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The Drug In Me Is You (Discontinued)


Alysson's P.O.V.

Tears were blurring my vision. I was sobbing silently into her chest as I laid her carefully in the backseat. I placed tissues and paper towels on her legs and wrapped the with rubber bands to stop the bleeding and add pressure to the cuts.

I started the car up immediately, hearing the engine revving to life and wiping my eyes quickly with the back of my hands. Why would she do this !? Was she stupid !?

She could have talked to me first. I felt so betrayed and hurt. I backed out of the driveway quickly after regaining control, then sped down the street. I took the shortest route I knew down the roads to the hospital.

The radio was playing some annoying upbeat song and I slammed my fist down onto the power button turning it off. I was so pissed off. How could I let this happen? I should've slept with her like I usually did. Why wasn't I more careful? I started sobbing again, and the lights from outside on the street lamp posts made it seem like I was out looking new York.

Everything blared in my vision so I wiped it away and made a right turn pulling into a parking space. I turned the car off quickly feeling tears falling down my cheeks but I didn't sob. I let out a few whimpers as I carried Adellyn up the the double glass doors of the hospital. She seemed so fragile and pale. She lost so much blood.

I let out another whimper and ran up to the front desk. “Help!” I yelled at her. Her eyes widened and she quickly ran down the hall. “D. Parkinson ! Dr. Parkinson we have an emergency patient who seeks attention immediately!” she yelled and ushered me into one of the small hospital rooms. I laid her onto the bed and in came a doctor. I held her hand tightly. “I need you to wait in the waiting room, miss. I'm afraid you can't be in here with her.” He said, his voice calm and pleading. I planted my feet on the floor indicating I wasn't going anywhere.

“She's my sister.” I said bluntly, looking him straight in the face. “I'm not going anywhere. Call the fucking SWAT team. I'm staying right here.” I gripped her hand tighter and felt fresh tears prick my eyes and slide over my cheeks. He nodded once and motioned for me to move aside.

I moved ever so slightly to the right never letting go of her hand. He took off the rubber bands, paper towels, and tissues off of her thighs and his eyes widened a bit. He pulled on plastic gloves and they made a snapping sound. I shivered a bit.

I stroked my thumb over her hand and leaned down to whisper into her ear. “It'll be okay, Lynn. I promise I'll never leave your side.” I cooed into her ear. I looked up and the doctor gave me a sad smile. He had a bottle in his right hand and a cotton ball in his left hand. He dabbed the cotton ball with what looked like rubbing alcohol and started rubbing at the cuts.

They turned pink, blood still leaking out, but at least they were clean now. I watched as the blood soaked cotton ball plopped into the trash can. I laid my head next to Lynn's and started to stroke her hair with my free hand. I hummed next to her ear softly.

It was a lullaby our mother had sang to us when we were little. I saw several nurses walk in and hook up IV's and insert liquids into those pouches on the stands that rolled. Soon the thickening silence was filled with Lynn's heartbeat. I tried to smile, knowing she was alive, but I just couldn't.

I only felt grief right now. I was devastated. She was my sister, my fucking sister. And I loved her so much. I felt more tears slide down my cheeks, more heavily this time. I didn't hold back and felt a few sobs rip though my chest before I felt the tears dripping off my chin and onto Lynn's hair. I felt some warm cloth wrap around my shoulders.

I looked up to see a nurse smiling at me, hand on the door frame as she turned to walk out. “Thanks” I whispered, but I don't think she heard me.

I heard a few rustles and looked to see Dr. Parkinson putting some scary looking tools on a metal plate. I brought up a chair close to the bed and pulled the blanket closer around me. It felt like my only comfort right now. I watched silently as he worked the stitches through her skin, closing them up.

After about half an hour he was done, and dabbed her thighs with my alcohol to clean off the stitches and keep everything non-infected. I nodded meekly at him when he put a hand on my shoulder reassuringly. “Try to keep her legs still and straight, if they start bleeding, clean them with the cotton balls and alcohol.” he pointed to the metal tray. I just nodded not saying a word to him.

“Call a nurse if you need anything else.” He said pointing to a red button before walking out. I felt a yawn escape my lips and I brought my hand over my mouth. I nuzzle my face in Lynn's hair, breathing her in and closing my eyes. Soon, I was asleep.


I had had the worst dream. After bringing Lynn to the hospital she wouldn't wake up. I was frantically trying to stop the blood gushing out of her thighs and the doctors wouldn't help. I cursed and yelled at them.

“YOU FUCKING BITCHES. Why won't you help us!?” I screamed frantically at them, crying and trembling all over. I wrapped rags around her thighs but it just wouldn't stop. I was frantic trying to apply pressure but I just stared at my blood drenched hands, screaming.

I soon collapsed on top of her, curling up in a ball and holding my torso. Then I woke up from my dear. There were tears all over my shirt, and I felt myself shaking. I stood and walked in front of Lynn gazing at her, still trembling and crying.

I didn't hold back at all and I just sobbed holding her hands. Why was this happening. I didn't understand why she would tear me apart like this. I cared about her so much. She was being selfish ! What if she had died. Who would I have. I would have been all alone. She probably didn't even care or think about me while she did it.

I grazed my thumb lightly over he stitches. They felt rough and cold, and I winced and pulled my hand back. I grabbed one of the cotton balls and dabbed it with rubbing alcohol, attempting to clean away the dried blood off of her skin and the stitches.

When I thought it was good enough I slipped out the door and shut it slowly, careful not to wake her. I grabbed my cellphone out of my pocket and dialed Jacky's number. I whimpered after every ring til he picked up. “Aly?” he said, his voice cheerful. I whimpered and let a sob escape my lips.

“ and Ronnie need to come to SoCal...right now. Please. “ I said sobbing and burying my face in my hand, crying into it.

“Aly! What's wrong sweetie what happened?” he asked, voice sounding exasperated and thick with worry. I shook my head and choked out the words in between sobs. “L-Lynn tri-ied to to to bleed to d-death.” I managed, crying even more. The line was silent for a while.

I heard whispering and then Ronnie's voice on the other line. “We're on our way, Aly. We'll take the fastest flight we can sweetie, we'll be there in no more than an hour.” he said trying to soothe me, although I could tell how worried and hurt he was by his voice. I nodded but then remembered they couldn't see me.

“Okay...” I said into the phone. Then the line went dead. I slumped against the wall and brought my arms around myself, sobbing softly again. I don't know how much I could cry but I didn't care. Tears weren't even coming out anymore. I just needed to cry.

After pacing down the hallway back and forth for about 20 minutes, I peeked into Lynn's room. I didn't know what to do. I was alone. The nurse had tried to get me to eat several times but I just didn't want to. I wasn't in the mood to eat.

After about the hundredth time I gave in and let her lead me to the small cafeteria. I hated hospital food. It was icky, cold, and healthy. I grabbed a muffin and a bag of baked lays and sat down at one o the tables, chewing my food slowly. I'd have to go home later to get clothes and come back, I thought to myself.

I finished my muffin, forcing down every bite and opened the bag of chips but threw it away after the first few. They tasted awful. They were organic or something.I gagged a bit before buying a bottle of water and checking my phone for the time.

They said they'd be here in 10 minutes...I sighed and played with my thumbs, then took a gulp of water and decided to head back to Lynn's room. I took the elevator and headed to the room, only to find it was slightly ajar. I peered in and saw Lynn sitting on the floor crying in pain. I dropped my bottle and quickly ran over to her, carrying her to the bed and sitting her up. Her eyes were red and puffy.

“You're not suppose to be moving!” I huffed at her. She was waddling here head back and forth, and then her head fell smack against the pillow as she slumped down into a laying position. That bitch had just fell asleep on me after being awake for 5 minutes !

I cleaned her stitches all over again and pulled a blanket over her when I heard footsteps down the hall and stop at our door. I heard mumbling outside and unsure voices. The door opened and in walked Jacky and Ronnie. There faces looked at me and they pulled me into a hug. I forgot I was still covered in blood.

“She just fell asleep..” I whispered softly as I sniffled into their chests. They stroked my hair and back before they pulled apart and sat in the chairs. I sat on Jacky's lap and cuddled up to him crying into his chest. I saw Ronnie holding her hand and stroking his thumb over it. I smiled sadly.

I think she felt it because she stirred a little in her sleep, then slowly her eyes fluttered open. We all chorused together and screamed her name, huddling around her. She half-smiled and I felt tears well up in my eyes. She was okay, I said over and over in my head. She was going to be fine, I repeated..

Lynn sat up with the help of Ronnie and we all just stared at her speechless. Ronnie spoke first. “Why would you do that to me...” he said softly, looking down at her with hurt and pain in his eyes. It was quiet for a good 3 minutes. I looked at my feet awkwardly and tugged on Jacky's sleeve. “We're going back to the house, to get clothes...We'll be back soon.” I said, not looking her in the eye, and then quickly slipped out with Jacky, closing the door.

We leaned our ears against the door, listening in on them talk. “Adellyn I....” Ronnie started, but I could hear tears in his voice. He was in no position to talk. He would turn into a wreck and break down right then and there. “I-” Adellyn started but was cut off by Ronnie.

“Lynn, please for me. Don't do this ever again. Have you seen how hurt everyone is? I don't know what I'd do without you. I know that it may not be the best time to say this, but I love you. I'm IN love with you, Lynn. Please, please. Never do that again.” He said his voice trailing off into a whisper.

I didn't hear much after that, just silence...then after a couple minutes I heard Ronnie speak again. “Lynn, move in with me, please. We don't have to be dating or anything. I just want to protect you. Please?” He asked.
My mouth hung open in shock. Did that really just happen?
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