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“Rosana Mackenzie Gaskarth...what in the fuck did you do?!” Alex nearly shouted. I jumped back at his angry voice. My faced heated up in what I assumed was a blush. I watched with wide eyes as his eyes scanded the dozen plus boxes that had occupied our hotel room’s living room. Alex looked around, not knowing what to do with himself. He looked so lost. “Seriously! What are all of these anyway?!” He hollered. I froze in my stop. I mean, I knew that he would be mad. I fucking knew that he would be mad. I wasn’t, however, planning on him being furious. That shocked me almost as many boxes as there was sitting in the room with us right now.
“No! Don’t speak yet!” He huffed. “What is wrong with you?! How much did you buy and how much did you spend?”
“I didn’t spend your money,” I rolled my eyes.
“That’s not the point, Mackenzie!” He flung his arms. “How. Much. Did. You. Spend?”
I nibbled on my lip.
“As in all together?”
“Yes...” Alex replied.
I could tell that he was getting even more irrated that he was before. I figured that I shouldn’t plus my luck, so I huffed, and calculated my totals.
“Around six-thousand.”
I huffed.
“Okay, So I spent $6,127.97 exactly...” I trailed off. Alex shook his head at me. He grabbed his wallet, and headed toward the door. “Where are you going?!”
“Out!” He yelled before walking out of our hotel room, and slamming the door behind him. I flinched at the sound. I turned back toward my boxes, and picked up my phone. I sent a quick text to Mickie and five seconds later, the bubbly blonde was at my door.
“Hi!” She bounced into the hotel room. “Where’s the hubby,”
Out,” I mocked him.
“That mad?”
“Try fucking furious. He nearly blew a gasket.”
“I don’t understand why he would be so mad, personally.” Mickie rolled her eyes and plopped down on the bed. “It was techonically your money and not his. He can’t be that mad,”
“Tell that to him,” I huffed. “He was so mad. I haven’t seen him that mad in a while. I haven’t seen him that mad since I bought us that huge flat screen tv.”
“He was really mad about that one, even if he has an awesome picture on it now...”
I rolled my eyes.
“He’s such a teenage boy, I swear.”
“Yeah...they all are,” She rolled her eyes. “Now, let’s get down to business. We’ve got some boxes to un-pack.”
“This is true.” I laughed lightly, but it didn’t sound too convincing. I felt horrible for Alex getting that mad at me. It isn’t that big of a deal, as Mickie had said. It’s just shoes and clothes. It was even bought with my money. He’s a douch bag. I would never yell at him like that. In fact, I have never yelled at him for someone so stupid like that.

AlexAllTimeLow: Pissed beyond belief. Really, Mac? Fucking really?!
I rolled my eyes and huffed.
CallMeMacG: This just in, my husband if a fucking dick. What else is new with the world?
“Really, Mac? Fucking really?” Mickie mocked.
I laughed and rolled my eyes.
“You saw that tweet too?”
“Yupp...and now I see yours,” The blonde laughed, scrolling through her phone. “I like you’re better. I retweeted you,”
“You’re welcome, baby cakes.” Mickie stated before she started unpacking the shoes. “OH MY GOSH! FINALLY!” She craddled her beloved Jeffery Campbell Lita bootie to her chest. “I love it already.”
“You’re weird,”
“Wait until you wear them. Then see how attatched you get to these damn shoes,”
“I will,” I rolled my eyes before my phone vibrated.

AlexAllTimeLow: I realize that she was a spoiled brat but dammit enough is fucking enough
CallMeMacG: @AlexAllTimeLow Hey douche, you seriously need to get over it. It was my fucking money. Not yours.

“You’re not making this easier for yourself,”
I rolled my eyes.
“It will be okay...” I trailed off. “Fuck!”
“You know what I should’ve got?”
“A new suite case. How in the hell am I going to carry all of these shoes? I do have extra space in the suite case, but not for all of this.”
“We could go shopping tomorrow?”
“As long as it’s a thirft store, I’m down.”
“Okay,” She nodded in agreement.
I huffed and my phone vibrated again, signalling a tweet. I tossed my phone on the bed, ignoring whatever responce he had waiting for me. I didn’t need to deal with it at the moment. Instead, I finished un-packing our stuff that we bought. Every time that I saw a new pair of shoes, my smile got bigger and bigger. I couldn’t help my reaction. It was the inner girly girl in me, I swear.
“I think we’re done,” I smiled proudly. Mickie and I managed to put most of my stuff away, and put hers in her suit cases. “Now what?”
“Let’s flop down on the couch, and watch Golden Girls!” She exclaimed.
I smiled and agreed before my best friend put in her season three of The Golden Girls. I smiled, being brought back to when I was thirteen and discovered the show with my best friend. We loved it so much that we just couldn’t stop watching it. It was a example of one of the best shows ever. I miss it a lot. Mickie giggled and sang to the opening, and I swipted up my phone, and checked twitter.

AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG what the fuck ever. I’m going to the bar. Don’t wait up late. I’m sure your shoes will keep you company.

Alex came stumbling in around three in the morning. I was sleeping soundly in our shared hotel bed. I stopped waiting for him around one when Mickie made it back to her own room. I had the tv playing with no sound, and the blanket tucked tightly to my body. I felt horrible, but he shouldn’t have went out drinking like that. Bad things always happen when Alex goes out like that, especially when he’s all alone like he was earlier. I burried my head deeper into the pillow as he made his way noisely into the room. I could tell that he was plastered just by the little, in co-harrent mumbles he released. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world while he tripped over things.
I turned on my side, and looked at him. His hair was messy, and un-kept. Just by the light coming from the TV screen, I could see just how drunk he was. He shrugged off his leather jacket, t-shirt and almost got to his jeans when he fell over. If I wasn’t so mad, and if he wasn’t this drunk, I probably would have been laughing. However, I found no humor in the why he had let himself get this far. I hate Alex when he drinks. He knows this above all things. I worry about his drinking problem. I know that he has cut back a lot, but getting so messed up that he couldn’t see straight was bad. It’s a miracle that he even made it back to the hotel in one piece.
He laughed drunkenly, and slowly took off his shoes. He fiddled with them before looking lazily over at me. I shook my head, and pushed the blanket off of my body. With a small tap, the bedside lap on my side was flicked on, eluminating light across the hotel room. His eyes were glazed over, and almost falling closed. I shook my head angerly at him, and got up out of the bed. I got to his shoes and started to un-tie them. He didn’t even look at me while I slipped both his shoes and socks off. That’s something big for me, because I hate feet. They creep me out and their gross. Alex grinned cheekily at me as I undid his studded belt and slipped his jeans off of him.
“Wooa now. You’ve gotta take me out first.” He slurred.
I rolled my eyes.
“Shut up. I’m helping you.” I snapped back. I tucked his dirty clothes and tossed them into his dirty laundry bag. I grabbed his sleep pants and slowly slipped them on. Alex insisted on trying to annoy me by tugging on my hair and slapping my hands away, but I finally got them on his lower half. “Cosa devo fare con te, Alejandro?” I asked mostly myself.
Alex shrugged.
“I dunno,” He replied. Normally I would have laughed, considering it sort of answered my question, but he was too drunk to even notice. “Ya know, you really pretty. Like far more pretty than any other girl I’ve fucked. You’re a bitch though. That’s really a turn off, ya know?” I rolled my eyes at the name-calling, rude comments. They didn’t matter. “I love you, you know that right?”
“You need some sleep,” I huffed.
His head was suddenly on my shoulder and he started to kiss from there up my neck. I grimaced. It felt so wrong. It felt un-natural, and very un-Alex like. It didn’t even feel like it was him sitting next to me. This was some stranger that I happened to be married to, and decided to show his ugly side. His sloppy kisses landed on my cheek. He kissed my lips, making me taste all of the liqour that he had obsurbed. He pulled away to look at me with hazy, lust-filled eyes.
“I think I’m gonna puke.” He stated, leaning to the side and grabbing a trash can before he emptied his stomach contents in the empty can. I gagged, nearly making myself throw up. I rubbed soothing circles into his back while he heaved. It sounded like he had one hell of a night. It’s no wonder that he’s puking up so much. When he finished he wobbled himself to the bathroom to finish. I sighed heavily and laid back down on my side of the bed. Fifteen minutes later, he was stumbling back to the bed. This time, he wasn’t that bad, but I could still tell that he was was past drunk. He crawled up into the bed. “You’re way too good for a loser like me,” He whimpered. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist, pulling me into him, and I let him. I wasn’t happy about it, but I did love him for the most part. I reached over to the lap, and tapped it so it shut off. With the TV remote, I turned off the TV, leaving us in the complete dark.
“Are you feeling better?” I slowly found myself asking. I didn’t want him to fell any worse.
“Yeah. I shouldn’t have drank that much,”
“No kidding,” I retorted ligthly. “Good night, Alex.”
“You are important to me. You really are, you know that right?” He asked. “You have to know that you’re important to me. I love you, I really fucking do. You know that I love you, right?” He slurred on. “Right?”
I huffed, and twisted a little in his limp arms. Even if he was wasted, he was still strong enough to hold me to him if he wanted me there.
“I know,”
“And all I ever do is fuck it up. I’m such a jackass, aren’t I? I’m a selfish basterd. I don’t deserve you, at all. But I love you so much that it hurts. It burns my stomach when you’re not with me, and my heart feels like someone split it in half like those animated broken hearts.”
“I just really hate myself. I really, really, really, fucking hate myself. I’m such a morone. You begged me forever ago not to go out and drink, but what do I do? I do exactly what you asked me not too. What kind of person does that?”
“You do,” I whispered, feeling myself about to cry.
“I’m sorry. I know that it doesn’t mean too much, but I really am.”
“What’s the point in apologizing when you aren’t going to remember this in the morning?” I asked painfully.
I was Alex to remember. I really do. I think that drunks man’s actions are a sober man’s thoughts, but still. I don’t know if he has the balls to say this all to my face. I wouldn’t be surprised if I never hear thost two words again. Alex is not a man who apologizes often for something like this. So when he does, you know he means it.
“You mean the world to me,”
I huffed.
“I know.”
“I love you, Lisa.”
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