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“So, how am I doing now?” Alex asked, winking at me.
I laughed, and smiled widely.
“The pizza is amazing, and the milkshakes are the best.” I admitted. “The view isn’t so bad either,”
“I try,” Alex laughed at me. “I love you a lot, Mac. I want you to know that,”
“Thanks…I love you a lot too.” I replied.
“I’m thinking that we take a casual stroll after this. How does that sound?”
“It sounds amazing,” I agreed. “We could even go for a swim in the hotel pool.”
“I’d love too,” Alex nodded, taking another big bite of his slice of pizza. “I’ve always wanted to try sex in a pool.”
I shook my head at him.
“You’re not getting lucky that fast.” I stated. “You’ve gotta work for it.”
“I have to work for it?” Alex pouted. “Am I not sweeping you off of your feet?”
“You are but you’ve got a ways to go, babe.” I teased lightly. “I want us to be at one hundred percent before we dive back into our sexual relationship,”
“Whyyyyy?” Alex whined.
I just laughed. The sexually frustrated man in front of me didn’t look happy at all. I can’t really blame him though. Before tour, Alex and I had a very, very active sex life. It wasn’t like we were addicted to it or anything, we just had a lot of sex. Alex loves sex which is obvious. Before him, I was a virgin. I felt very inexperienced next to him. He always reassures me though. He used to tell me that no matter what, I was the best he ever had. Just the thought made my cheeks flush. Alex seemed to catch on to his, and he smirked at me.
“You’re thinking about it aren’t you?” He asked.
“N-no.” I stuttered.
Alex’s arms crossed over his chest.
“You totally are,”
“Shut your mouth and eat,” I mumbled, grabbing food to stuff my face with. Alex started to laugh. He apparently enjoyed the fact that I was very flustered. While I ate some more, Alex just stared at me. I felt awkward under his gaze, but I didn’t say anything. I was able to force down one more piece before the waitress brought us a huge to go box. After grabbing some to-go milkshakes as well, we were ready to leave. One of his arms wrapped around me as we walked. I smiled widely into the darkness and leaned into my husband’s touch. We were able to get back to the hotel room in peace. No fans knew that we went out, and I was grateful for that. I love All Time Low’s fans, but sometimes they are just way too much for me to handle.
“I’m going to take some pizza to Jack and Mickie. Go ahead and get dressed.”
I smiled and nodded before he walked out of the room. As soon as he was gone, I went crazy looking for a proper swimsuit. After I settled on a black bikini, I started to freak out over my legs or armpits. I had nothing to worry about, but I triple checked. I didn’t even grab another pair of clothes as a cover up. I just wrapped a towel around my body and waited for Alex to come back. He walked into the room, and smiled at the site of me.
“Take a picture. It will last longer,” I joked. “Go get dressed,”
He rolled his eyes, and went to get his swimming gear on anyway.
I was excited to go swimming with him at night. I’ve never done that before in my life.
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