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I'm Selfish

“I love this dinner.” I stated, holding onto Alex’s hand even tigher.
“I know.” He smiled down at me.
“It’s the same one you took me to when I met your friends for the very first time,”
“It is our favorite.” He laughed. “I thought that you would love to come here for a little while.”
“We haven’t been out and about for a while without camera’s following us,” I stated, noting that Larry was absent and would be for a few months.
“It is nice,” Alex agreed again. “I just miss you,”
“I miss us,” I admitted. “I wish that I could see you more,”
“Why don’t you just come on tour with me, Mac?”
“I can’t just leave, Lex. You know that. I’ve got school. We’ve talked about this before.”
“You basically already know how to do everything they’re trying to teach you anyway. You have enough dresses and such for a small fashion line,”
“Alex...” I trailed off, warning him.
“Mac, you could even design for Marky while on tour. You could contribute. It’s not like you’ll be in the way. I get that you came last time because we were a new married couple and everything, but seriously....just...come with me?”
I bit my bottom lip.
“That’s a really big chance to take, Alex.”
“I know, but please. For me?” He asked. “I know that I’m being selfish, but I don’t care. I just want you next to me, and I know that you want to me to be next to you too,”
I huffed.
“Do you always get what you want?”
“Most of the time? Yes, I do.” He smirked slightly but turned into a real smile. “So that’s a yes?”
“That’s a ‘I can’t get out of this if I tried.’” I retorted. “When do I pack?”
“Obviously tonight,” He smiled. “Well...before the show anyway. So that means that we need to not take all day eating so I can help you pack.”
“For some reason, I believe that you wouldn’t been that big of a help.”
“I’m always a huge help,”
“Oh whatever,” I laughed. “What about Mickie, Alex?”
“She can come too.” He smiled. “The more the merrier.”
I shook my head at him. He looked so childish with his big brown eyes, and pleading smile. Alex truely is one of those people who get what they want no matter what. I believe it’s a part of his charm. He doesn’t expect to get what he wants all of the time, but he does get it anyway. If I say no to him it’s like kicking a puppy in the face. He looks all sad and depressed. I might as well join him on tour and save the pain. Plus, I’ll get to be with him every day. Sure, we might not get to talk face to face for long periods of time, but it sure beats skype and phone calls. I get to be with him at the end of the day. That’s all that matters.
“A-alright. I’ll go,”
“Fuck yeah!” He stated before leaning over the table and pressing his lips softly to mine. “You made me the happiest man ever.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I rolled my eyes. “I still love you,”
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Short....again...ugh. I don't know what's wrong. I just can't seem to write long chapters for this story. Hopefully I'll get back into my groove.

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