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The Seven

"Today we have two stars from the up-coming reality show, Meet The Gaskarth's. They're wild, they're sexy, and they’re not even 20 yet. It's Mackenzie Gaskarth and Mickie Greene!" Kevin Manno, host from the show The Seven, said.
Mickie and I smiled as we walked down the stairs and on stage where two stools were sitting down and waiting for us.
"Hello beautiful ladies."
"Hey," We laughed and answered.
"I heard for a little birdie that you guys are not from around here.."
"That's sort of true." Mickie laughed. "My family is from Greece,"
"And my dad is from Spain while my mom is from Italy."
"Wow so you can both speak different languages?"
"Yeah, I can only speak three. So don't feel too bad." I laughed. "Mickie's much more experienced with the whole different languages thing."
"My Grandparents are very traditional, so they believed in teaching me to read and write in Greek from the moment I could started speaking. My first word was mom in Greek."
"That's awesome." He laughed. "This reality show features you guys and the rest of All Time Low correct?"
"Um.. yeah." I laughed. "Obviously Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday is in the show a lot, and Holly Madison was in the show for a few episodes."
"Holly Madison is dating Jack Barakat, correct?"
I looked at him nervously.
"Actually...they just broke up."
"Oh. That's sad to hear." He stated. "Tell us more about the show. Obviously it revolves around the home life of All Time Low, but what can we expect?"
"Well the show is called Meet The Gaskarth's. Alex and I got married a little over a year ago. Six months ago he came home one day from a business meeting and was like 'Baby! we're doing a reality show'!"
"What was your reaction."
"I freaked out. I'm a very private person, but Alex is it's been tough. The show itself is really interesting to watch. The guys get pretty crazy sometimes. Most of their fans know that, but this show really gives you a glimpse at the more romantic and calm Alex as well as the stupid stuff he does."
"What's one thing that's different about your relationship?"
"Ummm...." I trailed off, looking at Mickie and laughing. "Well when we get in arguments, I get pissed and yell at him in different languages. He likes to say that I'm talking in gibberish because he can't understand me. It's really interesting."
"What's the funniest thing that's happened so far in the show?"
Mickie laughed.
"Probably when Mac, Cassadee and myself went clubbing. It was really funny the next morning. Alex wasn't all that thrilled though."
"Is he protective over you?"
"In a lot of ways, yes." I agreed. "But like at the end of the day, I'm the same for him. We just work well together."
"Any little embarrassing things that we don't know about Alex?"
"He cannot cook. He tired making this really awesome and romantic dinner for us before he left for a business trip and he almost burnt down our house. The fire station was called and everything."
"So no more cooking for Mr. Gaskarth?"
"I'm going to go with no. He should stick to singing. He didn't go to college."
"What about you Mickie? How did you get sucked into this whole reality show?"
"Obviously over this whole year and a half that Alex and Mac have been married, I've gotten uber close with the guys too. We're all like one big family. When they first got married, Jack and I stayed like the whole summer with them before I had to fly back to Vegas."
"Speaking of Vegas, is it true that you're natives?"
"Very much so." I nodded my head. "It was definitely...interesting growing up. Baltimore has nothing on Vegas obviously."
"How do you keep busy when Alex is away?"
"I take random trips to New York for interviews." I lightly joked.
"Nah...we sit around in our pjs baking cookies." Mickie stated.
"Mickie's taken upon herself to move in when Alex is away. It really makes the time go by faster when someone is with you,"
"Alright! That's all we have time for today. Watch the premier of Meet The Gaskarth's on E! this Wednesday at 8/7 central! Mackenzie Gaskarth and Mickie Greene everyone!" He stated. "We'll be right back on The Seven,"
"Andddd we're clear," The director yelled.
Mickie and I handed our microphones back to the assistant.
"Great meeting you both."
"Thanks." We smiled and hugged him quickly before we were ushered off, back toward the car we had waiting.
"Now we have two more interviews to go. We have to stay here tonight and you two are on The View tomorrow morning."
"Lovely," I rolled my eyes playfully. "Which hotel are we staying at?"
"The Plaza," Larry replied.
The Plaza?! Excuse me while I freak out.
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The interview! I love how this turned out! <3

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