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Welcome to My Reality Show


“Hey, Evan, pick up their sound a little bit. Jack’s mic ques need to be better,” I said into the microphone for my radio.
“You do realize that we turn his microphone down so no one can hear him, right?”
“Evan, do as she says,” A voice cut in. I figured that it was Matt because when I looked back on the stage, Alex was talking to Jack. Matt has stepped away from his microphone for a minute. Seconds after those words were spoken, Jack’s microphone was turned back on.
“Thank you, Evan. If you would just lower the sound instead of completely turning it off, it would work better for when he needs to banter with Lex.”
“Okay….” He complained. “I was gonna do what she said anyway. She’s viscous.”
“That’s why they call me Killer,” I remarked. “And Jeff, the lighting is just a little bit off on Rian. Like its right in his face,”
“That’s cause I do it to piss him off,” He chuckled. “I’ll fix it on a minute. He usually just gives me the figure and I turned it off of him.”
“Okay,” I laughed. “I’m gonna go check on Vinnie,” I stated into the mic before cutting off my radio.
Second night on assistant tour manager, and I think I’m doing rather well. I haven’t majorly fucked up yet, and Matt seems to take what I say seriously. Sure, some of the guys are having a harder time getting used to a teenage girl being in charge of them, but they’ll get over. I’m not just some random girl either. I’m Alex’s “scary” wife. Like he said before, what I say goes. That didn’t change with the rest of the crew. They listened to me with hesitation, but they did listen to me. It felt good knowing that they took me seriously.
I cut backstage, and around the stage. I didn’t have to worry about being trampled, the guys held attention pretty well. So, I went behind the crowd, and past the lighting table. Jeff flipped me off, to which I returned before going on over to the merch table. As expected, Vinnie was jamming to their music and Mickie was fixing her make up in a compact mirror. I giggled at them before finally walking over there.
“What the fuckery is this?”
Mickie’s head snapped up and she smiled.
“Ello!” She stated. “We’re just kind of bored. No one wants merch when the guys are playing.”
“I’ve noticed,” I laughed.
“Yeah, so we just get to chill. What are you doing, boss lady?”
“Checking on you two to make sure you two are doing your work.”
“I guess we fail,” Mickie stated, laughing slightly.
“Nahhhh,” I stated, sitting down on her lap.
“Hey! I was doing my make-up,”
“I’ll finish it for you,” I offered.
Mickie shrugged.
“Okay, give me your eyeliner. One eye is almost done, but the other isn’t. You look like someone punched you in the face,”
“Gees…thanks,” She rolled her eyes.
“You’re welcome, Mick.” I replied with a joking smile.
While Mickie grabbed the make-up, I turned back on the radio. I might need to hear something important that’s going on backstage. She handed me the eyeliner, and I finished her eyes in no time.
“Thanks for doing this, Mac.” She laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
“I shouldn’t be doing you’re makeup anyway. Why didn’t you do it before the show?”
“I’m lazy,” She shrugged. “But on the plus side, I love the way you do my makeup,”
“Thanks,” I replied.
After I finally finished her makeup, I had to get back stage. I had to make sure that everything else was running smoothly. I don’t anything would go wrong, but you never know with these guys. Everything seemed normal, which was good for me and everyone else. I really didn’t want to deal with a problem my second day on the job.
“Get Alex’s acoustic guitar,” Matt instructed.
I turned around and grabbed it from the rack. It was apparently Colussy’s job, but he was taking a break, seeing that there was someone else on the crew now. I took the acoustic guitar on stage and walked toward Alex. Jack stopped me by hugging me tightly and then pressing a kiss to my cheek. I shook my head at him and laughed before continuing to my husband on stage. We swapped guitars, and I took his gold one off of the stage. I went back on the stage to help him get it adjusted just the way it was supposed to be.
“Kiss me goodluck?”
I rolled my eyes.
“Not with your fan girl’s sending daggers my way, doofus.”
“You’re mean,” Alex shook his head before I finished his guitar and walked back off of the stage.
“Done,” I replied to Matt on the radio.
“Good. Go ahead and set up for the meet and greet. That’s what Colussy and Grieco are busy doing right now. They might need some help,”
“Got it,” I laughed before once again making my way away from the stage. The two men were fixing the table. “Okay, boys. I’ve come to help,”
Grieco laughed.
“Okay. All you really need to do is show the camera man where to stand, and make sure that the girl’s don’t get out of line.” He replied. “There’s a whole packet of sharpie’s in this box. Just hand them to the guys.”
“Got it,” I repeated. “You two need to get back to back stage right now,”
“Aye aye, captain!” Colussy stated before Grieco had to drag him away from me.
I shook my head at the boys and sat down on the table where they were going to sign and take some pictures. I slowly shook off my black hoodie. This venue was burning up! I had a tank top on under it all, so I didn’t really matter, but I felt so much better. I jumped off of the table, only to walk over to the merch booth.
“Here, hold this for me,” I tossed my jacket at Mickie. She just stuck her tongue out at me, but held onto the fabric anyway. I got back to the table and waited for the show to end. When it finally did, everyone crowded the merch booth. I hopped off of the table, and I grabbed ten Sharpie’s. After sticking the extra’s in my pocket, I set up the posters. I made sure that nothing was in the way for the guys to sign things for the fans.
“Are they having a meet and greet?”
I turned around to see a short girl, maybe 5’2”, which was shorter than I am. I’m pretty short.
“Yeah, they are. You can go ahead and line up,” I stated, pointing to where the line begins.
“I love your show by the way,”
I smiled.
“Awe, thank you,”
“I personally started watching it for Alex, but you’re my favorite one on the show,”
“Thanks,” I cooed at the sweet, short girl.
“The dresses that you designed are gorgeous too! I like, I would love to own one, one day.”
I felt my cheeks flush.
“I might just come out with an affordable line one day.”
“That would be amazing!” She laughed. “Can I get a picture? You’re famous now, and…I wanna say that I met you,”
“Awe, okay.” I nodded and I smiled at soon as the girl held up her camera.
“Thanks so much,” She laughed.
“You’re welcome.” I replied.
Then more girls started to come over, thinking that the guys had come out simply by the flash. Once they say that it wasn’t them, half of them sighed and complained. I don’t blame them. I probably would have too if I were them.
“Do you know when they’re coming out?” A random fan asked me.
“No, I don’t. I could ask Matt, but they don’t really listen to him,” I shrugged. “But behind this young lady is where the meet and greet line starts.”
“Ohhh…” She trailed off before her and her friends got into the line. The line started to grow, but only about fifteen people were in line. I was just standing there almost awkwardly, waiting for the guys to come out or more girls to line up.
“Asesino!” Mickie called.
I laughed and shook my head.
“Qué quiere?” I called back in Spanish.
What do you want?
“Preoccuparsi da questo cazzo di ora!”
To annoy the fuck out of you
“Charming, Mickie,” I rolled my eyes. “And since when do you switch up languages like that?”
“Eímai Élli̱nas , skýla ! Boró̱ na káno̱ ó, ti thélo̱,” She replied.
“Andddd….it’s all Greek to me,” I rolled my eyes at my weird best friend.
“I said….Soy perra griega! Yo puedo hacer lo que quiera,”
I rolled my eyes.
“No, you can’t do what you want just because you’re Greek.”
“Whatever….” She rolled her eyes and sat down on the table. “It’s fun knowing Greek. You have no idea what I’m saying when I speak it! Beat that, Mac.”
“Whatever, weirdo,” I laughed.
Mickie shrugged and started to swing her feet back and forth.
The same girl from earlier looked at her and smiled.
“Can I have a picture with you?” She asked.
Mickie smiled and nodded her head excitedly.
“Of course you can, darlin!” Mickie replied before jumping off of the table and gladly taking a picture. “You’re my new favorite fan. Most of them are bitches,” She stated, shrugging before sitting back down on the table.
“God, I love you shoes,” I stated, slightly drooling at them. “They’re hot.”
“I know, right?! I ordered them off line a while ago. You have to get a pair.”
“I think I have a major shoe crush.” I stated, staring at the shoes. “Don’t be surprised if they go missing,”
She rolled her eyes.
“I’ll order you a pair.”
“Order me like twenty!” I stated. “I love those.”
“Thank you,” She smiled. “The guys should be out here soon, right?”
“Yeah,” I sighed.
“Okay. I’m still sitting on this table. They can get over it,”
I rolled my eyes.
“Mickie, get off of the table,”
“Alright…but only because you’re scary,”
“That’s why they called me Killer,” I winked playfully. “After the meet and greet, we’re going online shopping,”
“Deal!” She stated, jumping off of the table.
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I love writing the different language banter between Mac and Mickie. :)

What do you guys think? This one is definitely longer! ;)

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