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Welcome to My Reality Show


"Dammit, Alex." I groaned at my husband currently sucking on my neck. "Get off, Horny Toad!"

He chuckled and pulled away. His brown eyes stared into mine.

"I love you, Rosana." He replied, letting my first name roll off his tongue.

I didn't even mind. Actually, I adored when he called me Rosana, but only in moments such as this.

"I love you, Alexander," I whispered back, cupping his cheek with my right, free hand.

Alex's eyes brightened, and his smile grew.

This was the man I accidentally fell in love with.

"I hate to ruin this moment..." The camera man, Larry stated. "But it's nearly two. You two were supposed to be at her dad's house, correct?"

We both stared in awe at the camera man, whom didn't mean to really interrupt.

"Yeah..." I nodded and trailed off.

"Okay. Get dressed, we will be waiting outside." He stated before the camera's moved out.

"That...was awkward." I stated, looking at my husband. "But get your ass up! We've gotta get ready."

"Yessss ma'am," Alex stated before we both set up in search for clean clothes.
Once Alex and I were done, we walked out of our bedroom and to the bathroom. He turned on our flat iron's, and I brushed my teeth. He ran his brush threw his reddish/brownish hair. I loved the new color. Don't get me wrong, he was a hot blonde in all, but I loved this so much more.

"I can't believe you spent nearly $230 for that stupid hair straightener."

He raised an eyebrow at me.
"You got your's discounted because I bought this one. We saved money, baby."

I rolled my eyes.

"$400 for two flat irons is pushing it, Lex," I mumbled before washing my mouth out with mouth wash.

Larry was recording us with a smaller camera.

"I know, you were livid. You were cussing worse than me and the guys combined."

"I'm aware." I laughed a little bit.

"Are you aware that when you're really, really mad you cuss in either Italian or Spanish."

I blushed slightly.

"I didn't realize that."

" do."

"Good to know..." I mused. "I guess I do it without thinking."

"How could you speak a different language without realizing it?" He asked, handing me the pink flat iron. I picked pieces of my hair and extentions to start straightening. Alex matched my movements, but I finished before him. Of course being the girl he is, had to grab his huge can of Rave hairspay and drown himself in it. I rolled my eyes as he made sure it was perfectly messy.

"Alright, come on wifey." I stated.

Alex was used to me joking around and calling him a girl.

"I'll be right back. Confession room time!" He grinned before walking into the room.

I huffed and grabbed my iPhone 4 from the counter, slipping it into my skinny jeans pocket.

"Alex! Hurry!" I yelled before walking closer toward the door. Seconds later, he came running toward me, but he stopped and stared. "Why are you just looking at me like that?"

"You're wearing one of our shirts?"

I looked down at the blue material.

"Yes! Shameless promotion. Now, come on! I miss my daddy."

"Okay, okay." he chuckled as we walked out of the door, and got into his car. Alex drove us the short distance to my dad's house. We sat in the car for a minute before I realized something. "Shit!"


"I forgot to tell him about the show!"

I felt my anger get the best of me.

"Alex! You fottuto idiota! Mio padre sta per lanciare merda! ¿Cómo puedes ser tan estúpido?! No importa, no responder a eso. ¿Qué carajo te pasa!" I mixed Italian and Spanish together, surely not making any sense to him.

"Mac, baby...calm down. You're speaking jibberish again." He lightly joked.

"No es divertido, Alejandro,"

"At least tell me what you said?" He coaxed, whispering into my ear, and holding me tightly... or the best he could in the car.

"I said 'you fucking idiot. My dad is going to flip shit. How can you be so stupid? Never mind, don't answer that. What the hell is wrong with you?' and then I said 'not funny, Alexander."

"I think I like it better when you call me Alejandro," He whispered in a deep voice. Chills made their way up and down my spine.

"Oh no you don't," I pushed him away. "What do we do about my dad?"

"We can call him back and talk to him about doing this tomorrow? I'm clearly doing nothing all day while you go prancing off to college."

I rolled my eyes.

"I don't 'prance off'. That shit is hard."

"Why do you think I never planned on going?" He asked, smiling at me.

I couldn't help but smile back, despite the fact I was cussing him out in different languages a moment ago.

"Fine. Call my dad, and drive us to Starbucks. I want a fucking coffee."

"Okay," He chuckled. "You know what I just realized?"

"No...what?" I questioned, playing with his hand that was intertwined with mine.

"They're going to have to beep us out a lot for using the F word too much."

"Oops?" I shrugged.

"Ohhh sure. That's your favorite word."

"I've been living with you too long," I pondered out loud.

"Nah," He chuckled, but picked up our intertwined hands, placing a kiss on the back of mine. "I love you,"

I rolled my eyes.

"I love you too, Alejandro,"

Alex smirked over at me, and the chills resurfaced.

Stupid smirk.


"What time do your classes start tomorrow?" Alex causally asked me while we ate grilled chicken.

"Ten, why?" I replied, moving a chunk of my hair behind my ears.

"I wanted to make you breakfast."

"Awe, sweetie! That's sweet and all, but I know that you can't cook all that well."

"Hey! I'm trying." He defended. "May I remind you, that the first night you spent here I made you pancakes and coffee the next morning. You loved them!"

"That's true..." I agreed. "...but other than that...Wow."

"I'm not that bad, baby,"

"Lex, you almost burnt our house down. You're terrible."

"What if I took some cooking classes down at the college while we're on our break?"

I laughed loudly, but Alex just stared blankly at me.

"You can't be serious!"

"But I am...." He trailed off, looking a tiny bit hurt.

"Alex?" I guestioned, setting down my fork. "If you want to take classes at the college...then go for it."

"Really?" He asked me nervously. "I just hate the idea of not being able to cook anything, and it makes you do all of the work..."

"How about you and I go by Starbucks tomorrow moring, pick up coffee, and then you can come with me to the college. You can sign up, and I'll go on to class."

"Would I even be home enough for me to attend?" He asked, and awkward silence filled the room. Alex and I rarely talked about how often he's home and how often he isn't. "How about we go to Starbucks and I drop you off. There's always the cooking chanel."

"I think that's a great idea too," I admitted. "It's easier that way. You can watch it while you're on the road and when you're at home. Plus you don't have to worry about homework and missing too many days," I pointed out.

"That's also very true! So that's the decision. I'm going to start watching the cooking chanel so I can cook for my baby."

I laughed lightly.

"Great, now you can put away our dishes and clean off the table. I have to retire to my design room to finish hemming the dress I made for class."

"How long have you been working on that dress?"

"A month now, I guess. Not that long. I'm taking my time, because I want it to look perfect."

"I'm sure it will." His smile encouraged me. I returned the smile before I stood up and kissed his lips lightly. I walked toward the guest room turned studio, and started to work on my dress. I sure hope that Mickie likes it, because she's going to be modeling it for me.

CallMeMacG: @MickieGreene finishing up tha dress! Gonna look amazing loves :) <3

MickieGreene: @CallMeMacG aweeee! Yayyy! I'm flying in soon ;)

CallMeMacG: @MickieGreene which would beeeee?

MickieGreene: @CallMeMacG in two dayzzzz! Holla!

CallMeMacG: @MickieGreene see you then, honey bunches of oats! :')

I giggled one last time before fully finishing all I possibly could without putting Mickie into the dress. I honestly can't wait to see her. She's coming at the perfect time too, because Alex has to leave again. He has to leave in a few days for a festival in Seattle. I was happy for him, and I would love to go and all...but I can't. College comes first for me...well right behind Alex.
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Cute-type chapter....I guess....

I love Mac's random yelling in Italian/Spanish!

Big props to Jerri for translating. I loves herrrr :')

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