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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)

Ch. 7

Alysson's P.O.V.

Adellyn was going to kill me. It was our last day in Vegas and I wasn't home. My phone was on silent too, I didn't want to answer her calls. I had a plan in store.

I had called and changed our flights to 11 o' clock tonight. Not like she would find out or anything, but I had to if I was going through with my master plan.

I had convinced Jacky to have a CD signing for their new debut album at Hot Topic. “You have 2 hours before the signing starts. Better be here on time.” he told me looking at me sternly.

I rolled my eyes and nodded, kissing his cheek. “I'll be there, don't worry.” I said, turning on my heels and leaning his room. I passed by Ronnie whom was sulking on the couch and patted his shoulder. “I'll fix this, don't worry.” I said before slipping out the door.


When I got to the hotel room I slipped in my key and opened the door slowly. I was faced with a very pissed off sister who had red rims around her eyes, a tub of Ben and jerry's mint icecream in one had, a spoon in the other, and use tissues all over the couch.

“Tsk tsk tsk. I leave you alone for one night and you act like a 16 year old who just had her heart broken by the school jock after prom.” I said picking several tissues off the floor and dumping them in the trash can.

“Up.” I demanded, staring at her. “Give me the icecream.” I said after she got up and walked towards me. She hugged it like a baby and rocket it back and forth, as if trying to protect it from me. “It's okay baby, I'll see you later.” she cooed. I rolled my eyes and grabbed her, pushing her into the bathroom.

“HURRY UP AND SHOWER, WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE IN AN HOUR.” I shouted at her while I put the icecream in the small mini fridge. I heard the water being turned on and was satisfied.

She was going to kill me for this, but I didn't care. It was for her own good and she'd be happy in the end.

I rummaged through or bags for outfits. I picked out a gray tee and baby blue skinnies with matching gray boots and laid the outfit on the bed. I decided on a a green flowy tube top for Adellyn and light wash blue shorts with black boots for her. I smiled. She'd look cute.

I had already showered at Jacky's, so I stripped down to my undies and pulled on my jeans and shirt, the shoes could wait for when we were leaving.

I heard some banging and some bottles falling but I ignored it.

I heard my tummy grumbled and I smiled, opening up the mini fridge and pulling out a small cup of fruity pebbles. I tore the lid open and poured some milk in. I face palmed and realized I had no spoon, so I just slurped it from the cup. The water was shut off and I smiled. That whore takes long showers. I pranced over to the bathroom and stood infront of it, waiting for her to come out.

When she opened the door her eyes went wide and she screamed, then slipped on her wet feet and fell on her ass causing the towel to fall off her head and the other towel to tangle around her body.

I erupted into fits of giggles and held onto the door frame for support while my other arm was wrapped around my torso so I wouldn't fall over laughing. I felt the towel whip my leg and I whimpered to myself then pouted at her. “That hurt Lynn.” I whined.

She scoffed and glared at me. “You scared me Aly. Payback was in favor.” She said, bitterness in her voice. I sighed. “You still love me so it's okay.” I said, smiling at her.

“Yeah, whatever. What the hell is this?” She said, holding up the tube top I had placed on the bed. “A skirt?” she said. I shook my head and laughed. “It's a shirt. Now put it on, Lynn. We're late.” I said.

“Late for what?” She said, sounding a bit pissed off now.

I held up my hands in defense and backed up. She inched toward me getting in my face. “Sorry Lynn I know I should have told you, we're going out. I planned the day for us and pushed the flight to 11:00 tonight so we could have more time in--” I said but she cut me off.

“NO, WHAT THE HELL ALY. You don't come home knowing I need you after my fight with Ronnie, you don't answer my phone calls, you were no wear to be seen. I was worried sick. Do you know how pissed off I was? I thought you were gone. I thought you got hitched in Vegas and left me all by myself.” She said, her voice quavering a bit indicating she was about to cry.

I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her to me stroking her back. “Shh shh Lynn.” I soothed.

She pulled away from me and looked at me and all the anger returned to her face.

“NO. Don't act like this is all okay. You can't just prance in here all happy thinking I'll forgive you and if you take me out to god knows where everything will be okay. I am PISSED off. What if I don't want to go? What if I don't want to fucking forgive you?”

I sighed. “Lynn....calm down, please. You're just upset about everything. I know I should have let you known where I was. I know you're upset from yesterday. I know this is all really sudden. I know you're a mess right now, but I'm trying to fix it” I said looking at her sincerely. “I really am.”

She looked down at her feet and I sighed. “I know you're a mess Lynn, I really do. But I'm trying to fix it . So don't get mad please. I'm trying to fix it, not make you mad. Now please, come out with me so we can enjoy our last day in Vegas together?” I said, holding out my hand and smiling at her. She nodded and took my hand in hers.

“Yayyy!” I cheered. Then I took a once over at her. “Get dressed first, though.” She nodded and laughed. “Yeah, that would be a good idea.” She agreed.

Once she was dressed I grabbed our bags and phones and headed for the car. I slid in the drivers seat and while she was still trying to open the door to the passenger side I quickly sent the same text to Ronnie and Jacky saying we were on our way.

I smiled and unlocked the door, then started the car and blasted the radio. We were in for an...interesting day.

I smirked and felt Lynn looking at me. I turned to stare at her when we reached a red light. “What?” I said, with a goofy grin.

She shook her head and stared out at the window. “You're so weird.” she said and I laughed. “That's cause I live with you!” I told her and I felt her grumble. I could've sworn she said something under her breath but I shook it off.

I pulled up into the parking lot of the mall and turned the car out, grabbing my bag and shoving my phone into my pocket, then Lynn did the same. She stared at me confusingly. “Why're we at the mall?” she asked me.

“You'll see.” I said shrugging my shoulders and skipping to the doors. I couldn't make it seem obvious, so we walked around the mall buying a few necklaces and avoiding the part of the mall hot topic was in. I wanted her to find out on her own and save the best for last.

“Hey Aly, can we go into Hot Topic? It's usually the first store we go in.” She said. I nodded and tried to hide my smirk. When she heard all the commotion and saw all the people in hot topic her brow furrowed and she was so confused. I smiled to myself and pulled her in with me.

After shoving all the girls out of the way and reaching the front of the signing booth I saw Lynn's mouth pop into an “O” and her eyes widened. She gasped and that's when Ronnie and Jacky stopped paying attention to the girls they were signing albums for and looked up at us. I smiled sweetly.

Lynn was still shocked.

Ronnie told everyone to be quiet for a moment and he stepped out from behind the booth, walking towards Lynn. She was still frozen by my side and her mouth was still gaping open. She composed herself and looked at Ronnie, not sure if she should be happy or pissed or sad or what !

He leaned forward a bit looking at her neck, the necklace he gave her still on it. He smiled a sad smile. “So you still care...” He whispered, even though everyone could still hear.

Then her lips were on his. Infront of everyone. She was on her tiptoes kissing him, a tear sliding down her cheek. He wrapped his arms around her. Everyone was either mad , shocked, or happy.

He grabbed her hand and led her outside of the commotion. I smirked.

My plan had gone smoothly, somewhat.

I just had to wait and see if they would get together now...

I grabbed Jackys hand and we exited hot topic, then hid behind one of those fake bushes in the mall. We were in earshot distance of the bench Ronnie and Adellyn we're sitting on. Oh, this would be good.
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