Lovers Love, Liars Lie.

Even though you would pretend to be,

“I’m sorry guys”

That was bad news. Without Vito the tour wouldn’t have been the same.
But we all got it. He had family issues, and we all agreed that family is the most important thing on earth. God knows what I’d do if I knew my mother or even just my brother Trey were in trouble. Vito’s grandmother was in the hospital, and of course he had to be with her and support his family. That was obvious.
The only thing was, that Vito was one of my best friends since we started being all in this band, and he always came with us on tour to help us with the merchandise.
It would have been a sad tour without him jumping around, asking to punch him on his muscles just because he knew he was the strongest; anyway he had to stay home and care about his family, no doubt on that. We were all supportive about it, although we would have missed him.

“It’s ok man, family is important, we all know that”

“I was so looking forward to this tour”

“I know. But you wouldn’t be 100% into it, it’s better if you stay home”

“I promise I will find a way to help you with the merch”

“Trey can do it”

“No, no, please. Let me…do something. I’ll find you a substitute”

He seemed really sure about it so I didn’t reply. I saw him texting someone on his phone and then put it away in his jeans. That half-italian guy was way weirder than me myself sometimes. And I’m sure I was the weirdest guy ever, believe me.

“Guys this is my cousin Cooper”

We didn’t expect him to find someone else so fast.
Actually we didn’t expect him to find a girl who agreed to come on tour with us for the whole summer. We all looked to the miniature girl standing right next to him, in front of us. She really didn’t look like Vito: she was way more beautiful.
And I’m sure all the guys in the room thought that as well, especially John. I saw his mouth watering as soon as the girl entered the room. But how could I blame him?
This Cooper was short and skinny, and I always had a thing for short girls. She had dark, almost black, long hair, and green eyes. And she had a t-shirt on who said “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies”, thing that totally got her ten points.

“Coop, these are my friends John, Kennedy, Garrett…” she looked at us a bit annoyed and I was sure Vito begged her to take his place “…Max, Dirk, Tim…”

“Ok, Vito enough” she stopped him with a gesture “I don’t remember names anyway so it’s pointless you introduce them all when you know I won’t get them”

I looked over Jared who seemed impressed by this girl’s attitude. I was as well, actually. We all were. It was hard to believe, but she was frightening me. I never thought such a mini girl could have a strong attitude like her. And I knew how I would have reacted to that behavior: being as awkward as ever, more than usual.

“Vito you didn’t tell us you had such a hot cousin”

“John, keep your dirty hands off”

“I was just saying”

“Don’t you ever think to get close to her in that way. She is my replacement for this tour. Think it’s me with boobs and without hairy chest”

“Ew, that’s gross”

I laughed under my new moustaches that everyone begged me to cut off. John was always that kind of guy who talked about girls every night and day and then he didn’t ever get laid. At least I didn’t even try so hard. He claims he always wants a girl but then he becomes shy and he doesn’t get anyone. Like that time we got him a stripper for his birthday: he had a chance and he blew it. Vito knew that, but still he cleared the air by saying that if he –or anyone of us- tried to have sex with his cousin, he would have cut our balls off as soon as we would have come back home.
Believe me, after that threat no one would have never touched her, John included.

“Cooper, listen to me: if anyone of them tries to touch you, call me and I’ll be there kicking their asses, is that clear?”

“Vito I’m not a child anymore, you don’t need to look after me”

“You’re still my little cousin!”

“I’m 19!”

“Well, look at you! You’re so mini that I’m afraid of hugging you too tight sometimes! You could broke into my arms, into millions pieces! And how would I tell it to uncle Jason?! He would kill me!”

We all laughed, but I was sure Cooper didn’t approve that by the way she looked at us. Just an evil look and we all stopped even breathing for a second.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry!”

“But promise me you will text me everyday!”

“Oh my God who are you my mother?”

“Vito she’ll be fine. I’ll look after her” Jared said, interrupting the whole scene. Our merch guy looked at him knowing he could have trusted him. Jared had a girlfriend back home since we could all remember; he would have never touched a single hair of another girl. He was too in love with his Tessa. Every now and then, when I thought of them together, I thought of me and my Rachel, but then pain had the best and I always stopped thinking. That hurt too much, even if more than two years passed.

“Wow, he finally stopped talking. I don’t know what you did ginger but I think we’re going to be good friends, thanks”

John looked at Jared in disbelief “how did you do that!? I want to be friends with her too!” Vito looked at him and was about to start talking again “I was kidding man”

“You better be”

In that entire weird situation I looked over, seeing the girl with crossed arms looking at his cousin both annoyed and smiling.
She was weird, just like me.
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New story, like I told you.
This time it's Garrett's turn! I don't know if the plot is original or not but I had this idea in my mind and I wanted to try and write it. I know what's going to happen, I have my mind clear about this story. You will be shocked.
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