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Welcome to My Reality Show

Meet The Gaskarth's.

“This is sooo much fun!” Mickie giggled.
“I don’t think I’ve seen so many stars in one place before.” Beth commented.
“Me either.” I admitted.
Cassadee laughed at us.
“You guys are star struck.”
“I’m sorry but that’s Kim Kardashian!” I whispered. “I really freaking love her. She inspires me sooo much!”
“Fan girl alert.” Mickie joked.
I laughed and shook my head.
“Sorry,” I said over the noise of the guys playing.
I stole a glance at Holly and she was dancing around to the beat. It was her favorite song by them. I had nothing against Holly at all, she’s really a sweet girl. I just preferred seeing Jack and Mickie together.
“I love that song!” Jack yelled after they finished Stereo.
“Yeah!” Alex yelled randomly. “I love playing it. But now we’re all sweaty.”
“It’s okay...I like it,” Jack stated, moving his guitar behind his back. “You still look good.”
“You too, man. You too,” Alex kissed the air toward Jack.
“Ooh baby.” Jack stated, laughing.
“ you remember what happened last time?” Zack joked.
“We don’t bring up the past, Zachary.” Jack spat.
“Of course, you douche bags.” Alex laughed. “This is the last song we’re playing. It’s called Time Bomb.”
“It’s about my penis.” Jack shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.
I laughed at the guys along with Cass, Beth and Mickie. I saw some of the people shaking their heads before the guys stared to play my favorite song I’ve heard them play so far. As usual when watching them, I could stop staring at Alex. I just...I don’t know what’s about him, but I can’t help myself. My smile widened with every word he sang. Alex was a little rough around the edges, but he’s one of the people I respect the most. When they were finished, they waved and hopped off of the stage. They ran back stage to take quick showers and change, I assumed.
I was right because in five minutes, the guys were dressed back in their arrival clothes and sitting down at our table. Alex walked over to me and pulled me up from my chair. His arms wrapped around my waist, allowing me to hug his neck tightly.
“You were wonderful.” I whispered to him. Alex pulled back and so did I before we kissed softly. I blushed when I heard Jack cat call. We sat down side by side with our hands laced together. I smiled over at him, feeling extremely proud of him...of all of them. They were amazing. They never seemed to stop amazing me.
“Give it up for All Time Low.” Catt Sadler stated as she got up on the stage, which was now void of their instruments. They worked fast to get everything down. “Now...without further ado... Meet The Gaskarth’s!” She stated before moving out of the way. The lights dimmed in the room right before the screen started to play. Under A Paper Moon, as we decided was our theme song, started to play the introduction. I shook my head, seeing my face on the screen.
“Welcome to our reality show.” Alex laughed on the screen. “I’m Alex.”
“I’m Mac.” I laughed.

It was so weird watching myself on the screen.
“We’re...the Gaskarth’s obviously.” He laughed.
Then it flashed to my own interview that I did myself.
“As I said, I’m Mackenzie, but I go by Mac. Alex and I met a little over a year and a half ago. I was just eighteen and fresh out of high school. Our father’s set us up and within a month, we were married. It’s the single, most stupid thing I’ve ever done in my life. I completely lost my marbles, but I’m seriously in love with him. He’s crazy, so I guess we’re okay.” I paused. “I’ve learned more about being open to life from Alex. He has such an open perspective of the world. It’s...inspiring.”
Alex placed a soft kiss on my temple.
“HI!” Alex yelled. “When I met Mac, she had no idea who I was. She only heard one song by us, and she didn’t know what we looked like. It was really refreshing to know that someone I was going to fall in love with didn’t really know us. Our wedding wasn’t very traditional. It was quick, but I’m really glad that it was. I still want to give her the wedding of her dreams, so that’s what we’re doing now. It’s hard when I’m gone nine to ten months out of the year, but we deal. The sex is great too.” He laughed. “We’re really good for each other. I love Mackenzie more than I’ve ever loved another girl in my life. She’s...she’s everything I asked for.”
I laughed, looking at a blonde Alex on the screen.
Then it flashed back to us. Jack walked into the house with Holly
“JACKIE!” Alex yelled excitedly before he galloped toward the couple. He hugged Holly and did some man shake before he kissed his best friends cheek. “Come on in. Mac’s in the kitchen.”
“Kenzie Cakes where are you?!” Jack yelled.
I walked into the kitchen, shaking my head.
“Hello, Jackery.” I smiled before hugging the lanky guitarist. “Hi Holl,” I smiled and hugged the blonde.
“Hey.” She replied sweetly.

The episode went along with Jack and Alex getting slightly more than tipsy. They were dancing along to Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance.
“Moral of this story....don’t give Jack and Alex vodka before seven and keep music out of their reach,” I stated, doing confessional with Alex beside me.
“I thought the moral of the story was have a good time?”
“That’s always your moral.”
Alex shrugged.
“Eh. Whatever.”

Then the show went off and people clapped.
Alex kissed me full on the lips while I laughed.
“I love you.”
I shook my head, and smiled happily at him.
“I love you more.” I replied.
Tonight was definitely a good night.

“Hey, I’m Kim,”
My smile widened.
“Mackenzie.” I laughed, reaching out to return her hug. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“No problem. I saw your interview with The View and when you said The Kardashians on crack, I seriously thought that you were joking...but it looks to be true.”
“And that’s one of the more tame episodes.” I laughed.
“Really?” She laughed.
I nodded.
“Yeah, they get really crazy. They’re probably the worst at their concerts.”
“I’ll have to come to one the next time they’re in LA.”
“I actually think they have a show tomorrow night. Like a full blown show. They’ve got Yellowcard, Hey Monday and The Summer Set with them,” I explained.
“Cute!” She smiled.
“If you really want to, I can get you tickets?” I questioned.
“That would be awesome.” Kim smiled. “Let’s exchange numbers right quick.” We switched phones and traded numbers before I got mine back. “You look beyond amazing, by the way.”
“Thanks! You do to. I love your shoes.” I complimented.
“Thanks lovely.” Kim replied before hugging me.
“We can do lunch tomorrow? Just text or call me.”
“I will.” I gushed before she walked away to join her family.
“What was that?” Alex asked, placing a hand on the small of my back.
“Kim freaking Kardashian just asked to do lunch tomorrow. Anddd she wants to see you guys play a legit show.”
“No way,” He laughed. “That’s kinda awesome.”

“Don’t let it get to your head, Rock Star.”
“Whatever you say, baby.” Alex replied.
Yeah, tonight was definitely great.
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