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Welcome to My Reality Show

Either Way, You're Not Getting Lucky

"So what made you two decide that you wanted to do a reality show?" a reporter asked Alex and I as we sat down in our living room to start our third week of shooting.

I sighed heavily, and ran my fingers threw my brown hair. I looked at Alex and he just smiled sheepishly at me.

"Well, this moron here signed us up. We were approached by E! to do a show about our lives. He chose to go ahead and agree before letting me know that we were going to have camera's following us around all of the time."

"She freaked out when I told her," Alex chuckled, rubbing his thumb across my hand a few times. "But I think that she's used to them by now."

I rolled my eyes and stared at him.

"No one will ever get used to that, dipshit."

Alex chuckled before kissing me sweetly on the cheek.

"You know that you can't stay mad at me for forever."

"Lucky for you..." I trailed off, but didn't stop the smile from coming to my face. "I just love you too much,"

"I know," He chuckled. "But I honestly thought that it would be interesting. I can connect with my fans through my blog, twitter, myspace, and the band's website, but this is really personal. It will show them see the really weird shit I do off stage."

"Trust me, he's strange," I stated. "I've been here for almost a year, and he has somehow managed to catch our house on fire, get the cops called on us...five times, and he even managed to break his wrist. But he still played a show the next day." I rolled my eyes.

"What can I say? I'm a fire cracker."

"Fair enough," The producer laughed before telling the camera man to turn off his camera. "You know the drill, go about your normal activites."

I sighed again before standing up and releasing myself from Alex's hand. I walked toward the kitchen where more camera's were set up. This is fucking ridiculous if you ask me...but it was Alex who agreed to it. I was just a fashion designer in the making. It's hard to be not only a rock star's wife, but also a student in college is hard too. Not the mention when girls freaked out after finding out my new last name was Gaskarth. Most assume that I'm his little sister, which I can totally understand considering our age difference, but we look nothing a like. I just let them assume that we are.

"Babyyyy." Alex whinned.

"Whattttttt?" I whinned back, fixing myself a bowel of cereal.

"Fix me something to eat?" He asked, walking into the kitchen area.

"Nope," I replied before fishing out the milk and pouring it into my dry bowel.

"Why not?" He pouted.

I raised my eyebrows at him before he sighed heavily and started making himself a bowel too.

"Thank you for not pouting." I replied in a baby voice.

"Ha ha."

"Awe, don't be that way, Lexi. I'm sworry," I pouted back, and he shook his head, smiling.

"We have an appointment at three today,"

"With?" I questioned before taking a bite of my food, still fully aware of the camera's pushed up in our faces.

"Wedding planner." He replied.

I rolled my eyes again.

"Alexander, we don't need a wedding planner. We're already married, and I told you that I would be fine without a huge wedding."

"But I wanna give you a big ass wedding that you've always dreampt about!" He argued with me.

"No, you want a big ass honeymooon so you can get laid every day, and not have to worry about doing a concert and what-not."

His cheeky smile turned into a full-blown smirk.

"Damn straight."

"Either way, you're not getting lucky."

"I do believe I will," He sang before standing up and putting his bowel in the sink for me to wash.

"Whatever tickles your pickle."

"I want you to tickle my pickle."

I flushed slightly before elbowing him.

"Stop that!" I laughed. "Go sit down and watch tv or something."

"I like that or something idea better," He purred into my ear, wrapping both arms around me.

Yeah, he's not camera shy. I'm pretty sure that they've caught us about to have sex like ten times already.

I quickly unwound his arms from around me, and he pouted, but walked off to the living room.

"I married a pig." I playfully stated at the camera before finishing the dishes. When I was done, I walked into the living room and sat down on his lap. "What time is that meeting?"


"Well, how about we just go shopping and such before? Then we can go to the meeting where you can 'give me the wedding of my dreams',"

"Do you have to sound so boring when you say that?"

"Yes, yes I do."

He rolled his eyes and kissed me again.

"Fine. Go get ready, and I'll wait right here."

"Okay, but I'm wearing your beanie."

"Mmkay," he replied, barely paying attention to my statement.

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