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Welcome to My Reality Show

Weirder and Weirder.

"Mackenzie....are you okay?"
My head snapped in the direction of the voice.
A nice boy named Dalton was smiling over at me.
"I asked if you were okay?"
"Ohh... I'm fine."
"Then why are you still setting here? We were dismissed five minutes ago."
I must have zoned out.
"Yeah. Were you over thinking?"
"I guess I was..." I trailed off before grabbing my things, and standing up. We were the only two sitting in the classroom. I walked out of the classroom and then the building with Dalton by my side.
"That was one insane story that you had this morning."
"Yeah..." I sighed. "I don't think that I could make that one up if I tried..."
"You really have a reality show?"
I nodded.
"Larry doesn't follow me for nothing." I joked, turning toward the camera man. He rolled his eyes, but smiled none-the-less. "But my husband is a lot to blame for that."
"I hear he's pretty...wild."
"Definitely can be." I laughed. "I'll see you later, okay?"
"For sure. By, Mackenzie."
"Bye, Dalton." I replied before getting into my car. Larry followed, sitting in my passenger seat. I practically sped back home, just to see Alex. I missed him like hell when he was away. It wasn't easy to be apart for too long.
"Don't get another ticket." Larry playfully warned.
I rolled my eyes at the camera man before I safely pulled into our drive way. As quickly as possible, Larry and I got out. I locked the car and ran up the steps. I slipped open the door and we both walked in. Everyone was sitting on the couch, watching some mind-less TV.
"Alexander!" I yelled.
He turned toward me and smiled.
"Hey baby,"
"Get your ass over here." I smirked playfully.
Alex laughed before standing up. Before he even got all the way over to me, I reached for his head, bringing his lips crashing down on mine. After a few more seconds, I pulled away due to the lack of breath. He smiled down at me.
"I love you,"
"I love you more," I whispered, slightly embarrassed with my PDA already. "Tu sei il mio cuore. Il mio mondo."
"What does that mean?" He chuckled, leaving his forehead pressed against mine.
"She said 'You're my heart. My world'. Quite cheesy if you ask me." Mickie explained from the couch.
My blushed deepened.
"I just missed you sooo much. I love you Alex."
"This is why you should definitely come with me next time. I miss you too much."
"Please, you just miss the sex." Jack joked.
Alex chuckled, but he didn't deny it.
"When has that ever been a bad thing?" He questioned.
"Good point." Jack laughed.
I smiled, stepping away and pulling his hand so that he followed me. I tugged him until we reached the bedroom.
"Now?" Alex asked, his eyebrows raised.
I nodded my head, my cheeks getting even redder.
"Now." I confirmed. "Come on Alex." I urged, pushing him into the bedroom. I locked the bedroom door behind me. I didn't have time to turn around before I was being pushed up against the door. His hands trailed up with my own as his lips moved against mine with a rhythm that I couldn't explain. My grip tightened on Alex's hands as the seconds passed, the passion burning like a wildfire in the pit of my stomach. His lips detached from mine and lined my neck with rough kisses. I laid my head back against the door.
"You'd think we haven't had sex in over six months." He joked, his lips still moving up and down my neck. Once he found my sweet spot, he kept his lips there. I let out a very whore-like moan. Alex didn't seem to mind.
"Alex... bed." I breathed. It wasn't easy to talk.
"Mmmhmm." He hummed against my skin before moving his hands from mine and sweeping me up. My legs wrapped around his waist, making it easier for him to move with us. We hit the bed with a slightly thug. Breathing increased, as did the need for him. I needed Alex like I needed air to breathe. He's addictive.
"No me jodas," I replied.
Alex's eyes showed a lustful gleam.
"Gladly." He replied.

Afterwards....we laid there and cuddled up together. Alex's hand weaved its way through my hair, and I had my head placed in the crook of his neck.
"I love you," I whispered, placing a soft kiss on his neck.
"I love you too." He chuckled. "That was intense."
My cheeks automatically heated up.
"I don't wanna talk about it."
He chuckled, the sound comforted me.
"You're too cute." He replied. "How long has it been since we've actually been able to cuddle afterwards?"
"Without going at a round two? Not in a really long time."
"I miss it."
"Me too." I smiled, keeping my eyes closed. "Mickie and I get to go meet the dress makers tomorrow."
I could feel him smiling.
"Really!" I mocked back before pulling myself up and looking over at him. "What color do you want?"
"Hm...I want...I want whatever color you do."
"I would love a red and black theme."
"Hmmm." He nodded. "What about Princess?"
"What about it?"
"You're bridesmaids should dress like princesses."
" keep getting weirder and weirder with this wedding." I joked.
"Oh, Alex. I'm joking. Gees." I laughed. "I think it's uber cute."
"You're uber cute." He replied before pressing our lips together softly. "I wish we had more time."
"I knowww." I sighed heavily before sitting up.
I got dressed, and tossed my hair up into a loose pony tail. Alex still hadn't moved at all since I started getting ready. He just continued to lay down in our bed with his eyes closer.
"Are you about to leave?" Alex asked me.
"Yes, I am." I replied as I put on some of my Burke's Bees. "Are you going to get up?"
"Yes, I am." He mocked before he got dressed again. "You know they're going to say something, right?"
"When do they not?" I questioned. "I have to go though. Mickie and I are going to be late. Jennifer wouldn't like that," I replied, referring to our wedding planner.
"Are you just doing bridesmaid's dresses tonight?"
"Nope." I replied. "Gotta pick out the actual wedding dress too."
"Have fun with that." He chuckled.
"I will." I replied, smiling. "Come on."
"That's what she said..." I trailed off before we walked out of the room. They all were watching some movie in the living room. "Makayla, darling... time to go."
Mickie turned her head toward us and wiggled her eyebrows.
"Okie dokie, boss!" She stated, getting up and walking over toward me. "See you guys later!"
"Bye!" I added before the three of us, including Larry, walked out of the house. "Gees. I never get to spend time at home anymore."
"I know, baby doll. But after this, you get to chill at home for a day or two before we fly to Cali."
"Always seeing the bright side." I replied sarcastically.
"I try." She shrugged.

"I don't know about this one." I stated, looking down at the Princess gown on me. "It's not tooo girly is it?"
"Baby doll, you look freaking adorable." Cassadee stated, winking at me playfully.
"Are you sure???" I questioned. "I just...ugh."
"I'm 100% sure!" Mickie laughed. "We got all the dresses done today. I feel accomplished."
"You do?" I asked, raising my eyebrow at her.
"You do look good." Beth smiled.
"Jennifer?" I questioned toward the wedding planner.
The wedding planner stopped talking to shop keeper and turned toward me.
"That is the one." She smiled widely at me. "We'll take that dress. Now."
"Really?" I asked.
"Honey, you look amazing. Own it." She replied before turning back around toward the shop keeper.
"She's right." Mickie laughed. "You're only confident around Alex. But this dress is amazing on you."
"Okay...." I trailed off. "I'm changing." I stated, moving into the dressing room and staring at myself one more time. It didn't look bad on me at all....I was just scared shitless that it wouldn't look good on me. But after Jennifer gave the thumbs up, I was confident again. I quickly changed out of dress and back into the clothes I had on before. Jennifer came back into the room and swept up my dress. We both walked out of the dressing room, and toward three of my best friends.
"Okay. I'm putting Pope in charge of the wedding dress." Jennifer stated before she walked up to the counter with the dress.
"Hmmmm. Don't let my sneaky husband see my dress, Pope." I mocked.
She rolled her eyes.
"Whateverrrrr." Cassadee stated. "But I have to go."
"Guard this with your life." My wedding planner stated, handing over the dress to her.
"I love you ladies." Cassadee stated, hugging Mickie and I.
"We've gotta bounce." Beth stated, laughing.
We hugged her too before they both walked out. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and I swept it out.

Meet me at the coffee shop on Thames?
I smiled down at my phone.
See you in ten baby :)
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