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Evil Tinkerbell

"On a scale to one and ten, how big is your hangover?" I asked Cassadee and Mickie in a whisper. We all were laying down in the guest room's bed, only in our undergarments.
"A thousand."
"I would say ninety-five." I answered for myself. "Let's just cuddle, kay?"
"Mmmhmm," Cassadee hummed as we all just snuggled into the bed and closer. "Ya know, this probably looks extremely weird."
"Whatever," I groaned, ignoring whatever was going to come next and drifting back off to sleep.
"Shut up whateveryournameis."
"I need to get home."
"Then get the fuck out!" I snapped, lifting my head to see the bartender on the other side of Mickie. "I have a hangover, and I just want to go back to sleep. Got it?"
He nodded, looking a little scared before he slipped out of the king size bed, and put on the rest of his clothes. He made his way out of the room, and I heard the front door open and close.
"Finally." Mickie sighed. "Peace."
"For now." I mumbled, snuggling closer to the pillow and Cassadee.
"I do believe in fairies." Cassadee mumbled.
That was the last thing I heard before falling asleep and dreaming that Tinkerbell tried taking over the world.
"Mac?!" I heard Alex yell from somewhere outside of the room.
"Shut up!" Mickie snapped. "You fucker!"
"And that was Mickie." Alex stated to I guessed where his friends.
I automatically tightened my arms around Cassadee and Mickie did the same to me. We were snuggled together, sleeping off hangovers.
Then the door opened.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Mickie growled, and then she turned over, only to hit the floor. "See what you fuckers made me do?!?!" She snapped, climbing back into the bed and cuddling against me.
"Alex... I think that you're wife is a cuddler." Rian chuckled.
"Shut it, Ri. Cassadee is my girlfriend now." I mumbled, yawning at the end of my sentence.
"Yeah!" Cassadee agreed.
"...why?" Alex asked, looking slightly amused.
"Cause we both believe in fairies!" Cassadee lightly giggled.
"She's still drunk," Mickie mumbled into the pillow beside my head. "My head hurts, and I just want to fucking cuddle. Mac is clearly my snuggle partner. If any of you dare to take that from me, I will chop off your balls with an axe."
"Awe. That's my Mickie." I mumbled, closing my eyes again. "Feel free to join us."
"Alex already has a boner, we don't need his cum everywhere too."
"Mickie, you're fucking nasty." I mumbled, not really caring. "I just want to sleep,"
"You guys gotta stop whining," Cassadee complained.
"Wow. You three have got to get up," A new voice said that I hadn't noticed before. I cracked one eyelid open to see Jack standing there. Okay, so maybe I didn't recognize his voice when they came in. It was only Alex, Rian and Jack standing there. I closed it again and groaned loudly.
"I will do with my hooky day what I please to." I mumbled.
"Mac, honey, no one understands a word you just said." Mickie mumbled. "I'm content as long as Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber leave us in peace...."
Cassadee rolled over on her back, with much protect from me.
"Mickie, you had the most sleep."
"And the most exercise." She wiggled her eyebrows at me.
"Shut it, Virgin Mary."
"She's married to Alex. She's far from innocent." Cassadee pointed out. I felt my cheeks flush.
"I think that Mac's embarrassed...." Mickie sang.
I flinged up my hand and back handed her shoulder.
"Mickie, go fuck the bartender again."
"I can't." She huffed. "He left."
"When did you guys even find the time to do it?"
"When you guys were asleep,"
"FUCKING GROSS!" I yelled, jumping up to where I was standing on the bed. My feet got tangled in the sheets and I fell on the floor. Once the carpet made contact with my face, I knew I was going to pay for that one. "Fuck. My. Life,"
"On the plus side, that was the fastest I've ever seen you move," Mickie chuckled. "Good job. That's a personal best,"
I lifted my hand and flipped her off before letting it fall back down beside of me.
"Dammit, guys…" Cassadee groaned, sitting up and getting up off of the bed. "I'm going to go sleep in your room. If you dare bother me, I will hurt you,"
"Yes, dear," Rian nodded his head rapidly. Cassadee slightly smirked before kissing him softly.
"Good answer." She replied before walking out of the room and down the hall.
"Mac...can we go back tonight?" Mickie asked, getting excited.
I lifted my head to stare at my bleach blonde best friend.
"I can't take two sick days, Mick. You know that."
"I knowww, but you're fucking funny when you're drunk." She giggled
"And you're a fucking whore." I snapped. "Let me sleep."
"Never!" Mickie shouted.
"Where in the hell did you get all of this energy?" I questioned as the girl sat down on my back.
"It comes and goes."
I knew that she shrugged.
"You're insane." I mumbled.
I tried to stand up, throwing Mickie off of me in the process. She hit the ground with a thug. I stifled a laugh before running my hand threw my nearly black hair. The curls were now tight waves, and all over the place.
"I feel naked. Awesome," I stated sarcastically.
"That's cause you nearly are." Mickie pointed out dumbly.
"Thanks Captain Obvious,"
"You're welcome, Royal Bitch," Mickie playfully winked. "Come on, I want food."
"Of course you do." I rolled my eyes before we started toward the door that was blocked by 3/4 of the band. "Please move? I need food."
"Mac, go get dressed." Alex stated.
He didn't sound happy.
"Let me eat first and then I'll go get food." I retorted.
"Just go get dressed."
"Ho detto cazzo di movimento!" I nearly shouted. Alex's eyes grew wide, and stared at me like he was completely confused...which he probably was. "I said fucking move." I replied the same fraze in English but in a tad bit calmer voice.
"Fine." He mumbled, moving out of the way because he knew that when I used different languages that I was dead serious. "You didn't have to yell,"
"Si ho fatto!" I called back, earing a laugh from Mickie.
Yes I did.
"Lui è così fottutamente paura di te."
He’s so fucking afraid of you
"Lo so ... è una specie di divertente."
I know… it’s kind of fun.
"Since when does she know gibberish?" Alex asked as the guys walked into the kitchen.
"Since I was five?" Mickie shrugged. "Lui è muto."
He’s dumb
I laughed out loud.
"Di sicuro. Avreste dovuto vedere lui provare a cucinare."
For sure. You should have seen him try to cook.
"That's what you get for living in Vegasssss."
"I'm lost," Jack stated, looking at everyone. "Why do you know what Mac's saying?"

I rolled my eyes.
"I'm from Greece. My grandparents live there, and my parents thought me a few languages growing up."
"We already spoke Italian when we met." I explained even further. "I'm surprised this is the first time you've heard us speak it,"
"Me too." Mickie nodded in agreement. "I speak French, Itailian, Bulgarian, and Greek. Greek is the hardest to write in."
"Obviously." I giggled. "I on the other hand only speak Spanish, Italian and a little bit of German but not enough to count."
"That's pretty cool." Rian chuckled lightly.
"Egli desidera che poteva capire,"
He wishes he could understand
"Sono sicuro che tutti fanno, Mickie. Guardate la faccia di Alex. E 'impagabile!" I giggled as Mickie and I both looked at Alex.
I’m sure everyone does, Mickie. Look at Alex’s face. It’s priceless!”
She laughed.
"Wow. Sei un cretino."
Wow. You’re stupid.
Mickie rolled her eyes.
"Get over it."
"That was rude!" I playfully pouted. "Come on, I need food."
"Che cosa sei? Incinta?"
What are you? Pregnant?
"NO!" I nearly yelled. "I'm sooo not ready for that yet, Mick. One thing at a time, baby doll."
"You're no fun"
"I know, I know. I'm a kill joy."
"So what exactly did you guys to last night?" Alex asked, raising an eyebrow as he sat down at the dining room table. Mickie and myself fixed some cereal before joining them at the table.
"You really want to know?"
"Yeah." Jack nodded his head up and down, but Mickie ignored him. She kept muttering profanities under her breath in Greek.
"Well it started when we got to Fierce..."
♠ ♠ ♠
So I love this chapter! :) What they were speaking in Italian is obviously writing under it :)

So enjoy!


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