Basic Anatomical Parts

“Fuck,” I cursed under my breath. I stooped wearily, reaching out with heavily ring-clad fingers, but quicker hands than mine darted out before me. I looked up at the man, blond hair and blue eyes, handing over my renegade belongings. His eyes flitted over my face. “Thanks,” I muttered.

He smiled, big blues and pearly whites. “Not a problem.”

I’ll claim now that it was the accent combined so unexpectedly with those fair, innocent features--high cheek bones and fluid movements--that caught me off guard and resulted in that which was soon to come, but it was really something so simply beyond either of our control it seems petty and ridiculous to even attempt to hold accountable: basic anatomical parts.


College student Jacey Kobolds has been relocated to New York City by a family set on intervention. It seems wild nights and illegal substances just don't jive with their societal image.

Upon relocation, Jacey continues her life of questionable intent and makes every effort to distance herself from her family.

It's not until she stumbles into an unlikely friendship with Clockwork Advocate bassist Oliver Trimble that changes come about - along with the reappearance of an old 'friend' and an ugly past.

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