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“Okay, Matty, everything is A-OK out here. Give the boys the okay to come on out,” I spoke into the radio I was given. After I hung up, I sighed heavily. I was so tired that every bone in my body hurt. I just wanted to go get some sleep. The boys had an early show, so we ended about two hours earlier than expected. Alex had informed me that after tonight’s show then we would be going out, just the two of us. He had concocted this plan to ‘romance’ me again. It made me laugh, and thinking about our first six months together. He had spent a lot of time trying to get me to fall in love with him. It worked. Alex is a natural charmer, so I was rather happy about the idea of having an evening like this. The good Lord knows that we both definitely need it.
All Time Low quickly made it out for a routine signing. Matt followed closely behind them. When all five of them reached the table, Matt hugged me quickly. He smiled and grabbed the Sharpie’s from my hand. I furrowed my brows at him, and he nodded his head toward the exit. I caught on quickly, and I found myself moving toward the door. Mickie caught sight of me, and shot up out of her seat alongside Vinnie. He too gave her a head nod and soon enough, my best friend was beside me. She linked arms with me and we made our way back to the tour bus.
“So…what is tonight all about?” She asked me with a small smile.
“Alex has set forth a plan to completely woo me off of my feet.” I laughed. “I’m rather nervous,”
“Because my husband is a charmer,” I rolled my eyes at him. “He really knows how to get what he wants.”
“So that’s why you are with him! He has you under his spell!” She joked, giggling at the same time.
“It’s one powerful spell then,” I giggled back. “I need help picking out an outfit. He’s taking me to this place that I’ve never been before. He swears that it’s really good though,”
“Just keep your guard up, okay?” Mickie smiled sadly at me.
“Oh trust me, it is.” I stated, punching in the pass code to our bus before walking on it. “Especially now more than ever,”
“What exactly was said last night after Jack and I left?”
“Nothing much,” I sighed. “Yet…it felt like everything was said.”
Mickie gave my shoulder a light squeeze before the bound off to go look for my dress. I’m more nervous than excited. Alex and I haven’t been out on an actual date in a while. I don’t really know how to act. I haven’t date much anyway before I got married. Everything in my life is just fucking weird. I shook my head in realization. Who in the fuck actually marries someone because their father set it up? Who gets a stupid reality show after being together for a year? If someone told me that this would be my life, I would laugh in their faces. Now they get to see me do stupid ass shit. What a wonderful trade…not.
“I think that you should wear this.” Mickie smiled, walking into the room with casual black dress in her hands. She handed it over to me and I inspected it. I furrowed my brows and looked up at my best friend.
“This is my dress.”
“I know,” She smiled.
“This…i-is my dress. Like…an actual design…with my name on the tag?” I looked up at her. “What?”
Mickie smirked at me.
“Alex and I might have been working with some…designers recently. I wasn’t supposed to tell you until after the tour, but they set back the first actual dresses that you sketched. The entire line is in my bunk.”
I felt my heart beating out of my chest before I grabbed my best friend and wrapped her up tightly in my arms. Tears started to slowly come down my face, but I didn’t bother whipping them. I was so happy that I actually had my own fashion line. I could quit school if I wanted to, that would be a waste of money, but I had my line! My line was…real.
“Thank you…so much,”
Mickie shrugged.
“It was mostly Alex. We put this together months ago, it just so happens that it’s being pulled together now.”
“He did this?” I questioned. I took a deep breath and let a smile fall on my lips. “He does care,”
“Of course he does.” Mickie rolled her eyes. “I want you to be guarded, but he does care a whole lot about you. He loves you, Mac. It’s just hard to pick which side I’m on…”
“It’s fine, I get it,” I shrugged.
“Good! Now stop crying! I have to make you all pretty for your hubby tonight!” She laughed, grabbing my arm and pushing me toward the back lounge. She instructed that I put on the dress and she handed me in a pair of my new Lita booties. I was just finishing with my outfit when she busted through the door with three bags of make-up. I raised my eyebrows at my best friend, but she just waved me off. “Sorry that the make-up team couldn’t be here to doll you up. You’re stuck with little ole’ me.”
“Oddly, I’m okay with that,” I joked.
Mickie didn’t put too much make up on me. She put just enough so that it was noticeable, but not enough to be over-bearing. I kept telling her that she would be a wonderful make-up artist, but she never really listened to me. She’d rather figure it out herself than have someone compliment her. Even if she was good at something, she wanted to do things the hard way. Mickie was like that sometimes, but I really couldn’t live without her. She’s my best friend in the entire old. For goodness sake, the girl moved to Maryland for me. That’s friendship in it’s finest.
“Now you are officially ready,” She stated, with a satisfied smile on her lips. “Well, apart from your hair.”
I rolled my eyes and stood up from where I was sitting. The boys got back while she was fixing me up, and she threatened them. Needless to say, they instantly backed up. Mickie can be scary too, especially when she’s yelling at them in Italian. I took a quick look at my wavy hair in the mirror, and I slightly smiled. It was the first time in a few days that I had actually smiled because I was happy. I noticed that my eyes were dull, but they weren’t as lifeless as they used to be. I took a deep breath, and I pulled open the door to the back lounge.
Alex smiled as soon as he saw me. He had changed in their dressing room at the venue. He was still wearing his signature black skinny jeans, but he had a nice black v-neck with a matching button up on over it. He looked amazing. His hair was styled just the right way. He looked like himself again for the most part. Alex met me half way, and wrapped his arms around me.
“You look beautiful,” He smiled before offering me his hand. I gladly took it, and laced our fingers together.
“You look quit dapper yourself,” I smiled back at him, letting my teeth show. I haven’t smile at him like that in a while.
“Shall we go?”
I nodded eagerly, and gave him hand an extra squeeze. It was nice to have his palm pressed tightly to mine again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until it had momentarily stopped. Cat calls came from our friends, which didn’t surprise me. He reached back and flipped them all off before leading the way off of the dreadful bus. I noticed quickly that we didn’t have a car, or any other means of transportation.
“It’s okay if we walk, right?” He interrupted quickly. “It’s a really nice night, and I figured that the fresh air would be good for us…”
“Thanks for bringing me on tour,” I blurted out.
Alex furrowed his brows at me before laughing.
“Sorry…I just…I’m glad that I get to spend this time with you. I know that you didn’t bring girls on tour with you this much when you were with them. It means a lot to me that Matt even gave me a full on job…I love that you care.”
“I care a whole hell of a lot about you,” Alex replied, looking forward and once again taking the lead. “I love you,”
“I love you,” I replied, looking at my feet for a moment before looking back up in the direction that we were going. “Mickie told me about the clothing line,”
“She did?” He sounded shocked.
“Yeah…I’m wearing one of my dresses now.” I added with a small shrug. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to do that?”
“Would you have let me?”
“Mackenzie…” He warned playfully.
I latched my other hand around his arm.
“Fine…I would have,”
Alex laughed.
“That right there is exactly the reason why I didn’t tell you.”
“You didn’t tell me because I would’ve forced you not to,” I stated, understanding exactly what he meant.
“Exactly…I guess the line came early then? It wasn’t supposed to show up for another month or so. It was supposed to show up after we got back home and settled in.” He explained. “You aren’t mad about it, are you?”
I laughed, causing him to look down at me.
“Of course I’m not mad at you. I love you so much more. It means…God, I can’t describe to you how much it means to me. I love you so much. I love the line…thank you,”
“Anything for you,” He smiled, pressing a kiss to the top of my head. “I could get used to you wearing those. You’re so much taller.”
I playfully smacked his stomach.
“Be nice to me! I’m short!”
“You’re not too short, but yeah, you are rather…fun sized,”
“You’re dick is fun sized.” I retorted.
Alex laughed loudly, causing me to join in. It had been a really long time since the two of us had joked around. Well, that’s exaggerating, but still. When you’re love someone so much and you’re suddenly stop communicating, it feels like a really long time. It’s the best feeling ever being able to go back to joking.
“That was a good one,” He admitted, looking both ways before dragging me across the street and toward some small restaurant that looked like it should have closed hours ago. “This place has the best milkshakes that I’ve tried.”
“Are you sure about that?” I laughed.
“I’m positive!” He said, holding the door open for me.
Alex let me pick a small table while he got us milkshakes. He ordered me a mint chocolate chip while he got a vanilla one. When he sat down, the waitress rushed right on over. Together we decided to split a large cheese pizza, and got some sodas for after our milkshakes.
“I feel like I got a little too dressed up for this one, babe.”
The pet name just fell from my lips, and I could see Alex’s eyes light up as soon as it did. He probably wouldn’t admit it out loud to me, but he loves when I call him nick-names like that. I think that he likes to hear them as much I like hearing them.
“You look beautiful, baby.”
I smiled widely.
“Thank you,”
“You’re welcome,” He chuckled. He looked around the small restaurant. “So…I may have exaggerated a little bit when I said that I was going to knock you off your feet tonight. I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted,”
I rolled my eyes.
“It’s perfect, Lex, I promise.” I replied. “And as for knocking me off of my feet, you’re doing an exultant job so far.”
“Really?” He asked, raising his eyebrows at me. “Cause I was starting to worry.”
“Baby, this is probably one of the sweetest things you have ever done for me.”
Alex just beamed, and I knew that my smile reflected his.
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