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Welcome to My Reality Show


“Are you almost done?” Alex asked, peaking into our bedroom.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Does it look like I’m almost done to you?”
“No?” He laughed, stepping into the quiet room.
“I swear, between you and Mickie, I have to do everything by myself.”
“I’m sorry,” He pouted. “I’m here now to help.” He said with a smile.
“Good. Go get my hair products and put them in this bag.” I stated as I tossed it toward him. He caught it effortlessly, and started toward our bathroom while I packed more outfits into my bag.
“Just don’t over-pack. We’ll be shopping a lot, and you can get some more clothes.”
I shook my head. I really am spoiled when it comes to him.
“Okay, Alex.” I replied with a smile on my lips. A few minutes later, he came back with my bag filled with everything that I would need.
“I brought you the toothbrush too,” He said, handing me my travel case with my toothbrush already in it. I stuck it on the small, purse-like bag I would have on tour with me for the next month or so.
“Thanks, babe,”
“No problem. Remember to pack a few dresses. We still have a few events to show up as for our show. We’re only on the third episode and E! says it’s a hit. Apparently people love to watch my life.”
“Excuse you…” I laughed. “but it’s my life too,”
“I know, but come on…look at this body. People watch the show for me,”
I laughed.
“Yeah, okay…”
“They do,” He pouted. “It helps that you’re amazing arm candy.”
I rolled my eyes at him again.
“I know I am,” I paused. “Do you know if Mickie is packed?”
“She said that she was almost ready when I went to go check on her. Do you need anything else?”
“I need my travel sewing machine, my sewing stuff, and my sketch pad if I’m going to be working for Marky.”
“Got it,” Alex stated. “What does that all look like again?”
“The sketch pad is black, and my kit is pink,”
“Gotcha,” He smiled. “I’ll be right back,”
I shook my head. It still amazes me that he is able to get virtually everything that he wants. I finished my second to last bag before he got back. My last luggage bag would include some of the fabric and my sketch pad. Things that I need to ‘work’ on this tour. Something tells me that I’m going to have a lot of free down time. The guys will be busy doing shows, meet and greets, and promoting not only the show but Dirty Work as well. I was proud of them, but I also wanted them not to stay so busy, ya know?
My kit, travel sewing machine, sketch pad and extra fabric all landed in my only open suitcase.
“Thanks, Alex,” I replied, kissing his cheek. “Looks like you got it all,”
“I tried to. I hope I didn’t forget anything.”
“You and me both, babe,” I stated.

“Ahhhhh….good to see you back behind this table again,” Vinnie replied with a laugh.
“Yeah, it’s like déjà,” I joked back. “But I guess it is nice. At least I get to spend more time with Alex,”
“See! There is a bright side to being back here with me every night.”
“That there is, Vinnie.” I rolled my eyes. “What do I need to do to set up?”
“Um…Just open the box. I’m pretty much done right now,” He shrugged. “All you have to do is unpack.”
“I got it Vinnie.” I laughed before I started to unpack a box from him. He just shook his head, and went back to hanging up some merch.
“Where is your partner in crime?” Vinnie asked me.
“She’s helping Jack with this hair right now, but she’ll be out here soon,”
“My Greek babe is my merch bitch?” Vinnie wiggled his eyebrows.
“Yeah, and I’m helping Matt…wherever Matt is.” I stated, smiling at him.
“He’s probably backstage,” He shrugged. “Or doing something he likes to think is important,”
“Thanks, you’re a hugeeeee help,”
“I know I am,” Vinnie playfully winked.
I laughed at him one more time before walking backstage to where Matt the guys were.
“There you are!” Matt laughed. “Here you go. This is your own radio and shit. You’ll obviously be in charge while I’m on stage with the boys.”
“Awesome! Why does it say Asesino on it?” I laughed.
“Because everyone knows that whatever you say, goes.” Matt laughed. “Alex listens to you, and the name was his idea. Personally I think that he just used Google translate to get the Spanish version,”
I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“Sounds like him,” I laughed. “He couldn’t just put Killer on it?”
“Asesino sounds better,” Alex stated, flinging his arm over my shoulders. “Don’t you think so, Matt?”
“Sure,” Matt shrugged. “Alex, go finish getting ready and send Mickie to Vinnie. I need to give your wife a dry run about what she’s going to be done. She has a different job this time,”
“Okay…” He pouted. “I’ll see you later, babe.” He stated before kissing my lips softly.
“Bye,” I smiled before I was being drug around my Matt. He may look like he doesn’t do anything some times, but the man does a whole fucking lot. After changing into all black clothes, I followed him closely, repeating what I had to do back to him. Matt wanted me to do a good job, and I honestly didn’t want to disappoint him.
“So you have your radio, you know the ropes…so just do your job and we’ll be okay. You go right to Jeff and Evan.” “Okay,” I nodded one last time.
“And you need all black clothing like the rest of the crew so that they don’t see you,” He said. “Do you have it or do we have to go shopping?”
“I have black clothing, Matty.” I rolled my eyes playfully. “Obviously, or I wouldn’t have changed.”
“Right,” Matt hit his head playfully.
“But we may have to go shopping in a few days. I didn’t bring all black clothing,”
“Okay.” He nodded. “Gierco and I will take you shopping for crew outfits. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?”
I shrugged.
“Guess not,”
“Oh and after shows, you don’t have to pick up, but you do have to work on sketches for the new GK line,”
“Great,” I smiled.
“Do you have any questions?”
“Just one…” I trailed off. Matt nodded for me to continue. “Why do I have a headset mic?”
“We couldn’t get you a shoulder mic in time. Anymore questions?”
“No, I think I have it,” I smiled.
“Good. I must leave now to make sure everything else is running smoothly. I put it all in your hands. Are you ready?”
“I’m ready, Matty. Don’t worry about anything else. I’ve got it covered.”
“I’m counting on you, Killer.”
“I won’t disappoint.” I stated before Matt nodded and walked off. “At least, I hope not.”
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