Lovers Love, Liars Lie.

You were never with me.

“We’re leaving in an hour and she’s still not here”

“Aaron come on, she’s a girl”

“What is that supposed to mean!?”

“Well, she has a lot of stuff to bring with her I guess… make up… bras…”

Aaron was furious at Cooper. We were about to leave for tour and she wasn’t on time. We were already late because John didn’t wake up early, and now we were waiting for her. I was trying to calm everyone down, because I remember how long did Rachel take to choose what to wear just for a simple afternoon at the mall together. They were girls, and girls are always so into clothes and make up.
That what makes them amazing, from my point of view.

A car stopped in front of us, it was a 1987 Station Wagon, those old cars with wood on the sides. We all stopped, waiting for someone to get off of it. And it finally happened: Cooper came out, dressed with just a simple tank top and a pair of shorts. Her hair was wavy and she was also wearing a hat. I loved that kind of indie style in girls, especially if the girl was cute. Cooper was beyond that.
But she was Vito’s cousin, so no touching was allowed. I had to remember that.
Not that I was that kind of guy who tried it hard to get in some girl’s pants. I was pretty awkward and shy around them, especially if they were fans of my band.
Actually I kinda even avoided them.

“Oh, here you are, Princess!” Aaron yelled “it’s been ages since we were waiting for your butt to join us”

She looked at him with an angry look “I’m a freaking lady you moron, I suggest you to stop talking to me like that, thanks”

“I won’t until you show some respect for people who work their asses off for this tour”

“No one forced you to join this crew” well she had a point after all “and no one forced me. Vito asked and I accepted, so be thankful that there is someone who wants to work with you, ungrateful asshole!”

Everyone stayed quiet. That girl totally had a pair, more than everyone else on that bus. And she was a lady. I was a guy, and believe me, I would have never had the balls to tell people something like that. But she was right, totally.
She gave my good buddy Gary her bags and she got on the tour bus. We all took a couple of seconds before going on the bus as well. She left us petrified.

“She totally has an attitude”

“Or maybe she’s got serious issues”

“I don’t care” John interrupted us “as long as she’s hot, I don’t care if she’s got issues or even syphilis”

“Ew, John, that’s gross!”

“I was just saying”

She approached us, and we all stopped talking. Great move, from a bunch of assholes who clearly lacked experience with girls. Especially with girls like her.
She could have eaten us alive if she had a big mouth and if she was a cannibal, thing that I wasn’t sure she wasn’t, from what I’ve been seeing.

“I guess you were talking about me”

“Well you are a bit full of yourself aren’t you?”

“I think you shouldn’t talk about people who are in the same room as you, they could hear you”

John looked at me, like he needed help for what to say.

“You know, sometimes I would like to hear a sincere apology from a guy…can you just… apologize? Is it that so hard for you guys?”

I sneaked into the discussion to help John save the least.

“He’s… he’s sorry Cooper. He didn’t mean that. We didn’t mean to be rude”

She looked at me, sincerely surprised. I thought she almost smiled at me, but then she just giggled and walked away to sit next to Gary, who was driving.

“Thanks man”

“You’re such an asshole, you will never get laid”

“Stop saying that!”

I laughed and got up to my bunk bed. I took a comic out from my bag, and I started reading it. I loved comic books and everything that had to do with zombies: people also thought I was obsessed. Yes I was, but not as much as I was obsessed with Ryan Adams. That man was such a genius. His music was my favorite ever.
If I could have chosen a virtue that my ideal girl should have had, it would have been a great music taste. I never found a lady who was into the music I was into.
Rachel was perfect but she totally lacked good music taste, and that sometimes was a problem. Music was my life: everything else and even everyone else was useful, but music was the only thing that mattered. I couldn’t imagine my life without music, and without my band. I was lucky, and I was quite aware of that.

“I’m hungry!”

“John it’s been two hours we left, can’t you just wait?”

“I’m starving, come on!”

“We’re in the desert, we can’t stop in the middle of nowhere!”

“Well find a fucking McDonald, this country is full of McDonalds!”

John was such a kid when he wanted. Pat looked on the Internet the closest McDonald to where we were (and don’t ask me where we were because I really didn’t know) and explained it to Gary. After about an hour there it was: that clown looking at us with his creepy grin, welcoming his to his fatty fast food.
John ran into it and ordered basically everything.
Before going down the bus and following everyone, I noticed that Cooper didn’t come down.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“I’m vegetarian”

“I see. We’ll be back soon” before leaving her alone she called me back. I didn’t even think she remembered my name.


“Yes, Cooper?”

“Thanks for apologizing. You seem a good guy”

“Do I?”

“Don’t ask twice, I’m not going to feed your ego by repeating it”

I smiled “Got it. Anyway, you’re welcome”

“Am I?”

“Don’t ask twice”

She smiled back. And all I felt was a shiver all down my spine.
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