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Fabric Shopping

“I’m home! FUCK YES!” I yelled, running straight toward my bed room. “Mickie, get your ass in here!”
Soon enough the blond dove onto the bed beside me, making me laugh.
“I like your bed much better than I like mine.”
“I like my bed too,” I smirked at her. “Can we please just sleep for forever?” I asked.
“Well considering the fact that those rock stars are out of the house for a few more days....yes. Let’s sleep this day away.” Mickie announced.
“Thankssss girly,” I giggled.
“When are you guys having a wedding?”
“I want to have it in October.” I admitted. “But Alex prefers sooner. He said that July would be better.”
“Hmmm...” She sighed.
I yawned loudly, and then cuddled closer to my pillow.
“I have to design a whole new outfit for my class.”
“And I get to be the model?”
“Yes,” I laughed. “But now we nap.”
“Okay...fine.” She mumbled.
I was already half asleep.
When we woke up, it was almost noon with Mickie cuddled to me. I laughed groggily at my best friend before I removed myself from the bed. I decided that it was about time to start on design. I wanted to make sure that it was perfect for the teacher, even if she did sleep with my husband. I felt the need to work extra hard on impressing her now that I knew her dirty little secret. I giggled at the thought. It was a funny thought that crossed my mind. I’ve felt the need to impress people until recently. I used to never care what people thought now that was all that was on my mind. Impressing Mrs. Donalds, Impressing the public, and impressing interviewers. I feel like I’m a celebrity, which I have no right to be at all.
“That would be super cute!” Mickie nearly shouted, making me jump from my thoughts to her. “Just add some like…maroon color? Yeah, that would be perfect.”
I laughed.
“You just scared the life out of me,”
“I try,” Mickie shrugged. “You seem to be over-thinking too. What’s going on in that head of yours?”
“What if I change too much?”
Mickie furrowed her brows.
“I mean, I’m always worrying about what people are going to think of me. I worry if they’ll think I’m stupid, or just not good enough. It actually scares me, Mick.”
“I’ll admit, you’re more concerned about other’s thoughts now, but that doesn’t mean you have to change, Mac. You’re still you, right?”
I nodded my head slowly.
“Yeah…I-I guess.”
“Come on, you are totally the same. You say what’s on your mind and you still stick up for yourself,”
“Yeah, but there are so many girls out there who hate my fucking guts, and I’ve never even met them before,”
“They’re obviously stupid fan girls. Anyone who has ever met you would know that you’re a caring person.”
“I know…” I huffed. It was silent for a few moments before I looked back down at the sketch pad I had in my hands. “So you think Maroon would be good?”
“Maroon would be perfect for the design.”
“Okay,” I nodded, making a note about the color before I changed the straps a little bit. “How about this?”
“I like that better,” Mickie agreed, having her game face on already. “How about some like…diamond studs across the top?”
I nodded my head and worked in her idea to the design. After we talked for ten minutes of the design, we had it fully planned out.
“Do you want to go fabric shopping?” I questioned.
Mickie nodded eagerly.
“Let me change right quick, and then we can go.”
“Deal,” I nodded in agreement.
Mickie and I were ready within the hour and heading toward the fabric store in town. I had my sketch pad in hand while we walked straight into the store with Larry following behind us.
“Okay, so what kind of maroon do you think?”
“I think a darker color.” I admitted.
“Okay, let’s split up,”
I nodded in agreement. I got into my fashion designer mind set. I needed the right kind of material. You can’t exactly use cotton for a cocktail dress, it just doesn’t work that way. I searched around the red, and even some purples to find the right color. Before long, I had four different rolls of fabric and a rather big bottle of diamond looking studs. I searched the rather bit store for Mickie. As soon as I saw her three rolls, I knew that we were going to have a problem.
“Now we’ve got some decisions to make,” I stated as soon as she was close enough.
“Do you want to ask a worker for help?”
“Not really,” I admitted. “Let’s go sit in the floor.” I suggested.
It took us nearly two hours to make a final decision. When we had everything, we got back into my car.
“That was eventful.” Mickie commented.
I rolled my eyes lightly, and started to drive off.
“Let’s go get some food. I’m starving.”
“Me too,” The skinny blond patted her stomach. “How about we go to Olive Garden?”
“Lovely,” I smiled.
I drove quickly toward the Italian restaurant. We got out, and walked toward the entrance.
“How many do you have?” The hostess asked, an accent poking out.
“Italian?” I asked her.
She smiled shyly and nodded.
“My papa owns this branch. He said that a real Italian should run it.”
“That’s sweet,” Mickie cooed.
“Just the two of us,” I answered her question from earlier.
“Okay,” She nodded before we followed behind her closely.

“Mackenzie, are you done yet?” Mickie called from my kitchen.
“Almost!” I yelled back. “I’m just finishing the dress now,”
“I wanna see it!” She exclaimed. “Why can’t I just come in and look at it right now?”
“Because I said so,” I argued with the blonde. I felt like a mother talking to her spoiled 5-year old.
“σκύλα!” She called. The Greek word sounded like skýla, but of course I didn’t know what it meant. Mickie rarely spoke Greek to me, because it was too hard to understand.
“Che cosa significa?”
What does that even mean?
“Ciò significa cagna”
It means bitch.
“Chiamarmi nomi non vi sta andando da nessuna parte missy....”
Callimg me names isn’t getting you anywhere missy....
“Affrettatevi allora!”
Hurry then
I rolled my eyes at Mickie before I continued on my dress that I was making. It was almost done. I had to finish the very last stud and then I would be done. I finished, and cut all of the extra seems and edges. I was proud of the final product. The dress looked amazing.
“Ho finito!” I yelled. Ten seconds later, Mickie was busting into the room.
“OH MY GOSH! It’s so cute!” She gushed. “Can I please have it? Like to wear to another press conference when we have one? I just...I really wanna wear it!”
“I did make it for you, smartie.” I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m glad that you like it. It took me forever to finish it,”
“It so didn’t. It took you like a day and a half.”
“Same difference.”
Mickie rolled her eyes.
“Whatever. Let’s got get pizza...yeah?”
“Yeah,” I nodded in agreement.
Pizza sounded amazing.
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