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Welcome to My Reality Show

Dude! I'd Go Gay For You!

"HONAYYYY!!! I'M HOMEEEE!!!" Mickie's un-mistakable voice rang loudly through the house. It was seven p.m. and Alex was at the store picking up food and drinks we needed for the house.

"Mick!" I yelled, running toward my best friend. She blond dropped her bag and opened her arms, allowing me to jump on her. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too bayyybay." Mickie replied. She sat me down and smiled. "But seriously, Vegas is totally not the same without you,"

"I figured that much," I laughed. "Club tonight?"

"Don't you have school tomorrow?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

I giggled.

"I'm taking a sick day. Which is clearly code for 'staying in bed with bestie all day',"

"Always the bestest best frand ever." She said, playfully whipping the tears away from her eyes. "We should start getting ready now." I nodded in agreement. "And why are there camera men?"

"Oh, we're doing a reality show." I admitted. "Larry, can you get her some forms?"

"Already on it." He laughed.

"What's the show going to be called?"

"Gaskarth's." I laughed. "As of right now. We're actually running through more names."

"Was this your idea?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.



"Yeah..." I nodded in agreement. It was totally something that he would do. "Awe... I'm so excited for girl's night."

"Me toooo!" Mickie whinned. "Come help me pick out a dress."

"Mmkay," I agreed as we walked to the guest room/ Rian's old room. The same room Jack and her used to share.

I was in my bathroom, finishing curling my hair when I heard the front door open.

"Mac? Are you here?"

"Bathroom, babe!" I called back, letting a dark brown strand fall off of the iron.

"I'm putting the stuff away!" He yelled back and started toward the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and continued on my hair. When I finished my hair, I found my eye liner. I rimmed my eyes thickly with the black and put on grey and black eye shadow. I finished and then I slipped on my ankle boots. I finally felt ready, so I walked out into the kitchen. Alex was dressed in jeans and a beanie, like normal. He finished putting the food up, and then he turned around to face me.

"Whoa." He breathed. "You look gorgeous."

"Thanks, Alexander." I smiled, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

"Why so dressed up?" He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist. I was barely aware of the camera's anymore.

"Maccccc," Mickie sang, walking into the kitchen. "Awe... look at you guys."

"Thanks." I giggled, kissing his lips passionately. "Alright, let go."

Alex chuckled and hugged me closer. He burried his head into the crook of my neck, and placed soft kisses on my skin.

"I don't wanna." He whinned.

"Alexxxx, stop!" Mickie whinned. "You're totally cutting into my best friend time,"

Alex chuckled, planting one more kiss before letting go of me.

"What do you two have planned?"

"Clubbing." I smiled at my best friend. "We've gotta bond."

"Yeah..." Mickie sighed. "It's been rough."

"Awe...babe!" I stated, hugging her shoulders tightly. "I love you, okay? Let's forget about that terroist guitar player,"

Mickie giggled, and Alex laughed.

"Heyyy! That terroist guitar player is my best friend." He poorly defended Jack.

"I know...but he's being douchey," I replied, defendeding Mickie. "Come on, Mick. It's time to go dance."

"I'm so ready." She giggled.

I smiled at her before grabbing my purse.

"We'll probably be back late, okay?"

"Fine." Alex sighed and kissed my lips lightly. "I love you. Be safe and don't do anything stupid."

"Mmmkay. I'm off to go get pregnant." I joked before we left the house with a camera man.

"Did you really just say that?" Mickie giggled.

"It's something stupid Alex and I do." I tried to explain. "Like an inside joke."

"That is...really weird," She shook her head as we got into my car. I drove toward the nearest club. "The line if sooooo long."

"I know." I groaned. "Come on, before it gets too long."

"Okay." Mickie sighed and we all slid out of my car. "Cass is meeting us here too,"

"Nice," I giggled.

We didn't even get to wait in line before the body guard was directing us into the club.

"How in the hell did you manage that?" Mickie asked me.

I shrugged.

"Probably because we have like three camera's following us."

"That's a valid point," She giggled, agreeing with me. "Cass!" She shouted, nearly running to the skinny girl just a few feet away. They hugged tightly before Cassadee hugged me too.

"Hey, ladies!" She replied.

"Hi hi," I replied, laughing a little bit. "Do you guys want to go ahead and dance?"

"For sure," Cassadee agreed and she grabbed Mickie's hand before we all were making our way toward the dance floor. "I really need a drink."

"We can't drink," I giggled.

"So?" Cassadee shrugged. "Larry? Turn off the camera's while we do shots?"

Larry nodded, turning them off.

"I'm going to call production and go ahead and get home, okay?"

"Thanks, Larry."

"No problem," He chuckled. "I was young once."

We all laughed before he walked away, leaving us to our fun.

"Bring on those shots. I'm ready for something strong." Mickie stated, earning laughs from Cassadee and myself. We walked over to the crowded bar, making our way in front.

"Excuse me!" Cassadee yelled at the bartender, a young guy at that.

"What can I get you ladies?" He asked, flashing a sparking smile.

However, it didn't quiet faze us.

"Um...three straight shots of tequilla," Mickie ordered.

"Okay, and you're a VIP, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay. You get unlimited amount of drinks to your table."

"That's a nice surprise," I giggled. "Just keep sending them over. Send a little bit of everything."

"Will do," he nodded.

I grabbed their hands as we made it back to the table.

"This is Mac's first night of officially drinking...right?" Cassadee asked Mickie.

She nodded.

"My baby girl is growing up! First she gets married and now she's about to take her first shots!" Mickie exclaimed as the shots were placed in front of us. Mickied passed out the shots. "To Mac."

I giggled, but Cassadee joined in.

"To Mac." She agreed.

I groaned.

"To me," I stated, placing the cool glass to my lips and throwing back my head. The liquid slipped down my throat, and left a bitter taste in my mouth. "That shit is fucking nasty!"

"But it's strongggg." Mickie sang. "Can we get some Jager Bombs, please?"

"Coming right up."

"And she will take a Bloody Mary." Cassadee chimmed in. "You'll love it."

"I want a Migarita!"

"Of course you do," Mickie rolled her eyes playfully. "I'll take a Bud, please."

Cassadde giggled.

"That's gross."

"Nahhhhh. You just have to get used to it." She stated.

Within minutes, our other drinks were there along with nine more shots for us to take.

"To Cass." I stated, holding up the shot glass.

"Awe....shots for me." She batted her eyeslashes. "You shouldn't have!"

"To Cass," Mickie agreed while Cassadee just laughed. We all took the shots and grabbed the others and downing them too.

"Where's Beth?"

"She's probably fucking Zack," Cassadee giggled. "They've been like all over each other recently!"

"Didn't need that image, babe," Mickie joked.

I started to sip on my Bloody Mary, and my vision was already starting to be fucked up. I must be a light weight.

"Let's DANCE!" I shouted.

"Okay!" Cassadee giggled loudly.

Mickie rolled her eyes as we all walked out into the dance floor. Soon enough we started grinding up against each other and strangers. It was odd, but I was buzzed and I didn't care. Neighter did Cassadee and Mickie.


"Where's Mickie?!?!?!?!" Cassadee whinned as we drank more drinks.

I shrugged my shouders.

"Hell if I knowww. She's a slut drunk." I replied, nodding my head quickly.

"Hey, look at them. Hey ladiesss." A random, but really good-looking guy walked up to our table.

"I'm gay." Cassadee stated.

He furrowed his brows.

"This is my girlfriend," She stated, holding my hand tightly. "Back off, bitch,"

"It's sad that girls pretend to only be into girls, right Drake?"

"Sure is, Buster."

I laughed at their names.

"But she is my girlfriend!" I whinned. "Cassadee and I are in loveeeeeee,"

"They aren't,"

"Whatever!" I stated, and grabbed Cassadee's face. I kissed her cheek, but from their view, it looked like I had captured her lips instead.

"Oh...sorry." They started backing up.

"Dude!" Cassadee laughed. "I'd go gay for you!"

"No way! Me too! Let's be together, okay, girlfriend?"

Cassadee laughed really loudly.

"Okay, girlfriend!" She agreed.

"But I gotta piss!" I stated, sliding out of the booth and walking to the bathroom. I peed, and flashed. After washing and drying my hands, I swayed back to the booth. Cassadee had her head down on the table, mumbing something I couldn't understand. "What's that, baby?!"


I laughed loudly for no reason.

"Here, let's get some more drinks!"

"Okay!" She quickly agreed.

I won't remember any of this in the morning.
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This is seriously one of my favorite chapters ever!! :)

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