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Welcome to My Reality Show

Mrs not Miss

"Home!" I sighed in happiness the second I sunk into my couch. Mickie plopped down beside of me with a smile on her face. "That was so much fun, but I totally missed Baltimore."
"Me too." Mickie nodded in agreement. "When do the guys get home?"
"Soon." I laughed. "Like, in half an hour....why?"
"I really want to talk to Jack."
"Well, we sort of have this whole relationship thingy to talk about. Before they left, we talked about our feelings and we both still have them. It's evident that we want to get back together, but we just don't know if now is a good time or not. He just dropped things with Holly, and going right back to me might actually cause a few problems. Plus they're going on tour. We don't know if it's in our cards right now."
"Mick......" I trailed off, hugging my best friend. "You guys will figure this out. I promise. It's going to work out for the better. least give it some time, right?"
"Of course I am," She sighed. "I'm not stupid, Mac. I really care about him,"
I smiled and she just shook her head. I un-wrapped my arms from my best friend just in time for Sebastian to jump up in my lap. I petted the adorable little dog, and kissed his head softly.
"What time is it?"
"It's almost nine."
"Shit!" I hissed, handing Sebastian to Mickie. "I have classes that start at nine!"
"You've gotta be kidding...." She groaned.
"No!" I stated, standing up and stumbling in my heels over to the bedroom. I haven't changed from my dress an heels from yesterday morning. Mickie and I didn't get a chance to change before we came back home, explaining why we spent most of the night on the train. The best I could, I changed out of the expensive dress and shoes. I searched our closet for some clothes. I found a simple pair of colored skinny jeans, a GK shirt and sweatshirt plus a pair of Vans. After stumbling a little bit, I was able to get dressed and into the bathroom. I took one look at my hair and sprayed it overall quickly before I ran back out. Mickie was basically passed out on our couch. I rolled my eyes before grabbing my keys and jumping into my car. The drive was short, which I was thankful for.
However, I got pulled over.
After a quick talking to, the officer left me off with a warning, and then I ran the rest of the way to the college.
"Mackenzie're late." My teacher, Mrs. Donalds, scolded me the second I ran into the room. Judging from the clock on the wall, I was nearly half an hour late.
There, of course were whispers about Alex's little sister being late.
I wanted to roll my eyes and tell them that I was his wife, not his sister.
"I'm sorry, Mrs. Donald’s," I apologized, slightly out of breath.
Everyone in the room turned around toward me.
"Why are you...thirty minutes late to my class?"
"The train rain late." I replied quickly. When she gave me a confused look, and took another deep breath. "At Grand Central Station. I was in New York for the past two days."
"Why?" She asked, crossing her arms and then she spotted Larry. "And why do you have a big man with a camera and microphone following you?"
Ooh yeah... Mrs. Donalds doesn't exactly know about the show. No one in this school really does, except for those few girls in my other class. This was the first time bringing Larry with me.
"That's Larry," I huffed. "He's one of the show's camera men."
"Show? Mackenzie, I'm not following you." She looked clearly confused. She probably thought that I was lying to her.
I huffed.
"I have my own reality show, Mrs. Donalds." I finally explained. "I was in New York for the past two days promoting it. I got home less than ten minutes ago. I had to shrug myself out of this stupid, expensive dress and heels, change into these, make sure my best friend was okay at my house, and get in the car. I got pulled over halfway here, and I left my sketch book laying in my work room. Then my stupid h-."
A knock interrupted my sentence.
I huffed and looked at Larry, He just shrugged.
"Enter." Mrs. Donald’s called.
Everyone turned around and in waltzed the Devil himself clad in skinny jeans, black beanie, GK thank top, and a jean jacket.
I sighed in relief as I saw my sketchbook in his hand.
"Thank you, God," I whispered.
Alex's lips pulled into a smirk.
"And you are?" Mrs. Donalds asked.
"Alexander Gaskarth." He's smirk grew as he remembered some All Time Low fans were in this class.
"Mr. Gaskarth...I haven't seen your trouble making face since high school. What brings you to my new classroom?" She asked, a smirk playing on her own lips.
"Mac left this."
I reached of the sketch book, happy that he brought it for me.
"What were you saying Mackenzie before you were interrupted?"
"I was saying then my stupid husband decided that we should do a reality show, which I've been prepping for while he's been off working on something else." I stated, eyeing Alex. "And he just got back from LA."
He just chuckled.
"Okay. This is a warning. You've had quiet the morning." She shook her head, clearly amused.
"This isn't exactly how I imagined coming home." Alex smiled down at me. "I'll see you later when you get done, okay?"
I nodded and smiled up at my husband.
"See you later. I love you,"
"I love you." He chuckled. "Baci."
I rolled my eyes.
"Of course that's the word you remember,"
"Well," Alex shrugged..
I shook my head but motioned him to bend down before I hugged him around the neck instead.
There was an audible grunt of protest from him.
"Non spingerlo." I warned.
"Okay, okay. I've heard that enough in all three languages." He laughed. "I'll see you later." He smiled before hugging me tightly before he turned around and started walking toward the door. He turned back around. "Bye, Larry."
Larry laughed but waved anyway.
My cheeks were flushed with the amount of attention put on me the second I entered.
"I have my sketchbook." I announced, slightly embarrassed before I walked over to my table and sat down.
"You will have one interesting show, Miss. Gaskarth."
"Mrs. Gaskarth," I corrected.
She looked at me.
"Mackenzie Gaskarth...age 19"
I felt my cheeks heat up.
"Yes... that's my husband." I muttered.
Realization washed not over her face, but other's as well.
"O-oh." She nodded, looking a little shaken.
"Mrs. Donalds?" I questioned.
She just smiled.
"Get to work on your sketches." She replied before turning around and walking into her back room.
I furrowed my brows at her. That was the weirdest encounter I've ever had with one of my teachers.
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