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Welcome to My Reality Show

E! Event

"Alex...I'm nervous." I stated, ringing my hands together.
"Baby, why?" He asked me with a slight smile.
"Because I'm really new at this...what if I screw up?"
"Calm down, Mac. You won't mess up. I'll be right there with you."
"Are you sure?" I asked slowly.
"Honey…" Alex stated, laughing. "I'm positive. I love you okay?"
"I love you." I replied with a small smile on my lips.
" kiss me." He stated.
I rolled my eyes and I leaned in to kiss him.
"You guys are playing right?"
"Of course," Alex smirked. "E! asked us and Matt was more than happy to help."
"I thought it was up to Kevin?"
"He left Matty in charge."
I nodded.
"Ohhh. So my Rock Star hubby is playing up on stage tonight?"
"Yeah! Be proud!"
"I always am." I replied, kissing him softly. "Now we must go before we are late."
"The Kardashians will be later than us."
"Whateverrrrr." I rolled my eyes. “Are you ready, Princess?” I asked sweetly.
Alex chuckled.
“Yes, the princess is definitely ready.”
“Good.” I smiled before we linked hands and walked out of the hotel lobby. The rest of the band members and the girls were waiting for us there. Matt was checking his watch, trying to make sure we were all on time. Of course, we would not be. Thanks to Alexander.
“Jesus, guys!” He huffed. “What did you two do up there?”
“I just took longer than Mac getting ready.” He shrugged. “No big deal.”
“Yes, Alex. Big deal!” Matt stated, sounding like a baby. “For Pete’s sake… Butch was down here before either of you.”
“We’re sworry, Matty.” I pouted playfully.
“Fuck you two.” He mumbled. “The car’s waiting. We your asses in there!” He stated.
“You would think he’s a zoo keeper.” Mickie giggled to Jack.
“I might as well be,” Matt replied unhappily.
We all pilled into the car and waited nervously for the car to pull to a stop.
“Is Holly going to be here?” Jack questioned. The girls, and the guys actually looked well put together.
Matt huffed.
“I’m sorry Jack.”
Jack shrugged.
“It’s fine, man.” He replied. “We’re still friends with her.”
“Jack….” Zack trailed off, looking at his best friend.
“Fine. Whatever. Our breakup happened to be wayyyy too awkward. Mickie was brought up a lot in our fights and I guess I just feel weird having Mickie as arm candy when she’s going to be there.”
Alex laughed.
“I’ll be your arm candy, Jackie.”
“Not the time for jokes, baby.” I whispered softly to him, gripping his hands tighter.
“You’re right.” Alex huffed.
He hated listening to me, but he really didn’t have a choice.
We pulled to a stop and we all got out of the car. Cameras were flashing everywhere, and I felt a tad bit uncomfortable. Alex’s hand tightened on mine and he smiled widely at me.
“I don’t think I can do this.” I whispered.
“You can, baby. You talked to Barbra Walters….you can do this.”
“Are you sure?” I asked, knitting my eyebrows together.
“I’m positive. You’re going to be awesome.” He laughed, placing a soft kiss on my temple. He led me toward the red carpet where others were gathered.
“All of this…just for us?”
“Hollywood likes to make a big deal of things.” Alex explained easily. We started walking hand in hand, and we stopped to pose. Alex being Alex, tossed up his hand in a peace sign as I just smiled. “You’re doing amazing.”
I blushed at the comment.
“Thanks.” I laughed.
“Come on…buzznet is right here.” He whispered before pulling us toward Hanna Beth, who was our interviewer.
“Hey!” She smiled hugging him. “Long time, no see.” She laughed before she hugged me as well. “How is it going with you guys?”
“We’re great.” Alex laughed. “This, obviously, is our press/ opening night of our reality show. So we’re kind of stoked to see everyone’s reaction.”
“I’m more than nervous.” I laughed. “What if his fans try to kill me? I’ve gotten legit death threat tweets before.”
“What?!” She laughed. “You know it’s serious when Mac G is getting death threats on twitter.”
“I know.” I laughed, easing up a whole lot. “I apologize that I fell in love?”
Alex rolled his eyes.
“But now they can watch us on TV honey! Aren’t you excited?!”
“I’m super stoked!” I joked back.
“So this is not only the official ‘release’ party…are you guys playing?”
“Actually we are.” Alex laughed. “All Time Low was asked by the E! producers to do a ten song set to make people more comfortable.”
“Are you guys going to pull out any crazy banter you’re so famous for?”
“Um…not as much tonight as we usually would.” Alex laughed. “We don’t want to freak people out because I kissed my best friend in front of my wife.”
“One a scale of one to ten…how often do you kiss Jack on a daily basis.”
“I’m not answering that one.” He laughed.
I just shook my head.
“More than he probably should.” I replied.
“It was great talking to you guys. We’ll let you guys go.” She replied.
Alex and I nodded before we moved on down to E! News.
“Here they are, the couple for this whole event!” Guileanna stated, smiling at us. “Alex and Mackenzie Gaskarth, the stars of E!’s latest reality show, Meet The Gaskarth’s. Hi guys.”
“Hey,” I smiled. Alex’s arm wrapped around and his hand sat lightly on my waist.
“I must say, you look gorgeous. Both of you are just…gah. You look stunning.”
“Thank you.” Alex laughed. “I actually took longer than her to get ready,”
“No way!” She laughed.
I nodded.
“He’s such a girl. But I love him.”
“Awe.” She smiled. “Tell us a little bit about the reality show.”
“It’s full of intense, funny, and really strange adventures that we have been through this past year and a half.” I answered.
“Don’t you like even cry in an episode?”
“Sensitive as ever.” I laughed, kissing his cheek lightly. “However, I did actually cry in an episode.”
“Any details?”
“No…” He trailed off, laughing.
“You’re just going to have to watch the show.”
“I for sure will.” She smiled. “Rumor has it that Holly Madison is even in a couple of episodes?”
“Um…yeah. You see the last bit of her relationship with Jack and my best friend Mickie. It gets messy.”
“Is there any drama?”
“There is definitely drama. Put four guys in a room together without any females and they’ll go crazy for hours.” I giggled. “It’s the same vice versa too.”
“Wow. How are you guys doing as of right now?”
“We’re planning a huge wedding.” Alex answered. “We didn’t have a wedding in a church, or a service at all. So I wanted to give her a fairytale wedding.” He smiled.
“That’s too cute. You’re taking full advantage of that, I’m sure,”
“Actually I’m not.” I laughed. “I was perfectly fine with our first wedding. This is Alex’s idea all the way.”
“I’m a Groomzilla.” He laughed. “I’m super involved.”
“We’re doing this together, so I guess it’s worth it.” I shook my head, laughing.
“You two are way too cute. Well, I can’t wait to get a sneak peak at the first episode in just an hour or so.”
“Thanks.” I smiled.
“Can I get you guys to sign off? Just say what’s on this card.” She stated, handing it over to us. “We’re recording it for the studio obviously.”
I nodded.
“Go,” The Camera-man stated before the red light flashed.
“Hi we’re the Gaskarth’s and you’re watching E!,”
“And we’re clear. Thanks guys.” He stated.
Gulieanna and I exchanged the Hollywood cheek kiss thing before Alex and I were on our way down the rest of the red carpet.
“See, that wasn’t so bad.” Alex whispered in my ear while we posed. I turned my head to look at him. “Can I kiss you?”
“On the red carpet? How tacky, Alejandro.” I joked.
Alex rolled his eyes before pressing his lips to mine softly as the cameras flashed. I honestly didn’t mind.

"You know those times when your wife isn't taking as long as she normally does and you take longer to get ready than she does?" Alex asked. The guys were playing on stage. His guitar was swung around on his back, so he was stepped up directly to the mic. I looked around at the crowded tables and noticed a lot of the male celebrities nodded and laughed. "Then you think 'Hey, I might actually be hotter than my wife tonight'. Yeah, Mac took like thirty minutes before she was completely done and I was still working on my hair." He stated.
"Which looks fantastic by the way," Jack stated, laughing.
"I know man! But yeah, so here I am thinking I'm actually going to look better than my wife....then she walks out. Who am I kidding? I will never look better than my wife, Mackenzie. She looks gorgeous. Look at her!" He stated, turning some attention toward me. I stood up and blushed slightly as the spot light hit me. I shook my head but I blew a kiss toward Alex. "Everyone looks great tonight! Zack, you're wearing a shirt!"
"I am," Zack laughed, being all shy as always.
"This is a moment to capture for the rest of our lives!" Jack nearly yelled.
"Are we getting this on camera? It's a miracle." Alex laughed
"If it makes you feel better, I think you're better looking than Mackenzie." Jack joked.
"I love you man!" Alex faked cried. "Okay...anyway. We're going to play a song called Lost In Stereo." Alex announced before they broke out into the song I loved so much. He jumped around stage with Jack. They were funny when they did that.
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