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Welcome to My Reality Show

Hot Topic

"Don't have too much fun now." I smirked at Alex as we stood in the airport.
"I couldn't have too much fun without you,"
"Awe. That's good husband stuff. Keep that up," I instructed.
He laughed and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.
"I love you so much, Mac. You know that right?"
"Jesus, Alex. Stop being an insecure little bitch," I joked. Alex rolled his eyes, and pressed his lips tightly to my own. "I love you,"
"I love you too, baby." He smiled.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, and stood up on my toes for another kiss. It was longer and sweeter than the other one, but it got my point across. I was going to miss him like crazy.
"Alright. Now you have to go. Jack's going to kill me if I keep you here any longer,"
"Deal," He laughed, kissing me again.
"Dammit, guys! Hurry the fuck up!" Jack groaned before I let go of Alex. Mickie stood there awkwardly while I gave Jack a quick hug.
"Take care of my husband for me, Jack?"
"Always." He laughed.
I hugged Zack, Rian and Cassadee quickly before they were off.
Mickie and I walked back to the car, and got in.
"I'm going to miss Jack."
"What?!" I chuckled, looking at Mickie. "All you've been doing these past few days is hooking up with guys."
"I know... but none of them are my Jack."
"Mickie..." I trailed off, looking at my heartbroken best friend. "He's....he's stupid. I know that he misses you two. Him and Holly broke up because it just wasn't working out,"
"I know, but still."
I huffed and started toward the mall.
"We need to shop."
"Okay, deal."
"Is that okay with you, Larry?"
The camera man shrugged, so I took that as an okay.
"You have an appointment with the wedding planner tomorrow, Mac."
"Ugh..." I groaned. "Stupid Alex wanting a stupid fairy tale wedding. I swear, that boy...."
"He sounds like a girl most of the time."
"He totally is." I laughed before turning toward the mall. "We go shopping a lot."
"I can't help it." Mickie giggled. "I love it."
"Me too," I nodded in agreement.
Two hours later, we still hadn't found anything.
" useless."
"It's not useless, Mickie." I laughed, pulling her along with me into Hot Topic. "I need new gauges anyway."
"I guess I could go for some new ones..." I trailed off.
"I know that I can." Mickie laughed, linking her arm with mine. We walked into Hot Topic with Larry and his trusty camera behind him. Of course people stopped and stared at us a little bit. I even saw some girl's that were from my apparel classes, and they just started to follow me on twitter. The funny thing, they were looking at All Time Low shirts.
"Hey, Mick, look at that." I laughed, nodding toward the girls.
"Yeah? so?"
"They think I'm Alex's sister." I giggled.
Mickie shook her head and laughed.
"You and Alex look nothing alike."
"Tell that to them," I giggled.

CallMeMacG: Shopping with @MickieGreene. Went in Hot Topic to see @AllTimeLow's stuff errwhere. ;)

"Dude, stop tweeting me," Mickie giggled, looking over my shoulder.

AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG hey you...yeah you....I miss my wife.... ps , that's you. :) <3
CallMeMacG: @AlexAllTimeLow I love you baby! :D Larry says hellerrr.
AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG can you come out on tour? I miss my wifey :(
CallMeMacG: Already said that Lexi RT @AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG can you come out on tour? I miss my wifey :(
AlexAllTimeLow: @CallMeMacG: Fine. I expect epic sex when I get homeee ;) <3
CallMeMacG: @AlexAllTimeLow horny fucker. ;) <3

"I know, I'm weird." I laughed, looking at my best friend. "Let's go look at those All Time Low shirts."
"Okay." Mickie giggled, getting at what I was going to do.
"Mickie, isn't it funny to see those shirts?" I asked, standing beside the girls that were trying to look like they weren't staring at the camera and us.
"Yeah, considering we got them months ago." She replied. "I like their collab tees with Marky much better."
"You just like the JAGK line."
"Totally not true" Mickie rolled her eyes, but blushed slightly. "How are you holding up with Alex leaving?"
"Ah, he just left earlier today, so it isn't like our house is totally empty."
"But you miss his ass." She sighed dramatically.
"Mickie, you're so strange..."
"But seriously, how do you do it?"
"I wear his clothes." I laughed. "He likes when I wear them."
"No, he likes them when they're on the floor,"
"Gross," I wrinkled my nose and laughed. "I'm already wearing their shirt. I don't think I want another shirt too."
"I do." Mickie stated. "Excuse me, ladies."
They tried to look as if they weren't listening.
"Hey, Mackenzie Gaskarth, right?" One asked.
"Yeah um... Hayley?" She nodded. "You're in my apparel class."
"Yeah!" She laughed. "You know All Time Low right?"
"Alex from All Time Low?!" Her friend freaked out.
"Can you hook us up?"
"I want to do naughty things to him."
My eyes rose, staring at the group, and then I started laughing with Mickie. All four of them stared at me.
"I guess I can get you guys some autographs, but that's about it."
"Why not?" Three of them pouted.
"It would be weird for me to pimp him out." I laughed.
"Why is that weird. It's not like you're attracted to him right?" Hayley looked obviously confused.
"Um...yeah?" I asked, looking confused. " didn't think that Alex was my brother, did you?"
"Sort of..."
"I thought that you were his cousin."
"I just want to bang him."
I grimaced.
"Alex is my husband." I laughed. "You guys follow me on twitter right?" They nodded. "Go look at both of our pages. It's kind of obvious."
"Really?" Hayley asked, taking out her phone and searching.
"Jesus, notttt nowwww." I whinned, blushing but the girl didn't even look at me. She just read my tweets.
"Babe, your face is really red."
"Shut the fuck up." I muttered, hiding my face.
Fucking Alex and his sexy tweets.
"Oh wow."
"Yeah...." I trailed off, looking up at them.
"Who is Larry?" She asked, slightly laughing.
"This guy!" I stated, pointing beside me to the camera man, whom waved. "He's like a part of the family."
"And he's here because?"
"Our reality show." I laughed. "I hate Alex for that one by the way,"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You hate him. Whatever. Let's get our shit and leaveeeee."
"You just want to help plan my wedding."
"I thought that you were already married."
"Alex." I rolled my eyes. "We're planning a wedding, because our first one was at a court house."
"How long have you guys been married?"
"A year and a half."
"That's not long at all,"
"No, but I love my band boy. Even if he steals my jeans."
"He does?"
"These are his, so it's even." I shrugged. "Well we have to go. Got shit to plan."
"Bye, Mac. I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Yeah. Bye," I waved as we went to look at gauges. Quickly finding the ones that we wanted, we paid and then we walked out of the place.
On to the wedding planner.


"I'm about to get on the train right now, baby." I stated into the phone.
"I hate that I can't be there for your MTV interview."
I laughed.
"I know, but you've got one with E! tonight, right?"
"Yeah. I'm about to leave right now though so that they can edit it for Monday's broadcast. Is Mickie going with you?"
"Yeah. I called Kara, she's staying at the house to watch Peyton and Sebastian."
"Always thinking ahead." He stated, laughing.
"I try..." I laughed. "I'm really excited that Mickie's officially apart of the cast."
"Don't tell her, but Jack's thrilled she's transferring colleges."
"I figured that." I giggled.
"I miss you,"
"I love you babe. I miss you too."
"I love you," He laughed. "I have to go, interview and all."
"Okay." I laughed. "What did we decide on the name for our reality show again?"
"Meet The Gaskarth's."
"It's better than Gaskarth."
"True that." I laughed. "I love you,"
"I love you too, bye."
"Bye," I smiled and I hung up.
"You're sickingly sweet." Mickie scrunched her nose.
I rolled my eyes.
"Get on the fu-eaking train." I laughed.
When we were an hour away, Mickie and I went back into the bathroom to change. I worked on my make-up while Mickie put back her bangs in a bump before putting the rest in a pony tail. I applied pinkish/red lipstick with shine.
"Can I use some of that?"
"Sure," I laughed, handing her my lipstain. She put it on and I curled my hair.
"We need to take a picture."
"You're weird." I giggled and then took out my iPhone. "Let's do the classic MySpace pose!"
"Yeah!" She mocked me.
We're weird.
After I took the picture, I put up my phone, and slipped into my black dress I bought for this interview. Mickie was already in her baby blue one. We finished getting ready, and we put our clothes back into the bag.
"I need to tweet our photo."
"You're so freaking weird."
"I know," I giggled. We walked back to our seat, and sat down.
"We're arriving now in New York."
"Finally." I muttered. As soon as the train started unloading, we kept our converse on, holding our heels in our hands. "You know the address to the studio, right."
"Yeah," She nodded and laughed. We walked through Grand Central Station, and finally out into the city. "I missed this place."
"Me too." I agreed with a laugh. "We are going to be late if we don't hurry, Larry," I turned to look at the camera man.
"I'll get the driver," He laughed, stopping the camera and calling the driver.
It took less than ten minutes and the driver was there. He quickly drove us to the studio.
"Thanks!" I called into the car as the three of us got out. "On to the studio,"
"I'm not gonna lie. I'm nervous,"
"Me too." I agreed.
I was nearly shaking.
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