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Out Of Hand

"Wow, you guys are so hammered," I giggled to myself, scooping up the empty beer bottles from the living room's coffee table. "Alex, you are going to have a killer hang over."

He just smiled cheekily at me before he turned on the stereo system as loud as possible before he started to dance around the room with Rian. I rolled my eyes and sat down in-between Cassadee and Beth.

"Little one can't drinkkkkk yettttttt." Beth cooed, poking my cheek repeatedly.

"Leave her alone!" Cassadee giggled. "She's just a babyyy."

"Thanks guys. I love you too," I laughed at the two girls slightly swaying beside of me.

"Can I please kiss Zack?" Alex randomly asked me.

I shook my head.

"I swear, you're gay."

"Am not!" He stomped his foot like a little kid. "Bethhhhhhhh can I kiss your boyfriend?"

"Yeah!" She shouted, giggling.

"You guys are pretty fucked up," I groaned. I walked to the kitchen and I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, and started to drink it.


I rolled my eyes upon hearing my husband screaming Bieber's lyrics at the top of his lungs. I turned around to see him attempting to dance like Justin along with Rian.

"And you're cut off too." I stated, taking the bottle of beer from his hand. "You drink way to much."

"I do not!"

"You do too, Alex." I stated before standing up and walking to the confession room. I sat down in front of the camera, and I sighed. "So at this point, I'm the only one sober...again, and it's getting kind of old. Alex wants to make out, Rian has the urge to sing show tunes, and Zack is so fucking talkative that it's ridiculous. Now all we need is Jack running around naked to make it a real party. I'm really starting to worry about Alex. I know that he used to have a drinking problem, and I know that he did go to therapy for certian things. This is just all getting a little out of hand. I understand that they don't have a normal job, but it's still needs to stop." I stated before standing back up and walking toward the kitchen. I picked up another bottle of water and the advil for later.

I looked out into the living room to see them all still partying hard, and the camera men there. I rolled my eyes and walked to our bathroom before I cleaned myself up, and changed for the night. I walked to our bed, and I laid down, ready to close my eyes when the room door opened again.

"Can we talk?" Alex muttered.

"Not until you're sober."

"But I ammmmm," He whined.

"No, you aren't. So either leave the fucking room or lay down with me."

"Fine. Stop being such a bitch," He mumbled before he turned around and left the room.

My mouth had dropped.

I hate when he calls me a bitch,

and means it.



I woke up, and rubbed my head. I had a killer headach from the previous night, and I wasn't even the one drinking. In fact, I was completely sober. Doesn't make much sense now does it? I don't think so either. I sat up out of bed, and walked to the closet. I decided on a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie before walking to the bathroom. I really need a shower, I feel really gross. As soon as I was done with my shower, I washed my face. I took down my hair, because I can't wash it up to a certian amount of time after getting my hair extentions. I know, it's gross.

I applied make-up, and then put on my clothes. After checking myself one more time, I walked out of the bathroom, and into the living room. Everything was a wreck. Bodies were laying, looking life-less, around my house. Rian and Cassadee were laying on the couch cuddled up, but nearly naked while Beth was on the coffee table. Zack and Alex were no where to be found, so I quickly made my way to the kitchen. There they were, both sleeping on top of the kitchen counter top and all tangled up. I shook my head before heading toward the room.

"I'm really pissed right now. Alex's partying has seriously got to chill out. He's way too reckless. I love the man to death, and I'm not telling him that he has to stop completely, but something has to give." I stated, standing up and walking back toward the kitchen. I shook the two men until they both woke up.

"Headache," Zack groaned, holding his head.

I reached for the advil, and I handed him a bottle of water.

"Drink up, Jock Face."

"Thanks, Target." He stated with a rough chuckle that sounded forced.

I looked over at my husband, who was just staring at me with an un-readable expression.

"You had a pretty rough night." I explained as I handed him some advil too.

"I guessed that much when I woke up snuggled into Zack's muscles instead of you,"

"Yupp," I nodded, nearly ignoring him.

Alex's laugh stopped, and he looked over at Zack.

"Um...I'm going to go wake up the rest of the guys, okay?"

"Mmkay," I replied before Zack walked as quickly as he could into our living room.
Alex hopped off of the counter top, and stood in front of me.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"Are we seriously having this conversation?" I snapped.

"Um...yeah. We sort of are," He crossed his arms. "What's wrong, Mac?"

"Alex, this seriously has to stop. You know that I don't have a problem with you guys having a good time, but you're starting to drink way too much. Not only the drinking is a problem, but so is the fact that you've started doing it more often than you used to."

"No I don't..." He trailed off.

I placed a hand on my hip, and I kept my stare cold.

"Alex. Stop it. You know that it's getting out of control."

"It's not as bad as it used to be,"

"No, but you're getting that way again. What if you have to go to rehab? Or get arrested?"

"Mac, don't talk like that," He stated, embracing me in a hug. I didn't hug back, and was highly turned off due to the fact he reeked of beer. "At least hug me back?"

"Not until you take a shower. You really do stink."

"Nice to know..." He trailed off, letting go of me, but placing a loving kiss on my forehead. "I'm going to go take a shower. When I'm done, we can go hang out all day."

"Again?" I asked, playful now.

"Yessss." He mocked me before smiling. "We should go visit your dad,"

I nodded in agreement before he smiled one last time and went toward our room. I walked into the living room to see all of them getting ready.

"Thanks for being a great hostess." Beth smiled weakly at me.

"You guys heard, right?" I asked with a heavy sigh.

Cassadee smiled and nodded sadly.

"Honey, we probably shouldn't have gotten that out of control. It wasn't fair to you, because you ended up having to take care of us."

"And we aren't exactly helping with Gaskarth," Rian added.

Zack just gave me a weak smile as he linked hands with his current girlfriend.

"We've gotta go." He stated.

"We might as well get out of here before Alex gets out of the shower," Rian added before both he and Cassadee hugged me.

"Bye, guys." I waved as they walked out. I walked to the kitchen, and I started to mix some pancake mix. I was nearly done when Alex came back out with slightly wet and wavy hair.

"Did they already leave?" Confusion etched on his face.

I nodded my head and turned off the stove.

"They left about ten minutes after you got into the shower."

"Oh." He mummbled before making himself some coffee. "Are you making chocolate chip pancakes?"

"Of course," I smiled at him the best I could.

Truth be told, I was not happy with him.

At all.
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