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Welcome to My Reality Show

Marky and The View

The loud ringtone. I Feel Like Dancin' was playing from my iPhone.
I groaned and rolled over in the fluffy bed I was currently sleeping in. No offense to Alex of anything...but I really DID NOT want to be woken up this way.
"Hello?" I mutter, my voice hoarse from sleep.
"Morning baby." He chuckled. "How are you?"
I groaned and looked at the alarm clock between mine and Mickie's beds. It was just 7:15 here.
"Alex, baby. Why are you calling me at 3:30 in the morning over there?"
"I wanted to make sure that you were getting up and I wanted to talk to you before you went onto The View."
I huffed.
"Thanks baby." I mumbled and looked up to see Larry already up with the camera on my face. I rolled my eyes lightly. I hate cameras in the morning. "What are you and the guys up too?"
"Well Ri's on the phone with Cass and Jack and Zack are drunk as hell."
"That...oddly doesn't surprise me." I smiled. "But you calling me does. Why aren't you partying it up with the other two?"
"Well my wife ever-so-nicely pointed out that my drinking was starting to get out of control so I decided to sit this one out. Then I saw the time, and decided to call you."
"Awe." I cooed, sitting up from my laying position. "That means a lot to me, Lex."
"I'm glad, babe." He replied. "You should probably get up. What time is the interview?"
"We have to be there a quarter till eleven." I yawned. "I'm taking about taking a walk to Starbucks before that in your clothes and favorite beanie."
"I left my beanie?! Shit! I knew something was off."
I giggled.
"I took it. Hope you don't mind."
"It's fineeee." He sighed.
"You're not happy about leaving the grey one, aren't you?"
"Not. At. All."
"At least you have the black one?" I questioned. "But Starbucks is calling my name. I'll talk to you later, baby."
"Okay..." He sighed. "I love you, Rosanna."
"I love you... Alejandro,"
I heard a vocal shutter come from Alex.
"Have I mentioned how much I really freaking love when you call me Alejandro?"
"Once or twice." I smirked, even if he couldn't see me. "I have to go, Love."
"Alrighty. I love you baby. See you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow." I laughed and hung up.
I sat my iPhone on the bed before swinging my feet off and onto the cold surface. I made a face and walked to Mickie's bed, shaking her awake.
"Too late, I'm up. Starbucks. Now." She stated.
I rolled my eyes before putting on my glasses.
"Hang on. I have to pee first."
"Hurry!" Mickie groaned before standing up and slipping on her old Uggs over the JAGK sweats she was wearing. She pulled her messy blonde hair into a pony tail and slipped on matching glasses. "It's probably cold out there, Mac. Be sure to add a hoodie."
"I'll be fine." I rolled my eyes before walking into the bathroom to pee. After washing my hands when I was done, I quickly brushed my teeth and pulled Alex's grey beanie over my wavy, black hair. I walked out and Mickie was glued to her phone already. I rolled my eyes one more time and swiped up my own iPhone, noticing how the cover matched Alex's shirt I was wearing. I laughed at myself.
" Ready now?" Mickie asked me.
I simply nodded and the three of us, Larry, Mickie and myself made our way out of the hotel room and into the lobby.
"Starbucks is right down the street from Marky's right?"
"Right." Mickie nodded.
"We should swing by."
"Or tell him to meet up with us at Starbucks." She suggested. "I'll just tweet him."
"Why not text?"
"I dunno." She shrugged.
"You're obsessed with Twitter."
"You aren't any better." She replied playfully, sticking out her tongue at me.
"Sure...whatever." I rolled my eyes as we hit the fresh, New York air. I shivered a little bit. But it wasn't too bad. It felt like Maryland a little bit.
"Come onnnnn." Mickie stated, grabbing my hand and dragging me toward the coffee franchise. I followed quickly, wanting to get to my coffee just as quickly as she did.
"We're hereeeeee!" I sang.
"Yes, yes we are!" She laughed, pulling out her phone and, more than likely, tweeting Marky.
I giggled at the blonde and drug out my own.

CallMeMacG: Nothing like getting a wakeup call from @AlexAllTimeLow and then Starbucks with @MickieGreene.

MickieGreene: Just down the block from @glamourkills. Come hang, Marky? :)

I looked at her and she tried her best to look innocent.
"Don't even." I laughed.

AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG It is even nearly 4 in the morning! I'm such a lovely husband ;) <3

CallMeMacG: @AlexAllTimeLow you sir, have an ego the size of a football field ;) <3

"Stop tweeting your hubby and pay attention." Mickie said playfully. We were next in line and apparently she already ordered.
"Venti iced vanilla coffee." I stated.
The lady nodded and gave me the total, which I gladly paid for before moving on. The girl behind the counter looked at us oddly.
"Is that a pair of JAGK sweats?"
Mickie laughed.
"Sure are."
"We're kind of obsessed with Marky's line." I shrugged.
"That they are."
I knew it was Marky without having to turn around.
"See! Told you that he would come, Mac!" Mickie stated, hugging the breaded man. I smiled and hugged him after she was out of his embrace.
"But it's mostly the JAGK line they love." He rolled his eyes and ordered a coffee from the girl. They weren't busy at all. I guess most New Yorkers rise earlier to in order to get to work.
"What can I say, I have favorites." I giggled. "Mickie is worse than I am..."
" know Marky?" The girl asked, looked between the two of us. "You guys look so familiar."
"I'm Mackenzie Gaskarth. Nice to meet you," I smiled at her, offering my hand.
The girl's got wide and shook back.
"Oh my gosh! I watched you guys last night on The Seven! No wonder why! You looked amazing! Even now you do!" She gushed. "This is really random, but could you sign something? Like a napkin?"
I felt myself blush.
"Y-you're asking me for an autograph?"
"Why not?" She asked, looking slightly confused.
"She's just weird." Mickie rolled her eyes.
"Here's a napkin and sharpie." She stated, handing over both objects. I giggled and signed Mac Gaskarth before passing it to Mickie and Marky. After signing, Marky handed it back to her. "Thanks!"
"No problem." I laughed before being called because my coffee was up. Once we all got our drinks, we sat down at the table. "That was fun!"
"Wow..." Marky laughed. "So what are you two going in my city?"
"Promoting my reality show." I replied.
"That would explain the camera man," He laughed. "Alex's idea?"
"Hell yes. That man in freaking insane...I swear."
"A little birdie told me that he was forcing a fairy tale wedding?" He smirked.
"Don't remind me! Alex not only picked the theme...but the color of my bridesmaid’s dresses and the flowers. He picked the venue and the cake. Basically everything except for my wedding dress."
"But you're already married?"
"It was a courthouse thing. He wants the big wedding to remember for the rest of my life." I sighed. "It's slightly stressful, but if it makes him happy...."
"It makes you happy?"
"Exactly." I smiled, feeling the butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
I was so in love with Alexander William Gaskarth that it wasn't even funny.


"Next we have Mackenzie Gaskarth and Mickie Greene!" Elizabeth announced.
I was slightly shaking in my high heels. I was supper nervous. We were about to be interviewed by the ladies of The View. How insane is that?!?! Pretty fucking insane if you ask me.
Mickie led the way as Lost In Stereo started to play for our intro music. It calmed me a little bit hearing Alex's voice, but I was still nervous as hell.
"Hey," We smiled, exchanging hellos before the two of us were put smack dab in the middle.
"Hey. You two look amazing."
I smiled.
"Who are you wearing?" Elizabeth questioned.
"Ellie Saab?" I laughed, new to the famous designers.
"I'm wearing Elsie Ryan." Mickie laughed, slightly nervous.
"I love these dresses. We here at The View enjoy fashion and this dress is killer." Sherri stated to Mickie. "I love the black accents."
"Me too. This dress is very....uncharacteristic for me. I'm usually a color person."
"And I'm usually one for blacks, whites, and grays. So this Salmon color is odd. But I loved the dress, and was like 'this is the freaking dress!"
Whoopie laughed.
"So you two are just 19, right?"
"That's correct." I laughed.
"You're in the new show called Meet The Gaskarth's. It's a reality show about your lives living with and near the famous punk/pop band, All Time Low, right?"
Mickie nodded.
"Yeah. . . the rest of the band and myself are more like co-stars. The real like 'stars' of the show are definitely Mackenzie and Alex."
"Alex is the lead singer right?" Barbra asked.
I smiled and nodded.
"Yeah. Um.. it's centered in our home life, and what we do behind closed doors. Alex is just like how he is in interviews as well on stage. It's just... you get to see him as a whole other person to. Like, when we're together, it's crazy. He's a loud person, and I'm very sarcastic by nature. So it shows off our dynamic."
"And you're the Mrs., right?"
"Yeah," I nodded and laughed.
"You're really young for being married." Sherri commented. "How do you know that you're with who you're supposed to be with?"
"Honestly? I call it God's magic. Some might call it fate or how we're soul mates...but we were like pushed together accidentally. It happened really fast. One minute we were meeting and then we were married. It was a Khloe and Lamar type of thing. But for worked? We bicker like we've been married for like forty years down to when we're wearing each other's clothes."
"How does that happen?" Whoopi asked with an amused look on her face.
"Alex likes to still my skinny jeans and I tend to wear his shirts and beanies. I've been stolen some of his scarves and pants. It's just...we work well that way."
"Is it weird that your husband steals your jeans?" Joy finally asked.
"Um...not exactly. He wears girl's skinny jeans anyway, so it's not that weird for me personally. My dad thinks it’s different."
"Does your dad approve?"
Mickie laughed.
"That's how you guys met, right?" She asked me, clearly covering up our arranged marriage.
"Yeah. My dad and Peter Gaskarth are business partners and set us up."
"You both have quiet an age difference. He's 23 and you're 19, correct?"
"Correct," I nodded.
"He actually turned 23 three months ago," Mickie pointed out.
"Wow...." Elizabeth trailed off. "So this show is going to be interesting?"
"I definitely think so." Mickie laughed. "We're like the Kardashians on heroin."
"Is it that crazy?" Whoopi asked, laughing.
"Pretty much," I laughed. "Jack, the guitarist, loves to like run around naked when he's hammered...which is kind of a lot."
"So...kind of like Jersey Shore too?"
"I guess?" I laughed. "I am Italian, so you'll definitely hear me speaking that or Spanish to Alex, Mickie and my parents."
"Does Alex know the languages?"
"He knows how to say eff me in Spanish." I laughed. "They're kind of perverted."
"I totally taught Jack how to say kiss in Italian. He's not too good at it," Mickie laughed. "Most of the time, they'll call it gibberish and make fun of us by actually talking in gibberish."
"They have the weirdest inside jokes ever. And Zack...oh lord. The kid barely talks, but when he's hammered, it's like talking to a Chatty Kathy doll. He just doesn't shut up."
"It's entertaining. That's a promise." Mickie added.
They ladies were looking at us and laughing.
"It seems that you've brought a clip with you guys, is that correct?"
I nodded.
"Yeah. I think that this is the one where Alex and I are like randomly dancing backstage when Jack's attempting to sing." I replied, hoping I got it right.
Then they showed the clip, thankfully, I was right.
" two seem like quite the pair." Joy stated.
Mickie laughed.
"And then some. It's a great show. Lots of laughs, drinking... and the F word."
"The F word. Is that word bleeped out?"
"Nearly twenty times." I laughed. "I'm pretty positive it's the band's favorite word of all time."
"Well we are certainly looking forward to the show," Barbra stated.
"Don't forget to catch the season premier of Meet The Gaskarth's on E! This Wednesday. Thanks to Sandra Bullock, Mackenzie Gaskarth and Mickie Greene. Also thanks to our musical guest; Kings Of Leon. Have a great day and don't forget to enjoy The View!" Whoopi signed off.
We both stood up and hugged all of them before leaving.
That was the most nerve-racking interview I've done.
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