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Sono Così Morti

As soon as the guys came out, it was complete hysteria. Squeals erupted from the now long line the second they saw Alex’s red hair. I felt my eyes grow twice their size. Standing right next the fans wasn’t the easiest thing to do.
“Maldito,” I muttered under my breath. No one noticed so it was okay. “Okay, ladies…and gents, get in a single file line! You all will get to meet All Time Low. Just do as I ask and we’ll get through this as fast as possible.” I announced, quieting the crowd. The guys reached me and I smiled at him before handing them a Sharpie each. They stood behind the counter, ready to sign and take some photos with the fans. Mickie stood back behind them, looking slightly bored, but I knew that she was having fun. She kept making faces at me, and I would poke my tongue out in return. How original am I? Not very. Our little game went on for a while until she scurried off to ‘help’ Vinnie again.
The flash from the cameras was enough to make my head spin. They were bright. With every flash of the camera, I would see twenty spots clouding my vision. It eventually got too much and I had to shield my eyes from the lights. I didn’t like this at all. I eventually turned around toward the rest of the girls. Some of them eyed me, some even smiled. At least I wasn’t facing the death cameras. I don’t see how the guys can stand there for sometimes hours with those things flashing.
“I’m out of ink!” Jack yelled.
I laughed at him before walking over to him.
“Here you go, Jack Attack.” I smiled and handed him a Sharpie.
“Thanks, Kenzie Cakes,” He stated before hugging me. I bumped his hip with my own, and walked back over to spot where I was supposed to be standing. I guess I’m doing an alright job so far, because I have yet to be yelled at by Matt or anyone else on the crew. It’s not that bad, or hard for that matter. It’s just…a job. It’s a whole lot better than being a merch bitch, I can tell you that from personal experience. That job was just awful.
“Okay, you’ve got to keep the line moving! If you’ve already gotten your picture taken and an autograph, please step away from the table!” I yelled loud enough for them to hear. “If you don’t, you will be kicked out!” I added. I hated yelling things like that, especially to the fans. They paid money to see the boys, but at the same time, I have to be productive. I have to do something, like yelling and kicking people out, that I seriously don’t want to do. It’s not my favorite part of this job. In fact, it is probably the worst part so far.
Autographs and pictures took two and a half hours to get done. The guys went through two Sharpies each, ending on their third of the night. The fans still lingered, trying to at least talk to the guys more, which was okay with me, but not the venue’s security crew. Vinnie wrapped it up as quickly as he could with very little help from Mickie. She put things back into the boxes, but when it came to lifting them, she wouldn’t help at all. I guess I don’t blame her, those things are heavy as crap.
“I need a nap,” Mickie stated as soon as she walked up to me. “Like a hardcore, power nap,”
“No, we need to go online shopping for those cute shoes you have on,”
“Ohh yeah…” She giggled. “Forgive me for forgetting,”
“You’re forgiven,” I rolled my eyes. “I just need to know where to ship them too, so I need a tour schedule. Can you manage that?”
“Yes,” She groaned. “I’m blonde, not stupid.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, I have gear to load up. I’ll meet you back on the bus,”
“Okay! Have fun….” She smiled and started walking off toward the exit. I started my quest to find Matt, and find out what I needed to do next. I have having trouble at first, but I did quickly find him. He was loading some sound stuff with Jeff.
“Matty! What do you need me to do next?”
“Round up the guys, please? They need to get back on the bus before everything is packed up,”
“Why is that?”
“Because they’re so hard to get together,” He answered. “They take the longest,”
“Damn,” I huffed. “Well I’m off to heard the sheep,”
“Good luck, lady.” Jeff called.
I rolled my eyes and started off to look for the guys. Zack was the first one I found. He wasn’t too hard. He was just lifting weights like he usually does backstage. I quickly told him to go get on the bus, with which I followed quickly. I figured that Rian would be the next one that I could find, and I was correct. He was talking away on his phone. I nodded my head and lifted my hand toward the direction of the bus. He nodded and stood up before telling whoever to hang on.
“I’m going, I’m going. You might have a hard time finding Jack and Alex. They’re playing hide and seek from Matt. Chances of you finding them anytime soon are very slim.
I rolled my eyes.
Rian chuckled before going back to his phone, and disappearing out of the room. I walked about, and checked every single part of the dressing room. That left at least two more rooms for the other three bands. This would take forever I’m sure. I walked around, looking a tad bit lost. Despite the fact that Alex and Jack act like children doesn’t mean that they play hide and seek like children. They’re really good at this game. I guess I would too if I played it on tour a lot.
I got the brilliant idea to call them both. Maybe if their phone’s volume was up, I could hear them. I tried Jack’s number first, hearing the ringing off in the distance. I tip-toed the best I could toward the sound. Jack was cursing lightly, causing Alex to laugh nearby. I didn’t know where either of them were hidden, but they were close if not then they were in the same place.
“Is it Matt?”
Jack huffed.
“No, it’s your wife,”
“Why is my wife calling you?”
“Cause this body is sexy, duh,” I could practically see him rolling his eyes. I pressed call again, and his phone started to ring again. As I got closer to the sound, so did Jack’s voice. “I wonder what she wants,”
I peaked under a small desk, and there sat Jack with his phone pressed into his face.
“She wants you to get your ass back into the bus.” I stated flatly.
Jack jumped and smacked his head on the bottom of the desk.
“Fuck! Scare a guy, why don’tcha?” He scowled, but it soon turned to a smile. “You found me faster than Matt!”
“I am smatter than Matt,” I rolled my eyes. “Come on, get out from under there. You too, Lex. I can see your hair from here,”
My husband poked his head out from under another nearby table.
“Dammit,” He pouted as he joined Jack and I. “How did you even know I was there?”
“Please, you and Jack were practically yelling,” I giggled. “Come on, hooligans. We’ve got a bus call to catch. If you don’t, I’ll just have to hurt you,”
Jack laughed and Alex rolled his eyes.
“Fine,” They agreed at the same time.
We all finally made it back to the bus, and got settled in. I joined Mickie on the love seat to go shopping while Jack, Alex, and Zack all took the other couch to watch movies on. They put in Transformers while we shopped.
“Okay, so what color are you really looking for?”
“Whatever colors they make,” I smiled. “What colors do they have?”
“Take a look,” She smirked, handing the computer to me. My eyes grew twice their size as soon as I saw all of the shoes they had to offer. I wanted all of them that were on the page. “I told you that there were a lot,”
“Holy cow,” I stated, looking at them. “How in the hell did you even pick?”
She shrugged.
“When I bought them, I didn’t have a ton of money because of college. I’ve got more now though,”
“I love them all,” I sighed. “I will restrict myself from buying the whole store,”
Mickie rolled her eyes.
“Stop being dramatic,” She giggled. “I don’t think that you’ll actually get that much,”
“You never know…” I trailed off, stealing a glance at Alex and the guys. “I’m going to get my credit card,”
“Can I shop some?”
“Of course,” I laughed before I went to my bunk that I was going to share with Alex. I grabbed my own credit card, and then I got Mickie’s from her wallet. I walked back into the living room. Mickie already had her stuff picked out, and she was ready to pay for her shoes. I handed her the credit card, and she smiled at me. I looked at her order of cute shoes. When she got to the total, I laughed a little bit. It was a total of $725.
“I know that it’s a lot for shoes but….daddy’s got money?” She shrugged.
I laughed.
“Tipico,” I muttered.
“Chiudere,” Mickie responded. “il tuo turno,”
shut up. Your turn
I took the laptop from her hands, and started to search and add stuff to the shopping cart. I went a little crazy with the shoes. I ended up getting eleven pairs of shoes. I laughed at myself, and went right to the check out. When I was ready to pay, my total was $2,073.95. Alex or my dad will kill me for this…or both. I, however didn’t care at the moment. They were way too cute to deny.
“Scuoti la testa verso di me, ma si spendono più soldi,”
You shake your head at me, yet you spend more money.
“So?” I giggled. “I haven’t been proper shopping in a while. I want to spend money, cause I can.”
Mickie and I turned to Alex.
“I didn’t say that in Italian like I planned, did I?” I questioned her.
“Nope,” Mickie shook her head. “Calm down, Alex. We’re not buying a lot of stuff. Just a few things that we need for tour…”
“Okay…” He trailed off, and then turned back to the movie that they were so into.
“Let’s go to Wildfox,” I suggested.
“Yay! I need cute sweaters,” Mickie agreed.
Once we got onto the site, we started searching for the styles we loved. We got four tops each with a total of $1,398. After we got shirts, we decided that we needed purses and sunglasses too. That cost us $2656.
“Ho intenzione di essere nei guai mooolto,”
I’m going to be in soooo much trouble.
“Dal modo in cui Alex ha reagito, si sta andando ad essere morto,”
By the way Alex reacted, you’re going be dead
“Not helping,” I retorted.
“Sorry,” She giggled. After a huge yawn and strech, she stood up from the couch. “Night guys, I’m turning in for the night,”
“Night, Mick,” I replied, and the guys chorused agreements.
I thought about everything that I had bought, and where I told it to ship the things. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, and I dialed the hotel’s number I now had on speed dial. I needed more quiet, so I walked back toward the bunk area. I found my bunk and waited for someone to pick up.
“Holiday Inn, how may I help you?”
“Ah, yes, this is Mackenzie Gaskarth, and I’m calling about a package,”
“Alright, Mackenzie, do you know what room number you will be in?”
“Not off the top of my head,” I answered.
“Okay, how do you spell the last name?”
“It’s under Flyzik. That’s F-L-Y..”
“Z-I-K,” I finished.
“Ah, the band that will be coming in two days?”
“Yes, that’s us,”
“Mackenzie Gaskarth, here you are. You’ll be rooming with a...Oh, I’m assuming it’s your husband?”
“Yes, ma’am,”
“Okay, now what can I do for you?”
“I have some packages being shipped to the hotel a few hours before we get there. Could you be a doll and make sure that they get to my room before we check in?”
“I will most certianly do that, Mrs. Gaskarth,”
“Thank you. We’ll be there in two days,”
“Okay. Goobye,” She replied, hanging up the phone.
What in the world did I just get myself into?
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