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Coffee Shop Soundtrack

"Hello." I smiled as I bent down to kiss Alex's lips lightly.
"I like that greeting." He laughed as I sat down across from him.
"What's up?" I asked playfully.
"Eh...wanted to grab a coffee with my beautiful wife."
I blushed at his words.
"Stop that..." I smiled.
Alex returned my smile.
"Where’s Larry?”
“He’s on a break. I told him he didn’t need to come with me,”
“Good. Did you get the dresses done?"
"Yes sir. A wedding dress fit for a princess."
"You are my princess." He smiled, reaching over the table and taking my hand his. "What about the bridesmaids?"
"Got those covered to." I smiled, happy to get those both behind us.
"That's great, Mac." He laughed. "I ordered you a coffee already. Is that okay?"
I smiled.
"Thanks, babe." I replied. I looked around the coffee shop. "We've never been in here before."
"I know." He laughed. "This is the coffee shop that inspired Coffee Shop Soundtrack."
"Really?" I asked, looking around again. "It's nice..."
"Yeah. I liked it. So I thought I'd bring my favorite girl here?"
"Awe." I blushed. "Aren't you just a big box of sweetness today?"
"Yes, yes I am." He laughed.
The waitress walked over and handed us our coffees. I took a sip and it felt like heaven in a cup.
"This coffee is amazing!" I stated.
"Told you," He laughed.
I smiled and shook my head.
"Someone's in a good mood."
" does that to a person."
I rolled my eyes.
"That was cheesy."
"So?" He questioned, looking at me with a loving smile. "I absolutely adore you, Mackenzie."
"I adore you to?" I laughed. "Stop being all...I don't know...weird?"
"Fine," He chuckled.
"What exactly about this place inspired Coffee Shop Soundtrack?"
"It was a super secret meeting place."
Alex broke eye contact with me, and his eyes roamed the room before returning to my face.
"I might have had an affair."
"What?" My brows pulled together as I gave him an odd look.
"Look...when I was a teenager...I had an affair with a married woman."
My eyebrows rose in shock.
"I wasn't dating anyone except for her...but she was 25, and not to happy with her life. I was exciting...and I learned a few things from her too."
I shook my head.
"Gross." I laughed.
We stayed silent as I noticed a couple walking out of the corner of my eyes. It was Mrs. Donalds and a man that I assumed was her husband. She turned to look at us and Alex nodded to her without her husband noticing. I chewed on the inside of my cheek as I began to put the pieces together. They sat down at a table across from ours...just a few feet away.
"I...I'm not proud of that, Mac. It was a long time ago, and I learned from it, obviously. But...I still feel bad. I know now how bad it would hurt me if you were sleeping with someone else."
My heart began to beat out of my chest.
"I would never do that to you, Lex. I'm more than happy with you."
He smiled at me and his hand gripped mine tighter.
"I know, baby." He replied. We looked at each other for a few minutes. "Come on over here."
I laughed and stood up from my side of the booth until I was sitting beside him with his arm wrapped around me.
"I love you, Alex."
He sighed contently and placed a loving kiss on my temple.
"I love you too, Mackenzie."
I still felt eyes on me. I finally turned my head to see Mrs. Donalds sneakily looking at us.
It finally clicked...and I was glad there were no camera's with us today.
"It was Mrs. Donalds...wasn't it?"
"Coffee Shop Soundtrack? It was about Mrs. Donalds, wasn't it?" I asked, pulling away and looking up in his eyes.
He nodded his head sadly and looked at me.


"Alex!" I yelled out.
"Yeah?" He called back.
"Do you have everything that we need for the next few days?"
I huffed and finished the last of my suite case packing.
We were taking a trip to California to promote Meet The Gaskarth's. I had to make sure I had all of my hair and make-up stuff as well as clothes. Alex just had his straightener and a few other items.
"Did you call the guys?"
"They're already on their way!"
"Okay! Good!" I yelled back, taking the suite case off of the bed and rolling it into the living room where Alex was typing away at his phone. "I'm ready."
"Fucking finally," He laughed.
I just shook my head and we walked out of the front door when my phone dinged. It was twitter.

AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG takes FOREVER to get ready.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him. Alex just smiled like he did nothing wrong.
"Remind me to tell your parents thank you for dog sitting."
"Okay." He laughed. "Are you ready Larry?"
Larry nodded.
"What about you, Butch?" I questioned.
The other camera man gave us a thumb’s up.
We laughed and got into his car.
"My dad is meeting us at the airport." Alex announced. "He's taking my car."
"Okay." I nodded. I was excited to go to California. I haven't been in forever, and now I get to visit all of LA while promoting a show. I laced my fingers with his as he drove as quickly as possible to the airport. The guys were all standing there with Mickie, Cassadee and Beth. I got out and hugged everything standing there. They were coming to help us promote the show...seeing as they're in most of it.
"Are we ready?" Mickie asked, laughing.
"As ready as I can be." I replied, feeling nervous. "What do we have tonight?"
"Some special E! event," Matt stated, looking down at the piece of paper that had our event's planned out. "Come on now. We have to go. We're already pushing it."
"Yes Sir, Matty Mouse." I stated, playfully.
He gave me a sarcastic look before he lead the way into the airport.
"This is going to take forever." Cassadee mumbled, looking at the busy airport. "When did everyone and their brother decide to fly on the same day?"
Rian laughed, wrapping his arm around the small girl and kissing the side of her head.
"It’s okay, Cass,"
She huffed and relaxed into his side.
It was way too cute.
"Well...I'm taking a nap." Beth stated with a small laugh.
We got everything check out and we went to wait for our flight. Zack and Beth cuddled up closely on the chairs, Cassadee and Rian were talking cutely to one another, and Jack and Matt were talking about some sports stuff. Mickie decided to read one of the magazine's she brought with her beside of me. Alex and I, however, I laced my fingers with his and laid my head on his should. He chuckled, placing a sweet kiss on my forehead.
"Tired already?"
"Eh," I replied, shrugging my shoulders.
"I love you,"
I slightly blushed.
"I love you too."
"Do you think you'll get in trouble for skipping class again?"
"Nah...I talked to the Dean. He knows all about this...and his daughters happen to be All Time Low fans...and I may have promised them autographs and a meet and greet." I smiled.
Alex smirked.
"You're a hustler." He laughed before he kissed my lips softly. "But I'll be happy to do that for you."
"That's my husband." I smiled.

An hour or so later, our plane finally took off and we were in LA. Alex and I got our own hotel room, considering we're the only ones married. That left Beth, Cassadee, and Mickie to room together and the rest of the guys to room.
"Lex? I'm about to take a shower." I yelled out to him.
"You took one this morning!" He yelled back.
"Yeah, but airplanes make me feel dirty!" I replied before I stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower. Ten minutes into my shower, I realized that I let my shampoo and conditioner on the counter. "Alex?!
"Can you bring me my hair shit?!"
"Yeah, babe."
I huffed and waited for him to open the bathroom door. He slipped in and pulled back the curtain. I felt my face flush as I avoided eye contact. Alex started laughing before he slipped off his own clothes.
"What are you doing?"
"Taking a shower with you," My cheeks flushed even more. "Why do you do that?" He said laughing before he pushed back some of my wet hair from my face.
"Do what?"
I felt my cheeks get redder.
"Shut up."
"Awe, baby." he laughed. "I think it's cute."
"Whatever." I turned away from his and handed him my cloth. "Wash my back, please?"
"Anything for you," He replied before he applied my body wash to my body with the cloth. "Why do you get embarrassed around me? We're married, and have been for over a year and a half."
"I-I don't...really know." I tried explaining.
He laughed before finishing up with my back.
"No." I laughed. "I can get it from here."
"What?" He replied as I turned around. "I'm not gonna start anything."
I rolled my eyes.
"Knowing would."
Alex chuckled before he kissed me. It was long, sweet and romantic.
"Kiss me as if my life depends on it."
I opened my eyes to stare up at my husband.
"You heard me." He smiled sweetly. "Kiss me as if my life depends on it."
"That's depends."
"On what?"
"Your life," I said playfully before I kissed him passionately. "You, Mister....are as cheesy as they come."
"It's a good thing camera's aren't around then."
"Because that could ruin my rep as an asshole," He joked and winked at me.
I rolled my eyes.
"You’re probably the biggest asshole I’ve ever met."
"I love when you say that." He rolled his eyes.
I'm going to have to remember to thank my dad for forcing me to marry the love of my life.
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