You were amazing last night." He said, smile all in his voice. My eyes bolted open as memories of last night poured through my head. Of course I didn't regret it. It's not like it was the first time I had sex in my life. I had remembered that it was sloppy, but amazing. Sloppy, amazing, drunk sex. With a rock star. A drop dead sexy rock star. He kissed me on the cheek and stepped out of bed. "I'm taking a shower. Would you like to join?" He offered, smiling.

"Sure." I said, positive I smelled like sex all over. We both got in the shower together, and I used his man stuff. Like, Axe, I don't know what it was, but it smelled like him. We got out, and I was sure that I probably smelled like a male model. I smiled as we went back to his closet. I just wanted to watch him get dressed.

"I think I have a pair of pants that are too small for me." He offered. Oh yeah, I didn't have any clothes except for the ones I had on last night. "Here they are." He smiled, handing me a pair of black skinny jeans. I gathered my underwear and bra off of the floor, and put them on right there, slipping on the pants. They fit me, but they were still a little bit baggy on me. He then handed me an Iron Maiden shirt that I slipped on as well. I gathered my dress, and tights, and put on my heels. We walked out to the living room, where Jacky and Ally were. Judging by how red Alysson's face was, they had done the same thing, too. Or she was just still extremely shy, or embarrassed for last night.

"Well, I think it's time to head off." I winked, turning around to Ronnie.

"You don't want to stay for breakfast?" He asked, stretching his arms above his head.

"I'd love to, but we have some things to do, and we have to meet up with Maddy." I said, yawning, causing everybody to yawn.

"Who's that?" He asked.

"The person with our concert tickets and backstage passes." I said.

"What concert?" Jacky asked.

"Yours, silly." Alysson said, smiling.

"Oh yeah, there's that, today." He smirked.

"Yeah, there is." I chuckled. "But my keys?" I asked. He went back to his room, and came out with my ring of car keys. Ronnie kissed my goodbye, and Jacky did the same for Alysson.

"Text you later, babe." Ronnie winked at me, then closed the door. Me and Ally walked out towards the car, and I handed her the keys.

"I have a head ache. I don't want to drive." I complained. She took the keys and strapped in the driver's seat. I threw my clothes in the back.

"So how's all of this going to work?" she asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Were we a one night stand, or do they feel something for us?" She asked, glancing at me.

"Can't we sort it out tonight at the concert?" I asked, whining.

"Fine." She scoffed. We finally arrived at the hotel. We walked into the lobby, surprisingly greeted by Maddy.

"There you guys are!" She brought us into a group hug. "Happy belated birthday!" She smiled.

"We're sorry, we left our phones in the room." Alysson apologized.

"Well, for the concert tonight," She started, pulling out a bag. "I got you two these shirts." She smiled, and handed us each a Falling in Reverse shirt. "And here are your tickets and backstage passes. Now lets go to your room." She ushered us, and we went there. In the elevator, she had pointed out that we each smelled like a nice man, and we thanked her, since we took that as a compliment. We went to our rooms and slipped into a pair of our own pants. I got into a pair of dark denims, and put on my FIR shirt, and put on my faded black trooper boots. Ally had put on a pair of black skinnies with her FIR shirt, and red and black checkered vans.

We straightened our hair and put on black eye shadow with eye liner, and mascara, and we were done getting ready.

"So backstage passes work for before and after the concert, so lets go now!" Maddy was getting really excited. We grabbed our phones and bags, and headed towards the car. The stadium we were going to was a good 45 minutes away. We got good parking near the front, and got out, leaving our phones and stuff inside. We put on our backstage passes around our necks, and got our tickets ready for entry. Once we were granted that, we went inside.

"Hey." Jacky popped out of nowhere, and hugged Alysson.

"Where's Ronnie?" I asked him.

"Um, I don't know, I think he's in the back." He said, nodded towards the direction he was talking about. I walked through a limitless amount of people and saw Ronnie. He wasn't waiting for me like I would have liked or hoped.

He was kissing another girl.

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