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Letter's to Juliet

Alex and I were running low on groceries, so Mickie and I decided to pick some up. The guys are supposed to be stopping by the house soon, so we definitely needed the extra food.
“Sei pronto?” I asked her.
Are you ready?
“Credo che così,” She mumbled.
I guess so
I rolled my eyes at my best friend before we headed out of the house. I drove to the nearest Wal-Mart. It was getting colder outside, so I wrapped my arms around my waist in attempt to gather warmness. We started inside of the store. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.
“Okay, we need to the dog food for the dogs…obviously. I need more toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and I just really want some of those chips.”
Mickie laughed.
“The Garden Tomato and Basil chips?”
“Oh my gosh yes! I love those things. They’re heaven.”
“Amen.” Mickie giggled. We split up the shopping list that I had made, and made it back together in record time. While at the checkout line, a few camera flashes went off.
“What the hell?” I asked, looking around. “Mickie, did you just see that?”
“Um…yeah. We’ve got some stalkers trying to take our pictures….which is kind of cool,”
“Only you…” I shook my head. “I’m just glad that I’m not seeing things.” I laughed before handing over the credit card for the girl to swipe.
“Of course,” She retorted.

“Ooohhh Mackenzie!” Mickie called, walking into my bedroom.
“What, Makayla?!”
“I’ve got Letters To Juliet!” She stated.
I lifted my head from the couch to look at her.
“Yes!” She smiled widely. “I got the Italian version!”
“The whole movie is going to be spoken in Italian?” I asked her, knitting my eyebrows.
“Um…duh,” She laughed. “Come on! You’ll love it,”
“Alright,” I replied.
Mickie skipped toward the DVD player in my room before putting on the DVD.
“I’m so excited for this movie,”
“You’re so freaking weird.” I shook my head at my best friend.
“But you love me anyway,” She retorted before pressing play with the remote.
The movie was amazing. I adored the entire story. It was a little later, closer to the time when the guys were due back to the house.
“Quel film è stata super carina!”
That movie was super cute!
“D'accordo! Mi piace come fosse una doccia, ma si è rivelata Romeo.”
Agreed! I love how he was such a douche but turned out to be Romeo.
I laughed with my best friend.
“I couldn’t agree more.”
“Do you think it’s weird that I like the Italian version better.”
I shrugged.
“You’re you. Nothing about you is weird to me another.”
Mickie rolled her eyes.
“Qualunque sia.”
“Don’t whatever me.” I mocked back playfully before there was a soft knock on the door.
“Are you decent?”
I laughed.
“Come on it,”
Alex popped his head in seconds later.
“There’s that pretty face,” He smiled.
“I’ll just be going now….” Mickie trailed off. “Non fare nulla che non farei,”
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
“I won’t,” I called after my best friend as she walked out of the house. “Hello, Handsome.” I smiled, wrapping my arms around Alex. I accepted his kiss slowly before he peered down into my eyes.
“Hey. . . I missed you. I hate being away.”
“It’s only been a week or so.”
“I know,but you can’t deny that you’ve missed me too.”
“I know that I can’t, stupid.”
Alex chuckled.
“There’s that sarcasm I’ve surprisingly missed so much.”
“I missed you too,”
“How about me and you go out for tonight before the show. I just really want to be alone,”
“Okay, deal. I’ll have to get ready,”
“You look beautiful now,”
I shook my head.
“Lex, I’m in sweats. Give me five minutes to put on my jeans instead. Then we can go.”
Alex smiled before he kissed me slowly.
“Okay, deal.”
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