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Take Off Your Shirt.

"I can't believe that you almost kissed my girlfriend." Rian laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
"I kissed her cheek, Ri. Get over it."
"Who knew that you could get that wild," Alex lightly joked. "Did you have fun?"
"Sort of?" I questioned, lightly shrugging my shoulders. "It wasn't like the greatest thing ever."
"Of course not, the greatest thing ever is sex with me." Alex cheekily replied.
My cheeks heated and I hid my face in my hands.
"Alexxxxxxx." I whinned.
"Awe, baby," He chuckled, wrapping two arms around me. "You don't have to be embarrassed. It's just the guys."
"That makes me feel so much better."
"It should." He chuckled.
"Except for the fact that the camera men caught you saying that!"
"Doccia," I groaned, calling Alex a douche in Italian.
"That didn't sound nice." He pouted.
"It wasn't." Mickie giggled a little bit. "But I want to go back to bed."
"No! I complained. "I need you for hemming my dress!"
"Can I at least put on some clothes? My undies are very visible."
"Oh shit." I mumbled. "Get changed and then meet me in the dress room, okay?"
"Mmkay." Mickie replied, walking back into the guest room.
"I can't get into the room, Lex..." I pouted. "I know! Take off your shirt."
"Wait what?"
"I need something to cover me up. Clothes, now." I smiled at my husband.
"But that will leave me in my boxers."
"Whatever, Alex. You run around naked all of the time," I rolled my eyes. "Can I please have your clothes?"
Jack laughed.
"Just give the girl your clothes."
Alex scowled at his best friend.
"Easy for you to say. Your girlfriend is a former playboy bunny."
Jack shook his head.
"We broke up,"
"Holy shit." I stated, looking at the guitarist. "Are you serious."
He sighed.
"Damn," I muttered and then I felt a pair of hands grip my side, making me jump. "Alejandro!"
Alex smirked.
"Next time we have sex, you have to say that."
Again, I blushed and shoved him slightly before pulling his clothes over my body.
"Thanks babe." I stated, kissing his lips lightly before I walked back into the design room. Mickie was already standin there. "We should get started now."
"That would be nice."


Alex, Sebastian, myself and Peyton were all cuddled up on our four person couch. My head rested on Alex's chest, with his arm wrapped around me. Sebastian was laying on his lap, and Peyton was tucked up under my legs. We were comfortable and cozy. Peyton was slight snoring but that was okay. I kept my eyes closed, listening to Alex's breathing. He sighed loudly, letting me know that he was restless about something.
"What is it, baby?" I asked him, barely above a whisper.
"We have a meeting with the label tomorrow. We're about to go on tour."
"That's great, Lexi," I smiled at him. "You're flying right?"
He nodded.
"I hate leaving you here," He slightly pouted.
"We both will be so busy that it will fly right by. I get to go promote the new show, keep up with school work, and take care of the dogs. You get to go run around on stage with Jack, Zack, and Rian. Who gets the better part of the deal here?"
"You do." He sighed.
"No, no, no."
"Yes, yes, yes."
"How about we make a deal then?" I questioned. "You can stay here with the animals, make my projects for me, and promote the show while I sing on stage every night."
"I don't like that idea."
"Of course you wouldn't. You wouldn't be doing what you love the most. Alex, you love that stage, and you love those fans. We both knew that this marriage was going to be hard. It was hard from the beginning. We were married for like two months almost when you have to leave for your first tour."
"That's not the same." He pouted. "You joined for the rest of it,"
"I will come see some of your shows,"
"It's still not the same." He sighed, laying his head against the back not he chair. I kissed his jaw lightly, snuggling up to him even more. His hand left my side and found my hair. He weaved his fingers through the black strands. "What are you going to do for months on end?"
"I'll probably go see my mom during Spring Break, and visit with my dad. Lord knows that I need Mickie around for a few more days." I replied. "And then there is the wedding that you are forcing me to have. I'll totally be busy with your mom and the wedding planner. I have plenty of shit to do."
"Don't get so busy that you forget to call me, okay?"
"Never!" I stated.
He rolled his eyes.
"I love you,"
"You sort of have to."
"Says who?"
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